On A Human and Her Glass of Whisky Attempt to Buy Multi-city Plane Tickets

@jfruh Is it too late? I want you to see your sister in DC. I feel like 6 months from now you'll remember the time you had with her more than you'll remember the exact amount you saved on a flight. And, yeah, setting foot in NYC means setting your money on fire, so I truly believe you'll come out ahead by shortening your stay.

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On The Cost of Getting My Stolen Computer Back

My Gen X is showing, but I really wanted this story to end with you taking the Singles DVD.

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On Happy New Year! Here Are Some Pointless Or Obvious Savings Tips!

@jmdj I had a moment like that with Eshakti the other day. I had a coupon and there was a sale, but after spending so much of the day visiting the page and navigating away from it, I realized that I was forcing the issue for the sake of "saving" and finally closed the tab. It was kind of liberating to come to that realization though, and I need to remember it throughout the year.

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On Madison Is A Great Small City, Unless You're Black

@Jake Reinhardt It kind of sounds like you're using your anecdote about riding the subway to challenge this actual person's lived experience of being black in NYC. She's not naive to NYC's problems, given that she literally cites some of them in her piece. But as she also points out in her piece, there are a lot of comforts in NY that are absent in Madison/the midwest. So, given that, I wonder what's at stake for you in nitpicking her about her own reality and saying that New York is no better than the world she left behind? Also, what's productive about saying "the same problems exist everywhere" when she's talking about a specific set of experiences in a specific place? It reads as condescending and dismissive, as though you wouldn't want her to have the wrong impression of her own experience or the last word about it here.

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On The Cost of Things in the U.S. After Being Away for 14 Years

This was hilarious and charming and I want to read more, please.

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On How To Get Our Belongings of Questionable Worth Across The Country

@Gef the Talking Mongoose I love this comment. "A beautiful spray of kibble."

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On Gwyneth Paltrow's Gift Ideas

The list isn't as bad as it seems. I mean, for GOOP. There's a decent range, from accessible to aspirational. But, a correction: the throw is just under 1k, not 10k.

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On Adjusting Your Life to Your Partner's Career

@HelloTheFuture Seriously it's such a terrible message. She's made to feel so guilty for working so hard, as though there are only certain professions that are worth that kind of time and sacrifice. And since the film already establishes that the magazine industry is vapid, it pushes that notion through to the end. Such that even Meryl Streep is supposed to respect Andy for basically insulting how she has lived her life. A life which, by the way, we're supposed to see as a cautionary tale: "here's what happens to your marriage, ladies, when you don't put it above everything else in life that may be important to you." Do not get me started.

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On If You Buy Your Wife a Mansion

No surprise that it's all men who are doing the house-buying. Which suggests to me that there is something more going on than the desire to "gift" their wives something extravagant. Sounds to me like, in a lot of these cases, they want to assert something or show who is really in charge.

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On How To Get EU Citizenship, Country By Country

@chic noir Yeah, same, and for lots of reasons. It should have been titled "Good news, whites!"

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