On Why Won't Anyone Hire Me?

@Beverly - I sorta disagree with this advice because every job I've gotten I never had an in and I got it anyway. Good candidates can get jobs without ins. It may take longer though. One thing you could try: see how you could improve your applications and interviews in case there is something you could be doing better that is holding you back. Could your cover letters be better? Could you be trashing your current employer in interviews? Are you not seen as a culture fit? Once you get an interview, you should know that means they think you're qualified. Now they just want to like you in the interview. So maybe concentrate more on making a connection than assuring them you are qualified. Personally I try to tweak things for each opportunity and I feel like eventually I got really good at it. It also took me a year to find a job, from a job I hated, but it's a great job and it all worked out. You can do this!!

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On How Much Do You Spend on Transportation Each Month?

The entire past year I've biked or walked everywhere. This encouraged me to get a new bike ($250) as well as spend money on bike maintenance ($60). So, about $300 per year/$25 per month? I do also have a car, but I don't use it to get to work - moreso for weekend trips and grocery shopping - but let me say maybe $100 a month for that on average? So grand total, about $125 per month.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Groceries Every Week?

I'd say averaging about $100 a week for two people including wine/beer and almost never eating out. We pretty much only shop at Trader Joe's or it would be more. Some weeks are $80, some are $120, so $100 per weeks sounds about right. Last week I think we spent $140, but that was unusually high because we had some people over for a BBQ.

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On The Crazy Bag People Inside of Us

They're banned here in Santa Cruz, and if you want a paper bag, it's 10 cents. So I just always have a reusable bag in my purse. I don't really mind it. A lot of older people complain, but I think if they had done stuff like this when they were my age, global warming wouldn't have accelerated so much. So yeah..reusable bags!

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On The Next Generation of Job Seekers

I got my current job on linked in - the only place they advertised for it - and it's a great job!

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On I Want to Live Alone

I've always heard don't spend more than a third on housing, but most people who aren't making a lot spend way more than that. Because where I live is expensive, I was only able to get rid of roommates when I moved in with my (now) spouse. It's not cheaper, but it's more pleasant. I think it's totally worth it - just sounds like you might need to cut back in other places like cable and the gym. I got a roku which has Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime and have all the tv I could want with that combo which is pretty cheap. The gym in my opinion is kind of a waste, unless it's really cheap or something cause you can always exercise in other ways. Maybe you can cut back on groceries or something too, and then buy an Etsy mug every now and again.

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On The TIME Cover is Upsetting, But the Video, Oh God the Video


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On The TIME Cover is Upsetting, But the Video, Oh God the Video


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On Should Your Wedding Gift Cover Your Meal?

ugh, agree with the other commenters. this is so rude and tacky! if you can't afford to pay for the people you're inviting to your wedding, then have a smaller or cheaper wedding.

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On Come Hang Out With Us Today After Work

darn, i'm gonna be in NY next week, i wish it was then! happy birthday!

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