On Images of Various People at Work

Mike Dang, did you pick which of these pictures would be the one to appear at the top of the post? Because, hello there progressive scallop fisherman from Fairhaven!

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On Using One of Those Newfangled Car Apps When Your Dad's a Cabbie

Re people in their 70s & 80s using a transportation app. My grandmother just recently heard about Uber and she really wants to use it because she has a lot of trouble getting a taxi home from the opera at night. She has season tickets and frequently sees multiple performances of the same production if she really likes a featured performer. For context - she does not own a cell phone; she had asked me if I would help her buy a smart phone because she isn't sure which ones will have Uber (<3 you gma). So, I asked her to describe to me how she thought the process of using Uber would work. She responded, "I push a button on the phone and it calls Uber and I tell them that I want a cab." So, like speed dial for an intermediary who will call a cab for you. Bottom line, I really wish San Francisco had car services the way they do in New York, although then I wouldn’t get to have conversations like this with my grandmother.

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On The Problem With Being a 'Regular'

@allreb Hah, we are twins - short brunette lady who drinks tall blonde (when ordering from STB). It always makes me cringe inside b/c I would never ask for a tall blonde in any other circumstance. I feel like I am betraying the sister/humanhood. Mike, in answer to your question, I would just become an Earl Gray drinker, because making the server comfortable is more important to me than having what I want. It is hard to be inside my head ...

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On Jay, in Front of the Church on Broadway

@aetataureate I was coming down here to say something similar. I've always tried give a few dollars or something when asked, but lately Logan's writings have made me feel how insubstantial that is. Taking the time to talk to someone and acknowledge their personhood, in addition to offering some help if possible is something to aspire to.

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On I'm Working at an Office and Need Lunch Ideas. Help!

My platonic ideal of bringing lunch from home is Albert's lunch from "Bread and Jam for Frances" I would for reals cry if I woke up one morning and that lunch was in my fridge waiting for me to take it to work!

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On I'm 36 Years Old and Living the Life of a Millennial

@Josh Michtom@facebook Oh man. I am currently on the 6th page of decorated lunch bags, and I am in awe of your skilz and creativity. Thanks for sharing that with us Josh! It also evoked some very happy memories from my own childhood. My mother, who was also a lawyer, used to draw on our lunch bags, or put a little comic about this imaginary family she created on a napkin in with our lunch sometimes. I can vividly remember when she had a summer clerkship during law school and didn't have time to do that anymore and my sister and I were such brats about it! My poor mom. Anyway, your boys will probably remember some of those bags for the rest of their lives.

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On Job Requirements: Must Be Responsible, Can't Have Pockets

Check your pocket privilege, Mike Dang: "You don’t really think about pockets until you’re wearing something that doesn’t have them" If you are a woman with an office job, this is an almost everyday occurence.

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On It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like 1 Thing

@LookUponMyWorks, @Lily Rowan Thanks so much! I guess I just have to get my act together and do some legwork instead of passively waiting on my couch for insurance quotes to arrive. Sigh! I probably wouldn't even bother, except my lease technically requires me to obtain it. However, it says I was supposed to provide proof within 30 days of occupancy and I am now at 90+ days and no one has bothered to ask about it, so maybe it doesn't matter?

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On It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like 1 Thing

@LookUponMyWorks This is my one thing too! Although I have not even asked for quotes. Do you mind if I ask how you started the process? I have not ever had renters insurance, despite being a full-fledged renting grownup for over a decade. I have no idea where to even begin.

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On I Bought a House With Money I Made From Airbnb

@RachelG8489 I'm not certain it actually is an unpopular stance, but even if it is, I'm going to double down on this. It's more than a dick move. Contrary to what "Jackson White" asserts in the interview, it's not a gray area. It's illegal. So far, SF doesn't give enough shits to do anything about it, but it's either a violation of the rental code, or a violation of the city tax code. If his business model is short-term rentals, akin to what a hotel offers, then he owes hotel taxes to the city on every transaction. My guess is when he says he pays all the taxes he owes, he's talking about income tax on profits, not the hotel tax. I'm fairly confident about this, because the Air BnB model doesn't have a way for "sellers" to collect that tax baked into the transactional side of things. On the other hand, if his business model is longer-term rentals - the more traditional subletting scenario - then that is a straight up violation of the rental code, which prohibits subletting for profit. Sorry this comment is so long. I'm an SF native who is dealing with some fairly shitty fallout from our current housing crisis, so this interview gave me a rage stroke.

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