On Do 1 Thing Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do

My 1 Thing yesterday was to call because my newspaper kept showing up even though I asked them to stop delivering after my last billing period ran out, and I was getting phone calls asking for me to pay for them. HECK no. I forgot to do it yesterday but just did it this morning. I also asked them to put me on their do not call list, because I'm not going to change my mind and re-subscribe so I'd rather not have the conversation. Today my BIG 1 Thing is to wrap up everything for work so I can go on break for 2 weeks!!!!

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On Living In Fear Of My Bank Account

I am not like this about my checking account, but VERY much so with some other tasks. It seems difficult to the point of impossibility to click a few times and look at something, sometimes. I had some anxiety like this about my credit cards for a while, and putting extra layers between me and the accounts helped (like text banking did for you). Ultimately, I got Mint and just got into the habit of looking literally almost every day. Something about that extra layer between me and the account helped, like I didn't have to face the disapproval of my credit card issuer by logging in, or something. Being able to do that (and quitting caffeine, which had made my anxiety worse) got my finances massively more in order pretty quickly, but it took forever to make it happen in the first place. So - I feel you.

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On Monday Check-in

I estimated $88. How did I do? Friday evening: games with friends, $0. Saturday: $4.86 for food/caffeine before my race, ran my 5k (we beat our best time as a running pair! it wasn't my all-time personal record but it was for her, and it was the best since I started running again - my PR was set when I was much thinner and in better shape so I feel good about this local minimum), then I went shopping with my friend afterwards and spent $10.59 at Toys R Us for a Memory game to play on New Years (seriously, watching drunk people play Memory is my favorite hobby). We got lunch at the nearby Chinese buffet: $9.15. I also spent $12.31 on a variety of stuff at CVS that day. My dude and I went out for dinner and I spent $33.68 on that. We also spent $39.99 at Jo-Ann Fabrics for everything we needed for the first thing we are going to try on our mission to learn to sew (matching Batman pajama pants for us). Sunday was cheaper. I ate breakfast at home, then went off to volunteer at another race, which netted me two small beers, a piece of pizza, and a nice pint glass & t-shirt for free. I did spend $4.85 on caffeine before and after, though. I went to Publix and spent $20.08 on fancy cider and snacks, and came home for a quiet evening. Total: $135.51. Over my estimate, but I had a good time with everything I spent money on and took care of some expenses that would have otherwise occurred during the week. Do need to cut back on caffeine, though, as it's dragging my spending up.

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On Friday Estimate

Man, I came SO CLOSE to calling out of work today, but I'm here. Yesterday was a massive deadline day and it went well, so today is pretty quiet for me - that's nice. Tonight: friends over for board games, yay! $0. Tomorrow: running a race I've already paid for at 9 AM. I'll probably spend $8 on a breakfast sandwich/caffeine for me and my dude in the morning beforehand, and also go out for brunch afterwards ($35). In the afternoon, we may make it to a potluck ($15 for some kind of side dish TBD), or may not. Unclear. Sunday, I'm volunteering at another race, this time at a brewery ($0 + free pint glass and 2 free beers). I'm gonna budget $30 for nonsense; not sure what, yet. Somewhere in there I also have to return some shoes my dude bought that aren't working out, hopefully, but that won't cost me anything. Total: $88.

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On You Can Sue Your Parents To Pay Your College Tuition!

@annev17 @lisaf I agree that the situation sounds like it sucks for her parents based on that account. But I also found it weird the way she dragged out everything bad her daughter had ever done as a teenager to back up the idea that she's horrible. It felt like a defense lawyer doing character assassination, not like a parent. Her teenage transgressions don't make her sound like a monster - they make her sound like a teenager. I might agree with the mom's assessment of "I told you we wouldn't be paying for college if you moved out, and then you moved out," but I also wouldn't really want to live with this woman either if she used the time I had alcohol illegally at 16 against me for the rest of my life to publicly shame me. (I also probably wouldn't sue for college money, and would just accept the decision, but that's me - and I was also never in a position where I would have had to do that, so it's super easy for me to say so.) tl;dr family disputes are complicated and usually everyone has their actions/words influenced by long-standing emotional stuff and that doesn't play out well when you try to apply legal principles to it

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On In Which I Help Economists Become "Un-Baffled" About America's Dropping Fertility Rate

@garli eating Pizza Hut with Doritos crust is the new drinking hemlock

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On In Which I Help Economists Become "Un-Baffled" About America's Dropping Fertility Rate

I actually kind of wanted to burst into applause in my office.

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On In Defense of Small Cheap Cities

@ThatJenn Oh, and while it's small enough to feel manageable and familiar, it's also big enough that (1) I don't run into EITHER of my exes who work within a quarter mile of me and (2) there's always some new stuff I haven't explored, at least at this point, 8 years in. (Oh my God, the food/drink options here are so fabulous, so varied, and so cheap, guys.) That's awesome for me.

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On In Defense of Small Cheap Cities

I have Feelings sometimes about living in the south, but if I'm going to live somewhere sunny/warm in the US that's not in perpetual drought (read: Florida), which is pretty close to obligatory for my mental health if I want to have a productive and happy life, Gainesville is totally the place to do it. A surprisingly good food & entertainment scene for its size, low cost of living, incredible opportunities for outdoor recreation in and around the city, pretty good employment prospects due to the university & its spin-off industries, and a community of voters & local politicians who believe in investing in public infrastructure (meaning PARKS and BUSES and ACTIVITIES and ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION, not just expensive roads) in order to attract the best possible people here. I was really not into Gainesville for a long time, but once I got over myself and explored, I started to love it. I don't make as many amazing friends as I might have in a bigger city, and I miss having a really major airport nearby, but the trade-off in the quality of life I can afford long-term is worth it to me, at least at this point in my life.

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On The Economics of Dating, OKCupid Edition

@lisaf I support this! I own a house that I bought with an ex-partner, and my now-spouse started dating me right around the time I bought my ex out of it. It's weird because I'd really like to co-own a place with my spouse that we both chose, but it makes more financial sense to stay here, and I'm not going to just, like, put him on the deed or whatever. There's a dynamic there that could be kind of weird, where the house is my responsibility, my asset, and my liability, and he just kind of lives here (before he went back to school he paid me rent and I didn't let him pick up any non-renter-appropriate costs for the house so we could keep the whole question of equity in the house very clear). It's not really what either of us would pick for us to live in, but moving seems dumb financially since this place is "good enough." I'm glad I own the place for the simple reason that it's cheaper for us to live here than it would be to rent (well... probably), but I 100% get why someone wouldn't want to opt in to being on the side of the equation where my spouse is right now. He deals with it well, but not everyone would like it, and I don't especially like it, either.

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