On A Cool Savings Plan I've Discovered Is Lactose Intolerance (I Want to Die)

@AlliNYC I initially read this as "wheel of Brie" and then went back and saw "wedge," and thought, "Oh, only a WEDGE? That's like, BARELY excessive at all."

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On In Defense of the Flip Phone

@Katzen-party I have a super outdated Nokia flip phone and just lost the charger in the hotel, and I feel so dumb buying a new one because how much longer can this phone possibly last at this point? I do want an iPhone but at this point I've waited so long, I might as well wait a little longer until the next one is released, assuming the flip phone makes it until then. (Mine has a design defect where it eventually stops being able to take a charge.) Also I'm poor, so there's that.

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On The Carefully Considered MetroCard

@Jackson West@twitter Now that I'm a freelancer I mostly walk everywhere, so when I need to do an errand that requires me to take Muni I put it off until I can think of two or three more errands that I can theoretically squeeze into one 90-minute transfer window. The only bad thing about paying ride-by-ride is that when I'm down in the Mission and everyone else gets on through the back door without paying, I always feel like a chump. The good thing is that I take the F a lot and sometimes the scanners are broken so I get a free ride.

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