On When Your Boss Monitors Your Bathroom Breaks

Good lord, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Forget the NLRB, there has to be an ADA issue here too. I mean, there are SO MANY reasons someone might need to visit the bathroom more than that, and taking disciplinary action against someone for any one of those seems like a super awesome way to get sued. Also, I'm pretty sure there's a white paper floating around somewhere out there about labor practices surrounding break availability and urinary health/infection, particularly in women. I'm 99% sure I actually saw that, and am not just making it up.

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On Which is Objectively Worse, Burger King or McDonalds, Sbarro or Pizza Hut?

MAOZ. Oh, when I went there for lunch one day it was a REVELATION. But other than that, I must have really dreadful taste, because I like a lot of the "worsts" - although, to be fair, I also like them for things they weren't scored on - Taco Bell is best for those horrible cheese-paste and Dorito-laden monstrosities at 2AM while drunk, McDonald's is good for greasy breakfast combos, and Subway - well, okay, Subway is really only good for providing a day's worth of food for $5. But at least you can pile it with vegetables!

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On Family Plan Shame

@forget it i quit I'm going to use that the next time I leave the immediate confines of the city and lose reception on my T-Mobile phone. I don't have lousy service, I have a SHAME SHIELD. Haters.

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On A Call To End Birthday Dinners

Ugh, I hate birthdays. I hate trying to plan parties, I hate going to other people's overpriced dinners, I hate the whole thing. The last few years, my birthdays have coincided with work conferences in vacation spots (a three-year streak of Las Vegas-Anaheim-Orlando!), so I think I've hit on a pretty good solution of being out of town, alone, doing whatever the heck I want and bankrolling it myself for my birthday. Well, and continuing to politely decline to attend everyone else's. I am seriously where fun goes to die.

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On Why We Are Moving To Canada This Week

@DebtOrAlive (say what you will about Kaiser–and you will–it’s like the Corolla of insurance: bland, slow, impersonal, but dammit it will get you there cheap, everytime) That is so amazingly true. Like, I got Kaiser for the first time and it is awful in every possible way, but it sure is cheap. I looked at their maternity benefit out of curiosity and was just baffled by how little it was out of pocket. I actively hate everyone I have ever interacted with in that despair-filled cinderblock warehouse of doom, but my logic is that if I'm sick or otherwise dealing with medical professionals, I'm miserable and terrified anyway, so I may as well pay less to be miserable and terrified.

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On Cars, Houses, And other Millennial Milestones

@garli Yep, I went in last day of the month, brought my homework, and set up camp in one of the fishbowl cubes for a long time. It's certainly not for everyone, but I was pleased with the outcome.

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On Cars, Houses, And other Millennial Milestones

@emmycantbemeeko My solution for that was to visit the local Carmax with my list of make/model options (I was in the market for the very best bottom-of-the-barrel compact car I could find), drive all the options, see which is the least chintzy, and then negotiate with the brand dealerships for that one. It was very efficient, and Carmax is such a low-pressure company that they didn't seem to expect or care whether I was actually going to buy a car from them after all the test drives.

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On How the Baby-Sitters Club Does Money: Mary Anne

I think this is my favorite one! I always had a soft spot for sweet, (justifiably) neurotic Mary Anne.

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On Are Land Lines Worth It?

@Trilby I suspect it has more to do with flexibility than anything else. You can keep the same cell phone number when you move without doing anything, even if you are moving from couch-crash to couch-crash. It offers portable internet access. You can get fairly inexpensive prepaid month-to-month plans, which are nice when you're not sure of your ability to consistently pay a monthly bill. The prepaid burners are pretty easy to pick up in a lot of corner stores, and don't require a credit card/bank account number, a mailing address, etc. The barrier to entry and irregular upkeep just seems lower.

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On Riding the Chinatown Bus, and Considering Its True Cost

@thisisatest Just be glad they no longer drop you off at K and North Cap at 3AM. RIGHT? There were few things I hated more than navigating between that sad, scary Greyhound station and my home in the Virginia 'burbs in the wee hours of the morning. The new bus depot in the parking garage is leaps and bounds better in terms of not feeling like I might get mugged.

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