On 2 Emmys (But Also $57K In Debt) But Also 2 Emmys

"I refused to not live the life I wanted to live." And that's the problem. Not appreciating the life that you do live. I'm willing to bet that she will never be out of debt because the life she wants to live will always exceed her income. If we all just lived the life we wanted to we'd be fat, living paycheck to paycheck, and in massive debt... oh wait. 'merica!

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On Tales from the 'Lost Generation': Newly Unemployed

One way NOT to get a job is to just walk out of an internship that could potentially provide a glowing recommendation for you. I was a journalism major as well (6 years ago). I would recommend picking an industry you're interested in (mine was TV/Film) and pursue some entry-level job there. You can talk about your "passion" for the industry. Fake it if you have to. Most of us do. Sometimes the dream is just to pay the rent and have a drink at the end of the day. Good luck, and don't walk out on anymore jobs. It's a shitty thing to do to people who count on you, and at 20-something you really can't afford to be burning bridges.

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On It's Not an Either/Or Question

Thanks for pointing this out, MikeD! Drives me nuts when people do that.

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On How to Lose Four Months to a Depression/Spending Death Spiral

Try a change in diet to help your brain chemistry. Your body needs fuel it can use. http://www.marksdailyapple.com/diet-for-depression/#axzz1vdSinRpI

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