On And How Do You Like Your Salad

Uh, that word, macerated...

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On Only Way to Get 1 Job Is If Someone You Know Gives It to You, But What Do You Give Them?

A friend forwarded me the email from the headhunter asking, "Is this what you do?" I took him to big dinner.

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On I Finally Internalized All Those Cheap Living in NYC Tips

I was standing and cheering until you got to, "When you invite people to dinner, make them pay." That is ridiculous and awful.

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On Money and Depression: Telling Your Boss, Or Not

@mean terry gross body shamer Thank you.

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On The Sandwich Generation

I hope the slow starter children are figuring on getting their stuff in order in time to give their parents material support during their retirement.

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On Year One Was Bad, Year Two Is Agony

Hello? Are you all trying to talk her out of this? They are doing the right thing. They are paying it off fast so that in the end they will pay less, and will be able to retire, and educate the children they will be able to afford to have. They're putting in two years of pain to get out from under. They deserve a standing ovation.

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On Sick Secrets: Hot Baths (Really!) and Oysters (REALLY)

Gargle! Gargling with mouthwash or just warm saltwater. Because disgusting cold germs colonize at the back of your throat. That's the scratchy throat feeling. Drink warm things and gargle.

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On WWYD: Chipping in for the Boss

Setting aside WTF a present from the minions to the boss, who is this person telling you, "Welcome to the company, everyone chips in $100"? I would want to hear from a lot more people that this is an actual fun custom in our company.

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On Insured for the Family

But Whole Life is more of an investment product than insurance, right? It's really a whole different thing. Term is what you do in order to provide for people you are supporting, in case you die. Long period, low premium because you're young and presumably healthy when you take it. You don't get the money back, but it's not that much money in the first place. It's just insurance, where Whole Life is a way to invest for before or after you die, with special tax aspects. My insurance agent sold me a little bit of Whole Life in addition to my 30-year Term, with the idea that if I become a sick, uninsurable person, and the Term runs out, it will be the only insurance I have. But my financial planner pointed out that the agent made more commission on the $50,000 of Whole Life than on the $750,000 30-year Term, and recommended I cash in the Whole Life and drop it. Whole Life, in amounts to replace a person's income for years, isn't what you do. I think. Surely a bunch of insurance brokers will start chiming in here any second.

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On Taking the Other Way Home

So, basically it's taken six months to find out she had her one credit card for emergencies the whole time.

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