On Time to Do That 1 Thing

One Direction keeps popping up pretty much regardless of what I search for. Anyway, my 1 Thing was to reschedule my doctor's appointment (therapy, whee) so I could go to a work-related meeting that got sprung on me, and I did. I have to wait longer but that's OK; things are pretty good right now. I also booked my hotel room in Portland for next month so YAY!!!!

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On Injured While Adjuncting

While he's not an adjunct, my partner has had to deal with worker's compensation three times with the company he worked for until last summer, and it's such a terrible process. He went from a part-time temporary employee to a regular employee with benefits during that time but it was pretty much awful every time, even with a company that clearly meant well and was trying really hard to get him to the right place. The last straw was when he sliced his leg open and needed a bunch of stitches last summer, and it took them literally 45 minutes to figure out which emergency room or urgent care they could take him to. It happened about 30 minutes after I was notified that I'd been hired for a new position with higher pay (a raise equal to about $10k less than his annual salary), and we decided that very night that it made sense for him to quit his job and avoid any more possible injuries at that company. Ugh.

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On Sailing Around the World And Getting By Without Cash

That's just awesome.

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On A Call To Abolish Employment Credit Checks

@garli I haven't, since everyone in my family has had their clearances for so many years, but I recently had someone fly in to interview me at work about my best friend from high school who I haven't seen in five years (for her new clearance). It was intense!

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On A Call To Abolish Employment Credit Checks

@garli Yup. My mom's security clearance can even be affected by my dealings - if I were, say, in millions of dollars of gambling debt or something, she could totally lose her clearance because she might be swayed to sell government secrets to bail me out of my troubles, because she loves me that much. (P.S. That was all purely theoretical, g-men... the only debt I have over $2,000 is a car loan, and the lender is my mom herself.)

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On Doing Your Taxes The Night Before

@nomorecrackpipes Wait... how is sending a check not also sending banking info? It has the same info on it that you enter in to give them your bank account info. (I guess you could have just meant "why submit your info electronically to them to store as they please," which is potentially valid depending on how they handle physical checks vs. their electronic transfer records.) I hope you get a really nice break after today! Burnout is terrible.

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On The 35-hour Work Week

@Allison Agreed. Also: I really wish that my favorite sites didn't publish (& thus have their most active commenting periods) exclusively during the typical workday hours. So there, Mike Dang (calling us out on reading your own site!). :)

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On $45 a Month for a Bottomless Cup of Coffee

Not a coffee drinker (I'm sadly allergic to coffee and black tea), but used to drink massive (I mean, massive) quantities of Diet Coke every day, and if this membership existed for soda and was convenient to use I would have been ON IT. I saved about $2,500 per year (or possibly more) when I quit drinking soda daily in 2012. I still have it every now and then, but rarely (at worst, once a week, but there are often weeks I don't have any at all). Though mostly this reminds me that I gotta kick my caffeine habit again. :(

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On Privilege Check On Aisle Nine

@Trilby Ahhh, clearly you do not benefit from Suburban Privilege, the Only True Privilege.

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On Monday Check-in

@Allison Your weekend sounds amazing.

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