On Cap & Gown Fashion Inspo For All You 2014 Grads

I am now thinking about a student-debt-themed porn that actually seeks to educate and feel like maybe there is an audience for this, at least for humorous effect (it's probably only me).

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On Making Money From a Kick in the Head

@EvanDeSimone Not JUST a head injury. There are probably some medical bills to consider as well.

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On Making Money From a Kick in the Head

@EvanDeSimone lesson learned: monetize early, monetize often, before the worst of the concussion kicks in.

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On Introducing, Ester

Hi Ester! Been enjoying your posts. I'm obviously always a little sad whenever any change means fewer posts from Mike, because Mike!!, but I am very glad it's you who will be writing more! (And of course I am happy that Mike will have time to work on these other things without working all weekend long, too! Just don't disappear on us and get another job and never post again, please.)

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On Freeman Dyson DGAF About Grad School

I have a lot of feelings on this that I can't really put into a public comment under this name, but yeah. Effffffff the PhD.

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On Monday Check-in

@Stina Sadly it is not terribly out of character. It's more over the line than usual but they've been tending more and more that way recently. I'm in a tabletop RPG group with them right now that my husband runs, so we have a weekly time when we see each other unless I drop out of my husband's game (which would make me sad), but I've decided that I'm not going to hang out with the two of them anymore. The husband is less likely to do this kind of stuff and in fact for years has been my best friend, locally, but they are obviously a package deal and I just can't, anymore. Maybe the occasional one-on-one hangout but none of this. I think I am ready to have friends who act like adults in the same ways I do (which is not all ways, but a few key ways that are important to me).

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On Whoops, the $522 Haircut

@Meaghano well, you have one reader who will probably always appreciate it. :)

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On Monday Check-in

Friday was free as expected. Had an, uh, disagreement with my friends over whether it was OK for them to (1) assume I was free to babysit for them for free because they found out I wasn't going to our mutual friend's birthday party the next night and then (2) interrogate me about what my other plans were when I said no to babysitting to determine if they were a "good enough" excuse to make it OK that I said no. I said no, guys. It's a complete sentence. Saturday we went grocery shopping since Publix was going to be closed the next day ($65). We also spent $10 at Bageland for both breakfast and a few spare bagels. We spent another $14 at the hippie mart for hippie snacks because yum (we were looking for some good seasonings for dinner but they were out of everything we wanted, so fancy popcorn and ginger candy it is!). And somewhere in there we spent $5 at the drive-thru for soda for me and coffee that kept my husband up all night telling me about minor Star Wars characters (or maybe it only *felt* like it was all night). I love me some Star Wars and I love my husband but I don't love anything or anyone besides sleep after 11 PM most nights. Saturday night, by the way, we stayed in and watched Netflix, neither going to the $50 birthday party NOR babysitting for free, and it was glorious. Total: $94, rather than the $120-170 I estimated. Excellent.

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On Whoops, the $522 Haircut

P.S. I just noticed that you created a whole new slug/category for this post and I love that fact.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Caitlin with a C Quite true!

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