On Link Roundup! "Breaking Bad" Dolls, Men's Watches, Last Call for Holiday Flights

I'm just disappointed they missed out on the opportunity to say "clock-blocked Swatch".

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On Concerning the Moral Obligations of the Wealthy

I'm also curious about how what you do for the money factors in. Like, if you are already working as a cancer researcher for $50K/year, have you already contributed more of your "benefit to humanity" in contrast to a diamond salesperson (?? haha idk) who makes the same amount?

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On Zagat on Tipping During the Holidays

This is the first year I have a super who actually does his job & I am probably totally overthinking it but what is the protocol for actually giving him the tip? Like, I only run into him randomly in the hallways, so do I leave an envelope with his name on it in the foyer, or just wait until I see him and give it to him in person? Is it more or less awkward to put it in a holiday card? In which case he doesn't speak much English so do I write the card in Spanish (of which I speak a correspondingly tiny amount) or is that condescending? SBDOFISDf.

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On The Answer to Getting Out of Credit Card Trouble: A Spreadsheet

@SterlingCooper05 Well, to be fair, based on the rest of the categories it looks like more of a catch-all for "literally everything else that I'm not actively being billed for" which would include boring shit like toilet paper/socks/medications, not just crazy sandwiches.

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On What It Costs [Me] to Apply to Grad School

@Ellie Wait, if you take the GRE once you keep that score in perpetuity?! I have literally no plans ever to go back to grad school (one PhD is enough, I'm not greedy), but I am excited that my deteriorating brain can ride on the coat-tails of my geometry-literate 21 year old smart self forevvvver. Especially the subject test (Biology/Biochemistry). I remember zero of the things. The other day it took me and a few other postdocs a few minutes to even remember the name "oxidative phosphorylation" much less what chemicals are involved. I got a 5/6 on Analytical Writing which I blame wholly on the question, which was something like "Should parents take an interest in what their child is doing after school?" WTF are you supposed to say? "Yes. Duh. The end."?

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On How Long Did It Take You to Earn the Average Starting Salary of Graduates from Your College?

Ohhh god I have been out of my fucking state school for almost a decade and still make less money than the average starting salary. I have a PhD in molecular genetics, though, TAKE THAT FRAT BOYS... sob )))):

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On Was All That Time I Spent Watching Netflix Worth It, I Must Know

I get paid a stipend, so technically the MORE I watch Netflix instead of doing work, the higher my effective hourly pay. Although, technically if that were true someone who gets paid a salary but doesn't work (a "job" at a dude's company to launder his mistress maybe?) makes infinity dollars per hour.

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On What Happens When Rich People Get Divorced

@j-i-a I am... basically picturing a high-end mop with balloons that have nipples drawn on taped to it circa chest level.

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On What Happens When Rich People Get Divorced

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On In the Corporate World You're Not Working Unless You're Working Too Hard

The "Forbes thought of the day" before this article was: It is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top. lolol

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