On 7 Really Great Movies From 2014 Worth Streaming

For real, I have watched We Are The Best three times this month. I fucking love it. I have such affection for those three girls, they are me and I am them. Between this and Sleater-Kinney reuniting, it is a good time for revisiting my adolescence.

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On Buying a Soundtrack From 2000 in 2015

Maybe the library has it? Same goes for movies.

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On Office Bathrooms: Where Everyone Is a Disgusting Monster

Women in our building routinely use the sinks to rinse out their lunch containers and of course they get clogged. LOATHE.

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On The Joy of Holiday Travel

Luckily my parents in Oregon completely understand that I love having a more affordable Christmas with my NYC family (ie, my friends). They are happy to see me at any other time of year.

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On How to Charge: By the Hour or By the Project

As a side note, did you charge a rush fee for that job? That is perfectly legitimate and a good way to ensure that you're compensated for performing under stress.

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On John Oliver Throws Stones at the Lottery

This show is so good. I'm usually shocked by what his team digs up and frequently wonder why I'm laughing so much when it's all so awful.

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On You Don't Get Wealthy From Saving

@bgprincipessa Seriously, it's like "why aren't the numbers getting bigger??" Because they *can't.*

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On Voters Decide They Want Higher Minimum Wages

Yay!! Ahh, the silver lining to news that otherwise makes me want to crawl back into bed. (Oh this and the fact that Scott Brown was defeated in two different elections in two different states, LOL.)

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On Lunch Spots and Budgets

I agree that's a nifty app... but for my own personal budget, I cannot fathom spending $100/month on lunch O.O Lunch options in my work neighborhood are expensive and boring, which is added incentive for brown-bagging all the time!

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On The Cost of Things At My Annual Physical

I always refuse to fill in super-sensitive info like my SSN (!!) and my credit card. Because I have been to enough doctors offices to see that shit is way too disorganized for me to trust them to keep that info safe. If they really truly need it later, we can sort it out then.

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