On Susan Miller Deserves a Vacation

@Slapfight There was a typo there- I mean if you promise to provide a service that either you personally can't (like pretending to have a skill that's real, but you don't personally possess), or that no one at all including you can (like divining future events from the stars), that's deceitful. There are other people who also claim to provide this non-service, yes, and there are some people who take it as a light entertainment/joke. But there are obviously also people who take it very seriously, and who take her at her word that she has some exceptional talent at this impossible task vs the countless other people claiming the same ability. I would venture to guess that the "fans" being demanding and mean are the ones she has best convinced of her ability to provide a valuable service, and likely the same ones who buy her *many* books and calendars, pay for her in-app purchases, visit her ad-heavy website, and help keep her popularity at a level where she can make regular media appearances and apparently hobnob with, if not actual celebrities, at least their stylists, editors, and PR people. She provides some free content in order to keep her business model afloat- she can claim she's "just trying to help people who can't afford it" but it's not like she's running an indigent clinic here.

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On Susan Miller Deserves a Vacation

@Allison If you tell people you can perform a service that either you specifically, or no one at all, can actually perform, and then accept compensation for doing it, that is deceitful. This person has at least some percentage of her readership so convinced she has secret knowledge of their future that they are apparently behaving "subhumanly" in their desperation to get at it. And that's how she makes her living- convincing people of that. I'd say that's a level of manipulation that is at least in balance with if not exceeding the "monstrosity" of "saying nasty things about a stranger on the internet", which is what her fans are doing.

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On Susan Miller Deserves a Vacation

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On Susan Miller Deserves a Vacation

@samburger Someone who makes their living off of deceit is not someone for whom I have a lot of sympathy when their career is not going well. I'm sorry she's sick- I'm sorry when anyone is sick. Even awful people don't deserve to be sick. But feeling bad for people who lose control of their lucrative scams when they get sick? Yeah, that's a bridge too far. Being sick doesn't alter the fact that what she does for a living is tell appealing lies. She's monetized the shit out of her ability to do what are basically super-general cold readings and charm celebrities, and fine, everybody who buys her products or contributes to her social media clout is a willing victim, but I feel about as much empathy for her loss of control over her fanbase or her lack of vacations as I do for whatever self-imposed work schedule any "psychic", "medium" or celebrity preacher has. Do you weep for the "subhuman" treatment Joel Osteen gets from people who don't agree with him? No? Then why this lady- she may appeal to you more personally, but she's in the same business. She doesn't have a corporate boss demanding she never vacation- she knows that she's running a hustle and if you stop hustling, you lose.

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On Susan Miller Deserves a Vacation

It's hard to know who to feel sorry for in a situation where a person who is famous for providing fake services is berated by her fan base for failure to provide her fake services for free. I'm going to play it safe and not feel bad for any of them.

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On Job of the Day: Silicon Valley Home Stager

@swirrlygrrl Drinking while househunting would have made the whole process so much more bearable.

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On Job of the Day: Silicon Valley Home Stager

It seems really weird that they put fake photos back in after removing the actual photos. When shopping for our (not fancy or high-end) home a few months ago, we saw one house that had clearly clearly clearly been staged, which was weird, because we weren't looking at homes in a price range where you'd think that either people would be able to afford a professional stager or where the buyers would care. If it really does cost $6K to have a house staged, the homeowners whose staged house we saw would have been better off saving it and knocking that off their price or replacing their nasty carpet. That was what kept us from making an offer, not the presence or absence of orchids.

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On Professor Dumpster Still Trying To Make Dumpster Happen

"“What if everybody had to go to some sort of laundromat?” Wilson posited." I don't know, most of us HAVE had to go to a laundromat at some point. It's a huge time sink, it's hard on your clothes, it's expensive over the long term relative to having your own machine, and if you don't have the ability to sit in the laundromat with your clothes for that time, it's frustrating because they can be and often are removed from cycles early or even outright stolen. Living in a dumpster: A pretty good life if you can outsource your childcare to your ex-wife, have an air-conditioned office in which to work, a plumbed bathroom to use elsewhere, a safe, walkable neighborhood in which to spend your leisure time, and an entire fallback plan for whenever living in a metal box in Texas *isn't* feasible (which a lot of the time it's not, surprising no one). Of course this guy wears a fucking trilby and a bowtie. Of course he does. And has a dreamcatcher over his bed. I am reminded of the Simpson's episode where Milhouse's newly-divorced dad, praising his new single life, says "And another great thing, you get your own bed. I sleep in a racing car, do you?" And Homer says "I sleep in a big bed with my wife." Nobody is jealous of your race car bed, Professor Dumpster.

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On Open Thread: When Do You Replace Your Phone?

I use my phone so heavily (and am so clumsy with it) that it's generally in just-barely-working order by the time I qualify for an upgrade, so every two years. Plus as someone mentioned above, I seem to always been on an off-year for phone releases with features I want, so my current phone is perpetually behind the bleeding edge and by the time I qualify for an upgrade, they're usually dropping support (this was worst when I was on TMobile with android phones and I wasn't even able to get the newer android updates towards the end and nothing worked right). I've nursed the last couple phones through the last few months of their contract with great tenderness because I don't want to buy a phone at full price and so far I never have had to. I'm on an iPhone 5 now and I actually replaced my regular battery case with an Otterbox battery case yesterday because I want to make sure this baby lasts and I don't wind up stuck with a phone that my tiny hands can't use.

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On AirBnb Ruined Our Lives and Turned Us Into Entitled City Dwellers

With all the bitterness at having to work for income, having to consider income as income, and the and passive-aggression towards the roommate who is resentful of her role in your and your other roommate's medicaid fraud, it doesn't seem so much like AbnB has turned you in to an entitled city dweller so much as it has highlighted the unavoidable fact of your entitlement for you. And if you're not even willing to consider moving to a different part of the same city, saying you're "willing to do anything" to avoid this untenable situation is... a bit melodramatic. I know it's harsh to hear these things from strangers, but seriously- recognizing entitlement is a truly good first step, but you're actually scamming other workers out of money (money that is, as you have learned, the product of hard labor!) and genuinely poor (not poor-to-the-IRS-and-compared-to-their-expenses-poor) people out of health beenfits to maintain your lifestyle. Stop that. Even if you have to move, stop that.

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