On 1 Things in The Stream, That is What We Are

I totally did my work 1 Thing of clearing out a project I started a year ago! My home 1 Thing is going to be either going through my sock drawer to get rid of the ones with holes, or actually cleaning the kitchen counter.

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On Love and Nostagia for the Cheaper Stuff

@madrassoup I find that this happens to me all the time. Things I am super-nostalgic about taste kind of terrible to me now (and always either bland or super-salty - I eat a much more varied diet now than I did until about five years ago).

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On Witchy Feelings About My Index Fund

@cryptolect Yeah, I linked my investment accounts to Mint and I'm not sure I like it. I think it's probably good for me to learn not to be freaked out by the daily, weekly, monthly fluctuations, but when it's staring me in the face in the form of the "net worth" figure, it's hard. I don't feel tempted to take it out, but I feel kind of weird about it literally every day now. When it's good, it's like, "that's more money than I made from my whole day of work so why am I even working?" (I know the logic doesn't work - whatever.) When it's bad, it's like, "that lost more money than I saved last month so why am I even saving?" I know I'm in it for the long haul and it will be fine, but these things are still in my head sometimes.

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On Reminder: the Billfold Book Club Is Discussing Chapters 1-25 of 'North and South' Tomorrow

Eeek, I'm like... 23 chapters behind. But I have a rare free evening tonight, so that's helpful!

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"Maybe HBO's Jon Snow's mom!" <--- this is why you are one of my favorite humans. My coworkers are concerned about my laughing fit. I am SUPER STOKED about this. I've been assuming the last couple of years that they had some hush-hush exclusive contract with cable companies and have just been biding my time waiting for the service they're describing (and assuming the creation of HBO Go was an intermediate step). I'm glad it's happening - I'm willing to pay for the media I want to consume, but I'm not willing to pay for a huge cable package of other media I'm uninterested in just to get HBO shows.

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On Amazon vs Target, and How "Transparent" Changes Things

@Ester Bloom Use your Kindle exclusively to borrow library books, perhaps? At least that way it's all money Amazon already made (the Kindle sale to you and the sale to the library) instead of new cash in their pockets.

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On 2013 Median Household Income is 8 Percent Lower Than 2007 Income

@peacheater We're the same age and have a similar life trajectory (though I am not from India). I'm so relieved to have left science research with a Masters and gone for something more predictable, and to not have my self-worth caught up in whether my research is any good ever again. It's nice to do something I can objectively do well.

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On 2013 Median Household Income is 8 Percent Lower Than 2007 Income

In 1999, I was in high school, but my mother's financial situation was really starting to take off (in a good way). She'd finally made it in software engineering and also had finally hit the point where she'd really established her credit (she started from 0 when getting divorced in 1991 since all the credit had been in my dad's name) and so forth. She was 39 and hadn't actually started her career until she was in her late 20s, so this was a very nice progression. Things have been good for her financially since then; she's now comfortably into the six figures (probably not over $200k, but also she has a spouse now who makes a similar amount, so their household income provides everything they want and more, by her own description). In 2007, I was a grad student and late in the year I married another grad student. Our combined income was around $35k/year, and he also took out copious student loans each semester in part to help pay off credit card debt incurred in a previous relationship. Earlier that year, we "miraculously" qualified for a home loan to buy a fixer-upper house for $160,000, which we intended to sell for a profit in two years and move on. (Hahahaha. The month we bought was literally the top of the market in our town.) By 2013, I'd divorced the husband mentioned in 2007 and was getting ready to marry my second husband (second time's the charm, so far!). We were, however, still in the house I bought in 2007, which hit a low Zestimate value of $98,000 in late 2013. Our household income at the beginning of the year was about $75,000, and we felt very secure in that. Mid-year, he left his job to go back to school full time, we got married, and I got a higher-paying job and then a cost of living adjustment, which brought our household income (now all my job) to $62,000. So, still above the median in a pretty inexpensive area. His going back to school prompted me to budget more carefully and save more aggressively, and our savings rate actually increased (as total $ saved, not just percentage of income). I sometimes look forward to earning more when my dude graduates and hopefully gets a job in 2015/2016, but I also know we definitely don't NEED to earn more. If we did earn more, it would go into savings and/or long-term life investments like improving the house or moving to a new one. (It would be really OK with me to not live in a house I bought with my ex-husband using a subprime loan at 22 with no regard for whether it would make a good long-term home. At least it got refinanced and is solely in my name now.)

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On Buying Power

Beautiful, as always.

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