On It Has Been Made Clear to Me That I Cannot Have It All

Maybe the co-working place does allow you to take your own french press? Or at least to bring your own coffee mug. When you do the math that $75 is probably what you're paying to relieve your guilt for hogging the table at the coffee shop. I'd kill to pay $75 (as I write from a coworking space that costs twice that but that is very nice, I will give it that).

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On Rejecting Money

I've never understood, so perhaps someone here can explain: what is the difference between Venmo and Paypal? Does the former exist because the latter is "for old people," or is there something else?

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On Rejecting Money

Not gonna lie, I love that you rejected it. Partly because I hope that this becomes a "thing" between the two of you, where he'll find new ways to send you the money - via gift card, telegram, carrier pigeon, whatever - and you keep finding ways to give it back to him. Until one of you dies, forever winning the generosity wars.

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On The Cost of a Full-Page Ad in The New York Times

I like the letter, except for the supremely naive point about being "business partners" with Amazon. That is such a joke, and they should be ashamed of themselves for even putting that out there. But it also points to the imbalanced position they're in, one that enables Amazon to capitalize on their work while most of them barely make ends meet in the process. But why not say that, instead of implying that Amazon reneged on an agreement none of them was ever part of?

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On Printing & Crying

@ECW : I agree! LOGAN. I'm like, what is wrong with everyone that we're not talking about this?!

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On Think Of The Money I Could Make By Simply Ruining My Life With Airbnb

Well I'm convinced everyone in that Airbnb has bedbugs now and forever, so I think the peace of mind of not having them is worth the loss of passive income. On top of everything else. Also, ever since Airbnb has tried their manipulative strategy of pretending that they're just here for ordinary New Yorkers, and that they're in fact good for NYC, I've vowed never to ever use them again.

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On Josh Michtom's First Job: Helping Teach Argentinians English

The only thing suspect about this story is that it doesn't mention cigarettes. When I studied abroad in Buenos Aires the university classrooms had ashtrays. It turned me into a chimney. Where's the part about you sneaking cigarettes or even smoking them out in the open with Alice?

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On Who Lives In All Those Fancy Condos? Human Props & Nobody

@sreidw That's a good point and a good question. I did read the NY article, and it was written with the help of additional data compiled the International Consortium for Investigative Journalists.

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On "Poverty is a circumstance, not a value judgment."

Saying that "the house she had just bought had already lost the entirety of its value" is an outrageous mischaracterization. They bought it for $240k, its value depreciated to $150k. Which sucks but is not the same as saying the house wasn't worth the paper the title was written on. It's still a dramatic story without the hyperbole. And I agree with Allison that so much of the weight of this story and attendant coverage of it comes from her being a "nice/pretty white lady." But so does the fact that she got to tell the story herself and show how an individual story forms part of a larger narrative. I know the fact that she's a journalist is part of why she got to write the article, but compare this to the Post's normal coverage of poverty, in which its sufferers rarely get so much space to use their own words to talk about their own lives. That's what reporters are for, and what Pulitzers are meant to reward.

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On Riding the Chinatown Bus, and Considering Its True Cost

I just feel like Amtrak should pay attention to these horror stories and try to offer lower prices. Even if they sold tickets that were $10 less each way of certain routes, they'd be more accessible to a lot of the people who ride Megabus/Bolt. Because, and I wish the linked article at the Daily Dot mentioned this, people keep going back to these terrible service providers because they often have no choice.

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