On Pros and Cons of "The Uber for Housecleaning"

@tw0lle Well the ads I'm seeing on the site right now recommend MollyMaid!

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On Cleaning House With Jenny

I liked this a lot. I think you should interview the company, Meaghan. Ask them how they determine pay and how they determine pay cuts. I mean, do it in a way that doesn't get the woman in trouble, but also in a way that pushes back against the idea that the company and the customers are the only important participants in this dynamic. There must be more we can do than just be like "ugh, why do all these 'disruptors' suck so hard?" I mean, that's my general inclination, well that and boycotting, but isn't there more that can be done?

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On AirBnb Ruined Our Lives and Turned Us Into Entitled City Dwellers

@Weasley Oh I'm sure the answer is a guarantor. Guarantors are the glue that holds class stratification together!

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On A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions: Accepting Financial Assistance From Parents as an Adult

@dudeascending You're not really curious. And the types of responses you think the post deserves are everywhere around mine and highjump's. I hope Meghan's dad isn't as fragile as you seem, and can take a critique as just that.

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On A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions: Accepting Financial Assistance From Parents as an Adult

@highjump I agree. And I'll take it a step further and say how disappointing it was to see Meghan's dad start out with such a thoughtful, macro-level analysis of our current economic climate, only to end on such a narrow and insular note ("So spread the wealth...to your kids"). There is a lot wrong with this way of thinking, some of which @highjump has already pointed out. But to me the main issue is that it takes an interesting idea - "if we can, we should share" - and totally blunts its potential by only making it about parent-child relationships. What about rethinking how we give to charity? Or, real talk, forcing that lucky generation to stop looking for tax loopholes and actually pay their fare share for once? Really, the least interesting/important scenario of all the ones I can think of is parents giving their kids money to go on vacation. Also, you can't talk about "my generation" (which I assume means people in their 50s and up) without acknowledging the ways in which opportunities were circumscribed by race and gender. It's only telling part of the story when we say that Baby Boomers/Generation X had it so great, because there were plenty of systemic factors that contributed to keeping certain sectors of those populations from reaping the rewards of our economic bounty.

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On What Would You Do for $1000 an Hour?

@Marille The poor-but-happy trope is the exact reason I think we should abolish most service tourism programs targeted at teenagers. I'm open to them under certain circumstances, but in general the problem is that 1) they allow kids to think that at 15 they can change someone's life in only a few days (which gives them a hugely disproportionate sense of self and makes it difficult for them to understand the need for things like legislative changes and expanded economic opportunities in order to eradicate poverty, instead of a bunch of American teenagers building a playground) and 2) they skew how kids view the world, such that Europe is the only place (outside of the US) that becomes a site of knowledge and learning, while everywhere else is either in need of our "rescue" or there to teach us how to be happy with less.

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On What Would You Do for $1000 an Hour?

@therealjaygatsby : That's so interesting. It's also why I think colleges should pay more attention to students who work. Not intern (which is another indicator of privilege) but WORK. Like in fast food, at summer camps, in nursing homes, and other capacities that require them to manage time and prioritize responsibilities. It's easy to be great at school and sports when those are your only responsibilities and you're surrounded with resources. It's harder and more impressive when you manage to excel while also being a shift manager at McDonalds.

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On It Has Been Made Clear to Me That I Cannot Have It All

Maybe the co-working place does allow you to take your own french press? Or at least to bring your own coffee mug. When you do the math that $75 is probably what you're paying to relieve your guilt for hogging the table at the coffee shop. I'd kill to pay $75 (as I write from a coworking space that costs twice that but that is very nice, I will give it that).

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On Rejecting Money

I've never understood, so perhaps someone here can explain: what is the difference between Venmo and Paypal? Does the former exist because the latter is "for old people," or is there something else?

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On Rejecting Money

Not gonna lie, I love that you rejected it. Partly because I hope that this becomes a "thing" between the two of you, where he'll find new ways to send you the money - via gift card, telegram, carrier pigeon, whatever - and you keep finding ways to give it back to him. Until one of you dies, forever winning the generosity wars.

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