On From the Comments: Slow Cooker Innovation

@ATF seconding the rec for Budget Bytes, especially the vegan red lentil stew ( I am not vegan so I use chicken stock because that is what I have on hand). The recipe says to cook it on the stove but I throw all the ingredients in the crock pit and it works just as well and is easier.

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On Office Games

Ask anyone who works in a call centre: having all of your professional endeavours meticulously tracked and graded absolutely BLOWS.

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On Answers to Stopping Your Cat From Ruining Your Life

My trick for not getting a hell-cat was to get an already fully grown cat from Kijiji (like canadian craigslist) directly from the owner, and meet the cat first to make sure we got along. That way, the cat's personality was already known (not like a kitten where it seems cute at first but you can't tell if it will be crazy till it's grown) and also the last owner would know the cat went to a good home and be less sad about having to rehome their cat. And it worked! My cat Molly is an absolute sweetheart and has the right kind of temperment for me (laid back, snuggly) and her last family, who couldn't keep her because their baby turned out to be allergic, was really happy to know where she ended up.

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On Office Seating Arrangements

@annev17 Most of the departments at my job do this, with a few exceptions, and it works out pretty well. I used to hate it but I've grown to really like shared seating. You get to basically sit with whoever you want based on who's in on that particular shift. (and it makes it easy to avoid the one or two creepers in my department.) Also the desks are actually much cleaner because peoples' clutter isn't piling up. A couple years ago there was a bed-bug scare in the department beside us and we all had to move upstairs for a few days while they gassed the downstairs (or whatever it is they did). The desks upstairs are one of those exceptions with permanently-assigned seating and there was just clutter and mess EVERYWHERE. It was unreal, and super gross. I couldn't wait to get back downstairs to our blissfully clean and empty desks.

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On Here is Your Open Thread

@ArizonaTime congratulations! That is GREAT

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On What Kate Bingaman-Burt Buys

At first I thought this would be drawings of the stuff she actually bought with her credit card. This prompted me to draw the stuff from my most recent credit card statement, to remind myself of what I actually bought. Like, "You feel poor? Here are the things you bought, you are not poor, you just buy things and then forget them." edited: upon further inspection, it looks like she does draw the stuff she buys, not just the statements. and now I'm lost for the evening.

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On What You Get Paid When You Get Kicked Out of Your House Because Some Company Effed Up

@Allison and the accident happened in part because the company got a special waiver to run 1-man crews instead of the normal 2-man crews, which is the norm in Canada. (I have a buddy who works in the rail industry, he gave me the cliffs notes on what he knew) Corporations are REALLY crappy people. Like, you couldn't just have a second worker on all your trains who could make sure the brakes engaged like all the other rail companies?

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On Regrets

"The Steam sale on XCOM is insane, and I know I'll play it eventually once I'm done with the other games I just bought. It's ok, I got them all at least 25% off!" I said 3 weeks ago. Guess who hasn't even INSTALLED XCOM yet?

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On Open Thread

aaaaaah I just had the most stressful money week in recent memory! about 3 years ago my boyfriend-at-the-time and I opened a line of credit, jointly. (I KNOW, I know, never again) and couldn't split it up immediately upon our breakup. So we've been paying it down consistently, and it's been mostly an annoyance. Until last week, I check my online banking and my now-ex had withdrawn several thousand dollars from it, without warning. My current boyfriend (we're all coworkers) said, "yeah, it's for that trip he's taking to the Philippines, I heard it around work." (He has no family in the Philippines, btw, this seems pretty random.) So I ask him about it, and he admits, yes, he's taking a trip, but blows it off, like it's no big deal. Then says he's paying off the line of credit himself and I can just pay him directly for the rest of my share of it...... ok, I GUESS I can live with that, but that's pretty high-handed to do all this financial stuff on a joint account without so much as a by-your-leave. So today I check the online banking because now I'm watching it like a hawk, and it's been MAXED OUT, $25,000 owing. I text the Ex and he says, "Yeah, that's just part of what I'm doing closing the account. Don't worry about it. It'll be paid and closed in a couple of days." (He leaves the country in a couple of days, too.) ....... Ex boyfriend maxes out line of credit shortly before an overseas trip and is sparing with the details when pressed? Wouldn't any sensible person be hearing alarm bells at this point? Does this not sound like the backstory for a Lifetime movie character? So I made a few calls to the bank, and it turns out it was all legit, and I made sure that it got closed and my name is off of it. And I'm not super thrilled about having to pay him the money directly, I'm much more comfortable owing it to the bank and being able to see the balance go down with my own eyes. (yes, I'm keeping meticulous records and backing those records up to 3 different locations.) But this just made me just vow to never EVER again get anything joint with anyone if I have any other option. Left to my own devices I would never have got that credit line, I would never have used it the way I did, and I would long since been quits with my ex. It seems to have worked out OK, but I legit got lucky here. For a few hours I was seriously worried, and it could have turned out quite badly for me. Plus, now I have to deal directly with an Ex who is acting all butthurt about me not trusting him when he was (from my point of view) acting like a soap opera villain.

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On Open Thread

@CubeRootOfPi I'm on track if I save $200 a month, and in may ( a very good month thanks to 3 paycheques and my tax return) I saved 300 or 400 (I'm. Little embarrassed I can't remember exactly). This month and the next month or two will be bad so it will probably be more like $100 per month, if that. I feel pretty good that I'm saving at all. I'm paying down some debt at the same time so I try not to feel bad over not saving more.

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