On Talking About Money, But Not Talking About Money

This is awesomely written.

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On Lies My Recruiter Asked Me to Tell

@NinetyNine i have no real addition to your comment, but i just wanted to say all points of this are spot on, ugly truths and all.

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On I'm Not Saying I'm a Gold Digger, But You've Got to Be Able to Buy Your Own Beer

Not to troll, but this is a really long, really elaborate, and really unmoving way to make a really obvious point. (Really.)If you're trying to be a writer: take more risks, get to your point quicker, and think about engaging language. Also I don't think I want to live in a world in which 'no scrubs' isn't a universally known pop culture given.

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On How Dealbreaker's Matt Levine Does Money

explain this fancy spreadsheet?

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On I Feel Bad About My Air Conditioner

@guenna77 yes. this. i have been barely surviving the heat and my long distance boyfriend just came for a week visit and it completely disrupted my already fragile temperature-scape. unfortunately no a/c backup and mosquito problems so bad all windows have to be closed. absolute hell. we somehow did not break up.

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On Odd Jobs I've Considered to Subsidize My Freelance Career

I have, to this day, not met one young female freelance writer in New York who has not been approached to or considered foot modelling, performing in foot fetish parties, or just straight up having their feet masturbated upon. What is this? Have others also been subject to an alarming number of anecdotes of this ilk? Is this bondage lite? Stripping lite? Fuel for short stories? What?!

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Expectations vs Reality

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On Living Off the Land of Freebies from PR People

Yeah speaking as an ex-editor who has written for several conde nast glossies (and therefore experienced a fair amount of PR attention) this feels needlessly dehumanizing, vicious, and unsympathetic. Perhaps more than anything it reminds me of entering this world when I was 21, seeing the same hierarchy, and behaving similarly. hopefully you'll grow out of it, guy.

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