On The Luxury Bag vs. the Unemployed Reporter

Sheila! So sorry to hear about your father and that you're going through a rough patch, but I'm glad to see your name. Oh man, handbags. I'm finally back to trolling primarily Ebay and the Neiman Marcus Last Call site when I get in one of my "a bag will fix all of my problems and make me appear a hundred times more attractive and 'put together'" phases. But it was a painful, expensive learning curve! Beaming you all my positive thoughts and best wishes.

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On Job of the Day: Pharmacist

@drydenlane YES. My pharmacist friend works at a CVS and gets paid well, but she's completely vulnerable to both the corporate bullshit the rest of the store employees have to endure (cleaning and arranging even OTC sections to prepare for store visits from watchdogs)and the crazy, crazy ass customers and all their abuse. Also the long shifts. Would not trade places with her!

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On How Much Is Your Iced Coffee?

@ATF McDonald's iced coffee for the win! The "large", which is the old "regular" but they seem to have done away with the oversized cups, is $1.09 near me, with tax. I hope the dollar promotion lasts a long time. You can't buy even a small iced coffee elsewhere around here for a buck. I also find their even-keeled, firmly middle of the road blend superior to Dunkin Donuts (too sweet) or Starbucks ( way too strong). Don't know what that says about my tastes, but there ya go!

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On The Case of the Missing Padlock

Ugh, I'm glad Dustin stood his ground and let your landlord know the absurdity of the accusation. Our landlord isn't quite this bad, but his "scolding parent" tendencies are wearing mighty thin lately, and I'm pretty close to telling him as much. A few days ago he told us he was going to comb the entire house (we live in a row house, and he and his wife have the first two floors with me and my husband on the third) "top to bottom, to try to figure out why the electric bill has been so darn high lately." Subtext, "are you kids sure you're not harboring a few space heaters and mini fridges up there, or leaving all the lights on all night just for shits and giggles?" I thought it has been well established that Con Ed rates are ridiculous everywhere lately; and if he's so sure it's us running up the bill, why not get a separate meter installed? It's not his first time bringing it up, so at this point even a slight increase in rent would be preferable to the 3rd degree and being made to feel like irresponsible children.

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On When Your College Friend Becomes an Insurance Salesman: A Survival Guide

Watch out for that first step-it's a DOOZY!

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On The Last Night

Logan! I'm sorry you're not getting more love for this in the comments, it's great :). A couple weekends ago some friends and I went for brunch on a favorite neighborhood restaurant's last day of business. It was bittersweet, but like your experience, the place was packed with regulars who seemed to be in a festive, celebratory mood determined to give it a proper "send off" I guess; it was really touching to witness.

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On The Loaded Question of "What Do You Do?"

@City_Dater interesting, I've never really thought of it in that context and have to disagree--are there plenty of neighborhoods where I would not like to live for one reason or another? Sure. Are all of those reasons socioeconomically based, and is it a given that I will then be making assumptions about people who do choose to live in those neighborhoods? Nope.

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On The Loaded Question of "What Do You Do?"

my favorite go-to for NYC parties is "where do you live?" People seem to enjoy talking about the pros and cons of their NYC neighborhood, how long they've been there and why they picked it, the train line they take-which is often a more organic segueway to how long their commute is for work and what they do. And I can almost always find common ground in favorite spots or places I've heard or read about there and have been meaning to visit. I agree that "where are you from" always give me pause--like originally? Or where did I grow up and where does my family live now? Or since I've now lived there over a decade, is it okay for me to say "Brooklyn?" Or would that make me a poseur, since I wasn't born there? ARGH, the perils of social awkwardness by way of over-thinking!

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On Buying a Wedding Dress When You Hate Yourself And Love Money

@cuminafterall Beautiful! That dress is FANTASTIC, very chic, with an added bonus of it seeming like you were easily able to breathe/eat/dance! Seems like it was a very fun wedding. Congrats :)

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On Buying a Wedding Dress When You Hate Yourself And Love Money

@Megano You are not defective! I blame stupid television shows that lead us to believe that 15 of our loved ones will all start bawling in happiness with us once we find "the one," when in reality a lot of times it's just like "yeah, I think this will work." Do you find yourself thinking back to one you tried that you liked more than the others? Or a detail on it that you would like to see on other ones you tried? That is sometimes helpful in whittling them down.

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