On The Billfold on the Billfold (Logan and Mike Get Meta)

Could you come up with some kind of codeword that you just text to Mike when you are in the midst of a bad day? I worry that one day Nice Mike Dang is going to snap and it won't be pretty. I really liked the interview, though I do wonder sometimes with these if its hard to relate to people with that much money if you don't have any so it just seems kind of boggling instead of being able to dig into it, not even in a mean way but just a little deeper prodding I sometimes wish were done. Mr. Biscuit though: super great. Hit me up if you need a video of a cat in a sweater set to ZZ Top. Because, uh, I have one.

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On Considering What Wealthy Is

I tend to think of "rich" and "wealthy" as building one on the other. You're rich if you can afford to quit your job and still not incur debt to maintain your current lifestyle. So that involves a mix of not having debt now, living a life within your means, and having savings. But wealthy is when your money actually has a job - that is: to make more money. And you can live off the money your money makes and not money you yourself have to make. So rich is just having significant cashflow but wealthy involves having assets that generate significant cashflow.

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On On Easter Egg Hunts and Allowances

I don't know if this is Canada-wide or just where we were but Easter was a BIG DEAL. Four days off school! On Easter Sunday my parents would hide little chocolate eggs around the house (and inevitably forget about some of them which was a nice mid-October surprise in a drawer for someone) and we'd have baskets with the bigger bunnies. It, along with Christmas, was one of our "new pyjama" holidays (maybe so we'd not look so shabby in the photos?). I'm still not sure how it all worked out because we also would go to church on Easter Sunday and afterwards would have a big easter lunch with our whole family (where we would eat the food my grandma would take to church on the Saturday to get blessed by her Polish Orthodox priest) so... I guess we got up super early? I just remember SO MUCH CHOCOLATE FOR WEEKS. I think I kind of liked Easter more than Christmas and definitely more than Halloween.

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On Up And At 'Em

I wonder how much of Laird's fanaticism about getting up early is about his natural rhythms or just a lifelong surf habit that puts these guys on the water at dawn to catch the best waves with the least people. My dude also surfs so he's usually up around 6 and on the water by 7am (about a 30 minute drive out from here). I think that's just sort of what they all do? I am not someone who likes to get up early, so he falls asleep at 9pm and I'm bleary-eyed when he leaves.

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On A Conversation With My Dad About His Money and My Lack Thereof

My dad is basically Logan's dad, but he NEVER talked to us about money. He did all the right things himself, but when it came to his kids we never really learned how to manage money well. I don't think we were overly spoiled - we never had big luxuries as a family or individually - but we certainly didn't learn the value of a dollar. My dad also had the government pension, worked at the same place for >30 years and retired before 60. He and my mom saved and we lived in a modest house were they still live. But I guess it was like they expected we'd learn these things by osmosis? And ... we didn't. My brother and I are both terrible with money, though we are now much better than we were in our 20s and early 30s. But I'm just over 40 (admitting it! in public!) and I'm only now getting close to managing money well and am very behind on things like savings and retirement and I find it all very painful. I make probably 2x what my father ever made at the height of his career (and I support myself and 2 very hungry cats, he had a family of 4) and while I work hard and expect to work hard for a very long time to come, I'm just a little pissed off that he KNEW what to do but never opened his damn mouth. So I'm sure it's annoying for Logan to keep hearing it but I'm glad your dad keeps saying it Logan - for you and for lots of other young women to learn a lot earlier than I ever did.

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On A Conversation With My Dad About His Money and My Lack Thereof

@Ash@Work I think your conundrum is exactly why these pension plans are often called golden handcuffs.

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On Things To Do At Work Instead Of Working (An Incomplete List)

How is "Look for another job" not on the list?! Or is it just sort of too obvious?

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On WWYD: Too Many Work Expenses At Once

If you're in a situation where you're traveling frequently and fronting it on your own credit cards, I hope you're racking up every frequent flier mile and hotel point you can get your hands on. That's the one bonus of doing it that way, especially if you can swing it so you always travel and stay with the same airline and hotel. I racked up some free nights at the W and 3 flights to Europe that way when I traveled more. Ask whomever you send your reimbursements to about getting a travel advance. That's something my small, no corporate card, company does and that usually gets paid out pretty quickly (like, actually in advance of the trip provided there's at least some days notice). And if you're usually putting everything, like the hotel and flights on your own card, you may ask if there's a card someone has you can use to book those in advance and just pay for incidentals on your own.

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On This Is Exhausting

The way forward is the middle path. And the middle path is canned black beans.

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On WWYD: The Rude Toll Collector

That's a pretty ballsy reaction on her part if she is intentionally trying to shaft people out of their change because it would make me want to report her. Think about it this way: if you get the $0.40 and throw it in a cup holder (like pretty much people do) and take that route 4x, then the 5th ride through is basically just scooping out the change and handing it over. Practically free!

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