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But you can get the broadcast channels for free if you have an antenna! You just buy an HD antenna (they run about $30), attach it to your TV and you can watch ABC, CBS, NBC, etc for free, forever. You also get a bunch of weird down-market lifestyle and movie channels. And if you speak Spanish, you are in luck, because there are SO MANY Spanish broadcast channels (at least in the NYC area). The downside is that you have to fiddle with the antenna every once in a while, but it is worth it to watch Jeopardy! regularly.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

Does anyone have any tips on email (specifically Gmail) organization when your inbox is currently OUT OF CONTROL? I have always had my work email in tight shape and my personal email a mess, but now I am starting to do professional organization stuff and other work using my personal email and it is just...bugging me how messy my inbox is. TIPS, TRICKS, ADVISES??

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On Is There a Class Component to Catcalls

@ronswansonluva I don't see what there is to be defensive about. The point I take away from it is that we need to stop presenting catcalling and harassment as the special problem of white women. I am a white woman and I work in Newark, NJ- I certainly get harassed and catcalled at least weekly. However, I feel like my whiteness and my "professional" appearance also insulates me from a lot of the harassment I see happening to the women and girls of color who live and work here.

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight: A grocery stop for some stuff for the faux banh mi I'm making: ~$10 A pumpkin to carve: $5?? (I know i bought one for the last few years, but I forget how much they cost!) A SECRET BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR SOMEONE: $60 Saturday: Matisse exhibit at the MOMA: FREE thanks for the membership, Mom! A New Yorker panel on the subject of Dogs VS Cats: already paid! Dinner, probs: $50 Sunday: Mom is visiting so ??? Mayb, hopefully $0 I'll round it up to $150 for various impulse beers or coffees or cat treats.

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On The Widespread Popularity of HGTV

If you don't have cable, I recommend you get an antenna and partake in the many down-market, broadcast channel versions of HGTV programming, which is as addictive to me as real HGTV. I get two full channels of "lifestyle" programming, including IONLife and the Livewell Network. I watch Livewell a lot more because the reception is better, but IONlife has a lot of programming from HGTV Canada. Livewell almost all originals and contains hilariously blatant rip-offs of cable programming INCLUDING: Sweet Retreats- structured exactly like Househunters, except it about vacation RENTAL PROPERTIES, so people spend a weird amount of time agonizing about the size of the kitchen in a house they will be spending a week in. Knock It Off- in concept, it is a home makeover show about outfitting people's rooms with high-end-quality looks FOR LESS, in reality, they paint people's floors with housepaint, never appear to prime ANYTHING, and use wrapping paper as wallpaper. HOME with Lisa Quinn- another home makeover show, where she buys every single item of furniture from Ikea. There is also a number of Food Network rip-offs that are outside the scope of this article, but you should check them out as well, particularly the one where Joey Fatone goes to people's houses, gets drunk, and pretends to be amazed by food items like gnocchi. (and yes, I am basically always waiting to natter on about this progams, but I rarely get the opportunity. THANKS FOR THE OPENING, BILLFOLD).

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

Ugh, so what would YOU do if you had a possible new job offer coming for a once in a lifetime job opportunity, but your current job is two months away from the end of a big project that is mostly only your responsibility AND your job had paid for the registration for you to go to a conference at the end of October that of course you can't cancel? Asking for myself.

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On Friday Estimate

WHOOOHOOO Friday after the world's longest week!! Tonight: I'm spending my Friday caulking the tub, because WHY NOT?? Small grocery stop: $10 WINE: $10 Caulking supplies: $25??? Maybe? I have no idea, sometimes I go overboard and buy fancy shit when I do these jobs. Trying to keep the cat out of the bathtub while I caulk it: Priceless Saturday: swimming, making fancy corn muffins and peach butter with all the shit from my CSA. Day pass at the fancy gym for swimming: $20 Baking supplies, groceries: $80 Sunday: NO ONE KNOW??? Probably seeing Boyhood: $12 Estimate: $157 LET'S SEE.

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On What Would It Be Worth To You To Be a Laker Girl?

I found the This American Life story really frustrating, because it seems to elide the point of the cheerleaders' lawsuit- from what I understand, they aren't making any claims about the fairness or usefulness of the rules per se, but rather using the rules as evidence that it's a demanding job that requires work above and beyond performing at the games themselves. Chana Joffe-Walt's conclusion felt flip to me. Like, yes, the rules exist for a reason* and maybe the job is fun, but this is really an issue about wages. *= that part was pretty interesting and made sense, although the idea that women can protect themselves and/or their reputations entirely by monitoring their own behaviors is sketch.

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On So You've Decided To Join The CSA

I am one of THOSE PEOPLE like you wouldn't believe. This is my first year with a CSA and I think about it all the time.I have been pretty good about using nearly everything, although the cucumbers suffered terribly and just forget fresh herbs after day one, I mean, really. I have found that when all else fails, put it all in a pasta (cucumbers need not apply, of course). Cabbage + pasta? Yes. The cost up front was rough, but it has helped me plan my meals ahead of time, which has always been a problem for me. SECRET: I also picked the more expensive CSA option in my area because it did not require a volunteer shift. I prefer the agriculture to the community, tbh.

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On The Morality of Paying to Skip the Line (at Theme Parks)

@Trilby Anyone who gets a ticket to the park can use Fast Pass. It’s good for three rides initially, and then you get one “rolling” pass after that. If you buy your ticket to the park ahead of time, you can book your Fast Pass before you even get to the park, so the earlier ones book up fast and if you book them the day of you will probably have to wait until the afternoon. It was slightly complicated, but as with all things in Disney, they really make it as easy as possible. I just went a couple of weeks ago- I had free day passes because my bf is an employee, so we couldn’t book Fast Passes ahead of time, but I found it didn’t matter. I thought even the regular line times weren’t that bad (like 15 minutes for low-key rides and 45 for bigger rides). Then again, I don’t have kids!

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