On The Cost of Winter Running

Thank you for reminding me that I need to get that Nathan vest! Doing 3/4 of my runs in the dark (<3 you, daytime Saturday run!) is depressing as hell as it is, but it would be way more depressing to get hit by a car. I have a cheapo LED belt, but the deeper we get into winter, the more I fear my fellow humans. The kicker is that we have a free gym in my building, but the treadmill makes me feel like I am not-so-slowly going insane. Ugh, winter.

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On In Defense of Small Cheap Cities

Does anyone have opinions on the coolest state capitals to live in? I live in the DC suburbs, because I'm a lobbyist, and that's kind of a geographically-specific industry. My spouse would loooooove to live anywhere else (well, anywhere as warm or warmer, and cheaper), and pretty much the only option for me if I leave is state lobbying. But nthing the person who said that a good reason to live in a big, or big-ish expensive city is the transit. Even living the 'burbs in DC, I am able to get by without a car, and I really appreciate that about my life.

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On Monday Check-in

@Allison Thanksgiving time off always feels like a tease. You have to go back so soon, and you know that Christmas/New Year's days off aren't that far away. I know those feels.

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On Whatever Happened to Overtime

I have never gotten overtime. My husband is non-exempt and I am exempt. The differences in our lives and the impact our jobs have on said lives is immense. He works his forty, he occasionally gets OT when something big happens and someone important decides they need more hands on deck to deal with it (or he gets offered the chance to pick up someone else's shift), he leaves his work at work. I work forty and then some, and then even more sometimes, and my work follows me home like a lost puppy. I'm sure my employer is following the law around classification; I also think the way the professional and administrative exemptions are currently defined and enforced is BS.

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On Hacks for the Worst Airports in America

@Mike. A For serious! I flew out of LAX instead of SNA when I was recently in the area to save money, and NEVER AGAIN. I have probably had a worse airport experience, but that was enough to put me off LAX forever. From the horrible traffic trying to get dropped off (at 4:00AM!), the the sad despair that filled the terminal, to the complete lack of coffee options, awful awful awful in every way.

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On On Safety Nets vs. Spending Now

@tw0lle Oof. Yeah, I've definitely prioritized travel over paying off student loan debt faster. But, as you pointed out, travel at 33 is different from travel at 23, and I'm afraid that if I put off my biggest travel dreams long enough, I might have kids and just...never get there. I'm willing to be penalized the extra year or two of interest to avoid that. And, I mean, for places like Venice or the Antarctic, I feel like time is a very real concern.

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On You Can't Afford To Be Fat At Work

@Duckles AND leaving aside the can of worms that is attempting to dress professionally in the process of gestating and recovering from gestating a person. Oy.

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On Morning Reminder: The Billfold Book Club is Discussing the Second Half of 'North and South' Next Thursday

I think the Mrs. Gaskell thing is a Victorian holdover. It's what you do if you're in with the Gaskell in crowd? Also: squee!

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On The Cost of Legally Changing Your Name

@bgprincipessa I think it is different now! I didn't even consider taking my husband's name when we got married, because I am a bitter, feminist, misandrist shrew (yay!), but the only moment of heartburn I had was over the possibility that it would cause issues with future hypothetical offspring. Fortunately, Mr. bowtiesarecool grew up in a family where NOBODY had the same last name, and people were much more confused by the fact that his (step)brother was only a month younger than him than anything to do with anyone's name. (He likes to tell people that he's an only child, and so is his brother.) And they traveled internationally and went to public school and nobody was traumatized or anything.

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On Kids Trick-or-Treating Across Class Lines Makes 1%er Feel Faint

Man, I grew up in the sticks, with forests and farms for neighbors. I would regularly spend Halloween getting dropped off with my friends by someone's mom in one of the downtown neighborhoods to trick or treat, because then there were actual houses within walking distance of each other. Similarly, now that I live in a restricted-access apartment building, I suspect the kids in my neighborhood will go to the nearby neighborhoods that have front doors accessible from the street. Is this not a thing that kids everywhere have always done, when possible? It's just like prioritizing the house that gives out quarters or Kennedy half-dollars, and avoiding the one that gives out toothbrushes.

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