On What We Spend on Booze

"I'd like all of the manhattans please and maybe a few old-fashioneds" Seconded.

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On When Half Your Income Goes to Rent

@EvelynGarcia Amen. I'm from the midwest (hello ohioans!), but I live in a small east coast city (portland, me), and even rent here for my one bedroom in a great neighborhood with great restaurants and local market 2 blocks away and heart of the city 5 minutes away on foot, aaaand 2 blocks from the ocean is $780/mo (heat included, which is important here since heat costs $$$$). Aaaaah yes, and I bet NYC folks get tired of us going "geez, NYC is not the only place on earth, why would you even pay that for rent, give us a break" and talking about our cheap(er) rents as much as we get tired of NYC-centricity.

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On Are You Pro-Brunch?

$20 egg dish? Despite it's numerous charms, NYC has a way of besmirching even the best things via $$$ (yes, I'm sure it's more than possible to find lots of cheap brunches there as well). I'll take my small city on the ocean that is chock full of fantastic food. Brunch is the best thing ever, whether it's cheap diner or fancy brunch.

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On Where the College Grads Aren't

@Jennie Baxla@facebook I'm from Greenville (smallish town 45 mins or so from Dayton), and from age 14 - 18 I thought Yellow Springs was the coolest thing that ever happened to the planet. I saw my first woman who didn't shave her armpits there! My mind shattered and came out my years. It was great. I had no idea Dave Chappelle was from there.

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On Where the College Grads Aren't

@MuffyStJohn Oh yes. Dayton is smaller and hence has even less of everything than Cinci. Cinci felt like a thriving metropolis to me when I was young! I grew up in a small rural town 45 minutes from Dayton though, so Dayton was also a thriving metropolis to me - Cinci was just way moreso.

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On My Itemized Bronchitis Bill, Regretfully

I am also allergic to amoxicillin, and I also don't know how to spell it. I had to scroll up just now to look at how you spelled it just to type it down here. I usually use a lot of y's in it, because for some reason I think most drug names use a lot of y's. See: Delsym.

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On What You Get When You Come Home

Oh wait, I take that back. If the county fair or any other local events that involve food vendors are occurring (Annie Oakley Days, Stream Threshers Festival), some Fiske fries and a Rotary lemon shakeup can certainly be in order. Mm.

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On What You Get When You Come Home

I'm from a small rural town in Ohio that has nothing to offer in the way of food other than fast food/chains or a few cruddy local diners, so sadly I have no must-have food traditions there. There might have been some hidden gems, but my family didn't eat out really at all except for an occasional meal at Ponderosa or pizza from Pizza Hut. Funnily enough, my parents now really enjoy eating out at great places, but they have to drive 50 minutes to the nearest decent-sized city to so.

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