On Modern-Day Jean Valjean Set Free

@ Allison, @Ester Bloom - is this the place where I can talk about how much I HATE focus-pulling Josh Radnor's (and to a lesser extent the rest of the cast's) reaction shots in the various venues where NPH and Segal have been asked to do this? I can't even look right at the screen when I watch the performance from the Megan Mullally show (real talk - once a week minimum) because UGH. The performative laughter, the twitching and jerking. And he does it again on Inside the Actor's Studio!!! It's painful how much he can't stand it when people aren't talking about him. Ted Mosby, get off my lawn!!!

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On Tipping by State

I try very hard always to tip in cash, and never willingly put a tip on my credit card, even at a restaurant, unless I really don't have enough cash on hand for the tip. I think the service staff get screwed fairly often when the tip goes on your card, so it's just better to avoid it if possible. As for tipping at a coffee shop, I always tip, and generally I tip a minimum of a dollar no matter what I buy. I admit this is kind of extravagant, but I feel self-conscious just throwing in the change. FULL DISCLOSURE: This is my weird issue, I am definitely not judging anyone else's tipping practices. I will also not tell a barista if they have made my order wrong, so I am in no way an authority on how to conduct oneself in a cafe.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@booklungs I just negotiated a salary bump, although it was during the job offer phase, which is significantly different than your situation. However, I was very nervous to do it and uncertain how, or even if, to proceed. I can't say enough good things about the "Ask a Manager" blog, which a lot of other posters have touted here. I got most of my negotiation strategies straight from her posts. I know she offers a lot of advice on asking for raises too.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Push It Along I am asking the universe to send you the good job karma I no longer need. TBH, I've been looking for at least 6-7 months and it is only all of a sudden last month that I started to get bites. I'm in a completely different industry than you (legal, but I am not a lawyer) but in my world firms rely a lot on recruiters. Is that something that happens in Electrical Engineering? If it does, you should try to get hooked up with some. Even thought I complained about my recent experience with one above, I've found all my previous gigs that way, and it takes a lot of the exhausting leg work out of job hunting. Also, in my particular market, LinkedIn is actually used quite a lot. That might be industry/geography specific though. But seriously, I'm sending you good-luck vibes! Please check back in from time to time and keep us posted on your progress.

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On Making Wills & Taking Names

I have a much younger sibling - like 15 years younger - and he is pretty much my favorite person in the whole world. When I was in college (he was about 3 or 4) I found out that my parents' will stipulated that my brother's godparents would get custody of him and I was *livid*. I definitely had a few heated arguments with my dad about it. Obviously their priority was making sure I finished college, and that my brother would be raised by someone who, you know, had an actual job and stuff, but none of that meant anything to me.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@rhinoceranita @ joyballz Thanks so much! Yes, I accepted. And I gave notice at my current place of employment. Thinking about resigning was also giving me agita, but it went much more smoothly than I expected. Oof though. Change is kind of hard for me, even when I am the one who sought it out in the first place.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

So,I've been interviewing for a new job for the past month+ and I just received an offer yesterday from the place I really wanted to work for! I even negotiated a 10% increase over the original offer!! Ugh I hate doing that kind of thing, but I felt like I had to ask - for the sisterhood. And it worked!! Who knew? Unfortunately, I was simultaneously working with a recruiter for one of the other positions I was up for, and now he is really angry with me for taking a different offer. My stomach has just been in knots for the past 36 hours. I need ALL the cocktails starting at 5:00 today

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On Images of Various People at Work

Mike Dang, did you pick which of these pictures would be the one to appear at the top of the post? Because, hello there progressive scallop fisherman from Fairhaven!

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On Using One of Those Newfangled Car Apps When Your Dad's a Cabbie

Re people in their 70s & 80s using a transportation app. My grandmother just recently heard about Uber and she really wants to use it because she has a lot of trouble getting a taxi home from the opera at night. She has season tickets and frequently sees multiple performances of the same production if she really likes a featured performer. For context - she does not own a cell phone; she had asked me if I would help her buy a smart phone because she isn't sure which ones will have Uber (<3 you gma). So, I asked her to describe to me how she thought the process of using Uber would work. She responded, "I push a button on the phone and it calls Uber and I tell them that I want a cab." So, like speed dial for an intermediary who will call a cab for you. Bottom line, I really wish San Francisco had car services the way they do in New York, although then I wouldn’t get to have conversations like this with my grandmother.

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On The Problem With Being a 'Regular'

@allreb Hah, we are twins - short brunette lady who drinks tall blonde (when ordering from STB). It always makes me cringe inside b/c I would never ask for a tall blonde in any other circumstance. I feel like I am betraying the sister/humanhood. Mike, in answer to your question, I would just become an Earl Gray drinker, because making the server comfortable is more important to me than having what I want. It is hard to be inside my head ...

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