On Residents and Developers Clash Over Microhousing in Seattle

@thecoffeestain Boston isn't that bad, but you usually do need to pass a credit check, provide a pay stub less than a month old, and 3-4 months rent in cash up front. I actually was booted from my last apartment because I had to re-apply after the rent went up and I fell out of their desired income range.

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On The Sixth Round of Interviews

@franceschances No food! No leaving the conference room at all! I got a couple bottles of wate, but that's it.

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On The Sixth Round of Interviews

Is it just me or has the interviewing process gotten a lot weirder in the past few years? A few weeks ago I was brought in for a second-round interview. I was scheduled to meet with nine people over eight hours. Schedules were running tight and I wasn't able to leave. During the last two hours (one of which was spent with the hiring manager), my stomach started growling loudly. When I got home, I composed different thank-you letters, no response, and a week later got an automated email that I'd been rejected. The job posting is still open, four months later.

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On Open Thread

So. Engagement. How does this work? When do we combine our finances? Do we combine our finances?

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On How to Be Rich And Fabulous in Florida, According to the Cement Butt Nurse (Alleged)

Swear to God, I thought I was reading Splitsider. And I'm from Florida.

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On Unconventional Job Interviews

I've had some pretty awful interviews, but mostly because I am a pretty awful interviewee. The worst, I'd say, was a first-pass interview with a recruiter, who abruptly stopped our discussion a few minutes in to tell me that she just got an email notifying her that I'd failed the personality test they'd asked me to take, so she was ending the interview. I wrote her a thank-you note anyway, because what else do you do?

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