On My Credit Card Debt Is As Bad As Substance Abuse

Sigh. Yep, I know exactly what you mean, with the using a bad behavior to comfort yourself over your bad behavior. I wish you the best of luck in your quest! I have my own credit card debt quest that I'm embarking on, so thank you for posting your goal, as it's motivating for me as well.

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On Meet People, Get a Job (Even If You're An Introvert)

@Riaana. This sounds like just the book for me; thanks!

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On The Quest for the Perfect Bag

Wait, these convert! http://www.ebags.com/product/nino-bossi/cross-body-bag-that-converts-to-a-backpack/246664?productid=10222473 http://www.ebags.com/product/the-sak/ventura-convertible-backpack/215029?productid=10139400 http://www.ebags.com/product/le-donne-leather/convertible-back-pack-shoulder-bag/144704?productid=10003622

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On The Quest for the Perfect Bag

@km1312. Oooh, the conversion is the tricky part. But here are some lovely leather pockety options, most of which I covet: http://www.ebags.com/category/backpacks/m/leather/g/womens?origin=left_nav

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On The Quest for the Perfect Bag

@Deb of last year@twitter. Yes, I too am a backpack person. I like the examples you provided: nicely grownup.

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On The Correct Soda for My Lifestyle

This? Was fantastic. Thank you.

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On Keep a Cool Attitude When Applying for Jobs

Oh lordy, I wish I had had some detachment about my epic application to Whole Foods (complete with inside connection). I didn't get the job and took the rejection so very personally, but still shop there, making me feel like I'm clinging to a dysfunctional relationship. I try to remember this: you know who else didn't get that job? EVERYONE ELSE WHO APPLIED (except for one lucky bastard). Perspective, come to me now.

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On Marrying Up But Not Giving Up

@arrr starr. YES. I need that embroidered on a throw pillow, stat.

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On My Lunch Secret Is Really a Breakfast Secret

Cheaper and easier still (because I am very lazy and quite cheap): scramble up 4-6 eggs with some sauteed veggies & 4-6 sausage links and there's breakfast AND lunch for the office. Great fuel for a workday starting with a workout.

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On What My Dog Costs Me, What My Dog Saves Me

@ImASadGiraffe. I dropped $2800 on the same surgery for my dog in December. Now every day I am delighted and amazed to see her up and about, walking around like the paralysis (and traumatizing surgery) never happened. Also amazing: her attitude when she couldn't walk. She was ready to drag herself around with just her two front legs, not fazed in the slightest (I would have been inconsolable if I'd be in her place). Every day now I get to witness a miracle, so I agree: best money ever spent.

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