On For-Profit Colleges Still Terrible

I used to work for Kaplan (don't worry I already hate myself) and what I REALLY hate is that they target a lot of students that are not college/workplace aware. For instance students who don't know people who have gone to college, who don't have family members who have gone to college etc. So they don't have anyone to guide them and keep them away from these predators. Anyhow anytime I see anything about for profit colleges I have a minor rage stroke because they are so evil but thank you Mike Dang for continue to cover this issue. It is appreciated.

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On Recent Concerts I've Attended And What They Cost (And Should Have Cost)

"Lindsay Weir's favorite band is Phish" - well played Lindsay Weir, well played.

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On How to Get Health Care While Uninsured

This was great, and I did a lot of these things as well when I had no health insurance and chronic migraines. Some things I might add, don't be to embarrassed or whatever to ask for free samples of drugs. I would straight up ask for samples and let the doctor know I was a cash patient. They would usually hook me up with samples the drug reps gave them. Also! If you have expensive meds and are in the US you can buy them online through Canadian pharmacies. It takes a little bit of planning and time but I saved a lot. For six doses of migraine meds in the US it would have cost over $300 but in Canada cost $86.

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On On Taking Time Off in the Middle of the Workday

Ohhhh man, it is stuff like this that is going to keep me at my current low pay/30 a week job forever. I work from home and can arrange my hours however I want. When you've tasted glorious freedom it is hard to contemplate going back.

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