On Friday Estimate

Tonight: no idea. Maybe going to my friend's softball game? Haven't really made plans, which is dangerous. I might end up taking my dude out for dinner: $40. Tomorrow: Baking a cake and cleaning the house in the morning, then I've got a long day with two chorus concerts, 3 PM and 7 PM! They'll feed me in between. I'm looking forward to it - it's been a long season and I'm ready to show the world our music and then take a little break. :) Afterwards, food and/or sweet treats with friends: $40. Sunday: Finishing up frosting the cake and celebrating my dude's birthday! He is 31 on Sunday. We'll go to our dog's training class at 12:30 at the southern end of our neighborhood and walk back to host a low-key birthday party for him with games and cake and chips. We'll order pizza: $40. Total: $120.

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On The Cost of Becoming Interested in Fencing as an Adult

My partner was very into fencing when he was in high school and in college the first time. When he went back to school a few years ago, I asked why he didn't re-join the team, and he said it would just be too expensive. I can see why!

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On Would You Ever Tell a Friend That They Were Making Bad Financial Decisions?

If we were really close, I might ask them questions in a non-judgmental way about whether things were affordable, but I can't imagine straight-up telling people they were making bad financial decisions. We all have our things we're less responsible about and none of us really need reminding.

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On Monday Check-in

@amglory89 I only started having this life a couple years ago... it is doable to get there!

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On Monday Check-in

@ThatJenn Oh! I forgot the $20 check I wrote for a dog training session at the park! It was the reactive dog class, for dogs who have behavior problems on leash, and it was a great experience. Sure, our dog was yelping half the time and couldn't even approach the rest of the group, but (a) the instructor was great and very positive/reassuring, telling us that all these quiet polite dogs down at the rest of the class started out just like her, (b) she was definitely getting better by the end of the class and I expect more improvement as we go, and (c) it was the first time I really felt hopeful about this particular issue and was able to reframe it as "my dog has an anxiety issue that pre-dates me, and I'm trying to help her fix it" vs. just "my dog is being terrible and I'm a terrible owner because I can't control her." $20 well spent and we'll do it every Sunday until things are better.

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On Monday Check-in

I spent way more than I meant to this weekend but had a REALLY great time. Right now it feels worth it. Friday: $3.87 at the dollar store for temporary tattoos and a snack, then $21.90 at Publix for random groceries I needed. Saturday: $26.95 for entry fee and canoe rental at KP Hole on the Rainbow River; we rented canoes for 2 hours (https://instagram.com/p/1njG8JEzXo/), paddled up to the headspring (Rainbow River), where my dude baptized me in the (made-up) church of nature, floated back down with a stop for elevensies in a shady, turtle-filled area (https://instagram.com/p/1ntDHukzbC/), then back to the park where we applied celebratory neck temporary tattoos (https://instagram.com/p/1n4RnhkzWY/) and went swimming in the lovely, crystal-clear river. We stopped for a real lunch at a place we'd seen advertised on the water that was a restaurant, tiki bar, boat rental place, tackle shop, and motel (https://instagram.com/p/1oCCHIkzao/), which cost a whopping $57.73 due to much-enjoyed margaritas. Our friends drove us home and we spent the rest of the day relaxing with our puppy. It was the most fun, relaxing day I've had in a really long time. Sunday, we spent $45 cash on brunch with his mom at a nice outdoor cafe, then $20.07 on lunch with a friend, then $10.59 at the used sporting goods store for a fancy frisbee, then $38.25 for more groceries because somehow we always need more groceries. Total: $224.36.

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On Friday Estimate

@ThatJenn OMG I forgot that we have to go to... I don't know, Walmart or Spencer's or whatever for temporary tattoos. I just got a shipment of 16 temporary copies of a tattoo I *actually* want someday, so I can try out different placements etc., and I convinced my friends to all wear temporary neck tattoos on our canoe trip, but my dude needs something ridiculous to apply to his neck. I'm hoping for a unicorn on one side and barbed wire on the other but we'll just have to take what we can get. We're incredibly mature and classy people.

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On Friday Estimate

Also, I really want to have a wine and meatballs event now.

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On Friday Estimate

@CMD+click Yeah, I traded politicians who might someday believe in climate change or sane economic/health practices for year-round nature and sunshine... still TBD which would be better for my health in the long run.

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight, eating leftovers, walking the dog, and going to my friend's softball game. Yippee! $0! Tomorrow, driving to Rainbow Springs, renting a canoe for three hours ($24 plus $10 park entry fee), then eating lunch and coming home. We might spend $30 on lunch if we don't bring our own. In the evening, we're actually free for once! We might, like, hang out and act like a couple! Also, probably more grocery shopping because somehow I am always out of food to prepare: $75. Sunday, brunch out with M's mom ($50, she likes the expensive place), a dog training class ($20), and in the evening my last choir rehearsal of the season! Our concert is next weekend! Also, studying, because next week I have two midterm exams followed by two finals (it's gonna be a fun week). Total: $209. Let's try to keep it lower, though.

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