On You Never Leave Houston

I would say a lot of this is true, or used to be anyway, about Austin. It's getting more expensive (and crowded) every day but if you've been here a while and gotten all your shit figured out it's ridiculously easy to live well and pretty damn hard to think about leaving. You guys definitely have us beat on the Vietnamese food, though.

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On Apt Observations About Trader Joe's

@Lily Rowan And also, what is pub cheese???

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On Talking About Race And Class Not Easy, But Not Impossible

Agreed. I wasn't too confused about it when my single mom was working three jobs to make ends meet. But this is still a great interview and I really enjoyed reading it and thinking about these issues.

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On How Heidi N. Moore Does Money

@Heidi N. Moore@twitter I think the cash-only rule works for lots of people, but personally it just does not work at all for me. Maybe it's because I am one of those few weird people left who actually balance their checkbook religiously, but for me, once that money is out of the bank, it's gone. I could spend it on anything at all without giving it a second thought. I'm much more careful about my spending if I actually use the card and write down the amount and do the math. Of course this only works if you're actually going to commit to doing that!

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