On So You've Decided To Join The CSA

I am one of THOSE PEOPLE like you wouldn't believe. This is my first year with a CSA and I think about it all the time.I have been pretty good about using nearly everything, although the cucumbers suffered terribly and just forget fresh herbs after day one, I mean, really. I have found that when all else fails, put it all in a pasta (cucumbers need not apply, of course). Cabbage + pasta? Yes. The cost up front was rough, but it has helped me plan my meals ahead of time, which has always been a problem for me. SECRET: I also picked the more expensive CSA option in my area because it did not require a volunteer shift. I prefer the agriculture to the community, tbh.

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On The Morality of Paying to Skip the Line (at Theme Parks)

@Trilby Anyone who gets a ticket to the park can use Fast Pass. It’s good for three rides initially, and then you get one “rolling” pass after that. If you buy your ticket to the park ahead of time, you can book your Fast Pass before you even get to the park, so the earlier ones book up fast and if you book them the day of you will probably have to wait until the afternoon. It was slightly complicated, but as with all things in Disney, they really make it as easy as possible. I just went a couple of weeks ago- I had free day passes because my bf is an employee, so we couldn’t book Fast Passes ahead of time, but I found it didn’t matter. I thought even the regular line times weren’t that bad (like 15 minutes for low-key rides and 45 for bigger rides). Then again, I don’t have kids!

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On When The Internets Save You Money

@HelloTheFuture :( Tears for days over the gutting of poor, poor Chess: The Musical. Incidentally, I carry a serious grudge against Mama Mia because it has received all the success I feel rightfully belongs to Chess.

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On The Realities of Being an Adult With a Job Through Beverly Cleary's Mr. Quimby

The money and job stuff in the Ramona books stressed me out so much as kid, probably because I came from a really similar family. It also captured a particular child experience that I don't think I saw anywhere else: having to go to someone's house after school to be babysat and having to deal with their weird snacks and weird rules.

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On Doin' That 1 Thing You Do

Sent in my lease renewal! Woohoo.

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On Friday Estimate

I'm going away NEXT weekend, because I am an iconoclast, so I am going to try and be cheap this weekend (WE'LL SEE) Tonight- Cooking in, need breads and garlics: $4.00 Tomorrow- Free stuff: working on a pro bono project, MOMA (I'm a member!), X-Men (b.f. will be paying). $25 for coffee/beers/snacks Sunday- FASSBINDER movie at Lincoln Center: $26 for 2 tix Monday- Cleaning/laundry for Vacation, plus misc projects. Breakfast & coffees maybe?: $20 I estimate $75. My guess is it will be more about 100. TIME WILL TELL.

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On It's Time to Do 1 Thing

I had to call my bank to unlock my online account, for about the millionth time. I locked myself out with my inaccurate typing on Monday and haven't had the motivation to call out of a combination of laziness and embarrassment.

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On Can't Take It With You, #1: Sarah Wambold, Funeral Director (Plus, Hello!)

@cryptolect I have been looking into this myself- you can have your family donate your body after death, but you can also register ahead of time with the organization to which you would like to be donated. In many cases, your family/estate has to pay the cost of transporting the body to the facility, but the organization takes the cost/work of cremation and burial. I'm planning to donate my body to an anatomical lab at a medical school- I haven't registered yet because a) I have been bouncing between NJ and NY for years and I want to see which I end up in and b) my bf and my family are not skeeved out whenever I bring up wanting them to sign the forms.

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On Monday Check-in

I estimated $275 and I came in under, hurray!! Friday: Vacation fund deposit- $20 Dinner things- $20.00 Saturday: The Realistic Joneses on Broadway- previously purchased, and SOOO GO0D SEE IT. Dinner: TREATED. Impulse purchase of Scott Pilgrim Vs the World at Kim's: $21.77 and worth it every penny. Purchase of the new trade pb of Saga: $16.32 Sunday: BIG grocery shop at the "good" store: $139.96 Total: $218 not. bad.

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On Banning Laptops, Making More Money

As much as I think this a good idea (particularly for a place that wants to be a lunch destination) I would NOT want to be the employee who has explain this policy to customers. I used to work in a bookstore where customers were not allowed to use the outlets and it was a nightmare.

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