On Growing Up Means More Money But Less Fun

Wow that really sucks about the whole making a jackpot salary in a city with massive unemployment that happens to also be endlessly affordable and having to travel for all those destination weddings and having to pay back your student loans and EVERYTHING.

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On Our Struggles with Private Student Loans

This is really hard to hear, and it's horrible that so many people struggle with this. I am lucky, and have about $5500 left on my student loans. I am almost 33 years old and have as of the last year really begun to take control on my finances and do something serious about my debts (thanks Billfold for being so awesome...you're a daily read!) but reading this really does make me extremely grateful to have my student loans under control for the time being, and puts my stress about my debts as a whole into perspective.

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On Yes, I Really Am That Busy

Reading the Billfold actually IS a priority for me! Way to go. Love this site.

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On The Hustle of a Cellist in New York

Wow. Having $10K in my bank account would unequivocally change my life and eliminate 90% of my debt. Kinda hard to feel sorry for a single person making $60k with a cushion like that. And I am speaking from a mid-30s, creative professional, college educated, employed, Los Angeles living, privileged background perspective. My personal financial situation is strained at best, but whenever I am freaking out quietly in my bedroom about having $100 to last me a week and a half til my next paycheck, I remind myself there are people working harder than me for a lot less. I dunno, kinda missing it on this one.

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