On What Your Sex Life Has to do with Barry Diller and Diane Von Furstenberg

If those sites are all owned by the same company, I wonder why Match.com's site design is so much worse than OKCupid, or pretty much any other website I've ever used.

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On How Much Should I Be Saving For Retirement?

"Save as much as you can" seems like the most useless advice to me. I'm in a position where I can afford to save a lot, but I also kind of assume that I'll my IRA will have been melted by global warming or eaten by nanobots by the time I'm 65.

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On Today Is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

The saddest thing about this gif is that the new cabinet is clearly exactly the same as the old cabinet.

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On Solutions to Everyday Problems at the Office: The Disgusting Fridge

Fucking Mark.

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On Even the Rich Won't Live Forever (Maybe)

I guess this is basically the multibillionaire equivalent of buying lottery tickets.

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On Morning Coffee Orders From Around the World

So that's what Elisabeth Moss was ordering in Top of the Lake.

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On Next on the Grill: Synthetic Meat

I wonder if lab-grown cheese would be any easier to make? Dairy isn't much better for the environment than beef, and being a vegetarian is A LOT easier than being a vegan. Anyway, I think it's great that someone is actually financing this. Also: if you look into the details of how normal meat is produced, you'll probably start finding that pretty unappetizing too.

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On Rappers and Their Money

@stuffisthings It still makes this chart pretty much useless though. What good is this as a visual illustration of data when you need the rollover notes just to know what each bar is measuring?

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On Making Big Bucks and Saving the World

@cmcm I think it's debatable that working for a hedge fund really makes him more implicated in that system than academics or the rest of us are. Academics' salaries have to come from somewhere, everyone who has a 401k owns stock in oil companies and defense contractors, etc. tbh you're probably more anti-capitalist than I am though.

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On Should You Play The Lottery?

If you're going to use this reasoning to play the lottery (I do) you should probably try to find a game with a lower payout but better odds. Like Pennsylvania has a game called Millionaire's Raffle which has a $1 million payout and 1 in 125,000 odds, I assume other states have their own equivalents. You could easily stop working forever on "just" $1 million.

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