On Are Cosmetic Subscription Services Worth It?

I did Birchbox for a year and let it lapse for pretty much the same reasons, but I don't regret doing it. I'm pretty cheap when it comes to beauty products, and Birchbox was a good way to explore some more expensive makeup brands without spending a lot of money or fending off the hard sell from a salesperson at Sephora or a mall counter or whatever. I got some really nice stuff (some of it full-size) that, for me, is worth buying on its own. And the samples lasted me a while because I only wear makeup for nice events. I dreamed of wearing it more often when I started with Birchbox, but I reverted to my messy-hair-no-makeup look at work soon enough.

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On Why Women Should Watch The Good Wife

@laluchita Yes! I loved the scene where she and Maddy both out themselves as atheists at considerable political risk to themselves.

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On I Couldn't Help But Wonder Where All The Low-Skilled Poor Folk Were

@seaermine I have to wonder how much your groceries cost in DE? My bill is usually about $80/wk for two people, and I don't think I could cut that in half by moving to NYC.

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On How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Chain Restaurants

@OllyOlly Yeah, not just you, it was gross. Me and my ~cool thin friends~ and all.

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On Gift Ideas for Just About Anyone You Know

@BornSecular Not just you -- the cookware seems monstrously overpriced. $68 for a pair of salt and pepper shakers? $100 for a casserole dish? $65 for a pitcher? $68 for four coasters? Really?

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On British People Talk About Money

Least favorite advice: "I strongly believe that you can afford anything. There's a saying, isn't there? Pay the deposit and the universe will supply the balance." You can't, it won't, and only a homeopath would be quixotic enough to think otherwise.

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On Entitlement, Defined

Are they orange because they are get-out-of-jail-free cards?

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On Sexist Menu Leads to Expensive Dinner Choice

I didn't know this still happened! My mom once had a meal like this when she lived in Japan. That was in the early 80s. So I sort of assumed this only happened in Japan and had died out on the grounds that it's obviously stupid and sexist. I should have known better than to think that would stop anyone, anywhere. How common is this? Also can I just say how much I appreciate the "IS THIS FEMINIST?" reference here? What a great tumblr.

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On How to Lose Four Months to a Depression/Spending Death Spiral

Not gonna lie, the expensive, social distractions sound wonderful and I don't think I could pass them up. I know they contributed to your overspending, but it's wonderful that you had friends who had your back. The last time I had an Anxiety-and-Depression-Cocktail-O'-Fun was a few years ago, in college. After reading this piece, I hate to think what will happen if I have another one, and this time I have a job and a credit card and bills, and no therapist because I can't afford one on my own.

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