On The Only Thing You Need to Read on National Coffee Day Is This 'History of the Latte Factor' by Helaine Olen

@JNC Musings Factory The answer is clear: leave the baby, take the latte.

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On Coffee vs Diet Coke vs a Pure, Uncaffeinated Life

@bgprincipessa I'm pretty sure self-medication by caffeine is a thing. I know I do it! My life improved SUBSTANTIALLY when I started having a cup of coffee in the morning before I left for work.

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On Cooking: Secretly The Worst?

@dc10 Solidarity! My theory is that if you can survive on basically just potatoes forever, peanut butter and macerated fruit can't be much worse. And sometimes I go full hippie and get, like, the all-natural versions!

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On Cooking: Secretly The Worst?

@EA_Mann I do that so we can bring lunch to work, about every two weeks. Slow cooker, no/minimal chopping of things, scoop the resulting stuff into small tupperwares, there's lunch for two weeks. There's probably better ways to do it than I do - I only cared to work out about five recipes, we rotate them, and call it bachelor chow. My favorite involves chicken meat, cream of chicken soup, salsa, and copious amounts of extremely cheap cheese. My coworkers are revolted; I think it would make an excellent dip but eat it with a spoon because it's pretty tasty.

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On Cooking: Secretly The Worst?

@nell Some of us...really do hate cooking that much, though. Like, it is not unusual for dinner for me to be cheese on crackers and crudite. Or alternating spoonfuls of peanut butter and no-sugar-added preserves from the jar. If I'm chopping, stirring, boiling, or doing basically anything beyond taking a pre-portioned leftover and nuking it and eating it out of the container, I hate it. And other people are unappreciative gits and will never respond in a way that makes the tedium worth it, so I don't cook for 'em. Cooking is TOTALLY the worst. I want to live in a world that either does not require sustenance or has replicators.

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On Mass Transit is Amazing For Everyone (Else)

@ThatJenn That's so crazy! I am also on a citizen commission in my county (though not one covering transportation) and recently got rid of my car. Getting to commission meetings after work without a car has been a HUGE eye-opener of a hassle, and we live in a county with a pretty comprehensive transportation system, relatively speaking. I actually had to leave a local task force on fair housing because the meeting venue was inaccessible by transit. And just...like...this is why we don't have a diversity of representation in local government! Well, that and a LOT of other reasons.

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On Why Can't Every Doctor Take Every Insurance?

@cryptolect I've never either. They're basically interchangeable for that ten-minute visit, just like I am Patient No. 27 on Thursday, or whatever. I thought it was hilarious when I went for my checkup at Kaiser and was pressured by the PCPC to get my primary care from an OBGYN instead, "because I want to build a relationship before I have a baby." I mean, that sounds nice, but leaving aside the fact that I'm not anywhere near pregnant, isn't the person who pries the baby out in a group practice generally up to a roll of the dice anyway? I'm just here to get my blood pressure noted and my allergy meds renewed. It's all so stupid. I'm glad I'm healthy enough to get by largely avoiding the doctor.

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On "When Leon dies, Bard will perhaps die as well"

@TreeTownGirl Yep, I have the same policy. I will not pay you twice simultaneously, college. Go away. AND I went to the same university for undergraduate and graduate coursework, separated by a few years, so I had the trippy experience in 2013 of paying tuition, getting nagged by the alumni association while being a current student, AND starting repayment on student loans, ALL IN THE SAME SEMESTER. It left a very bad taste in my mouth and I don't intend to give to the alumni association for quite some time, certainly not before I've finished paying my loans.

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On How Do You Do Groceries?

I always feel like I spend too much money on groceries, but I think that's because I don't like cooking, don't especially enjoy eating nice things, and resent spending money on food in general. I live with my husband, and we basically eat the same stuff all the time. We have maybe...five? ish? recipes that we do. I cook a big batch of one thing on the weekend, and that's lunch all week. Dinner is cheese on crackers and raw vegetables, or if I'm feeling fancy, scrambled eggs and bacon. Breakfast for me is coffee, cereal for my husband. And we always have protein bars and a package of Tasty Bite on hand for laziness emergencies. So, I buy the same stuff every time, depending on what we're out of: cheap bottom-of-the-barrel chicken breast or ground beef, cheese, sometimes something to put said cheese on, crudite vegetables, hummus to go with the vegetables, coffee, bacon, eggs, cereal, milk, protein bars, some kind of Tasty Bite lentil/chickpea thing. Sometimes an avocado. Plus whatever odd condiment/cooking oil/cleaning supply we're out of. Every time. Unless I'm at Wegmans, and then I also get something from the prepared foods section as a treat. We spend about $50 a week for two people, although I've noticed that creeps up a bit when the farmer's market in our neighborhood is open. Damn sexy produce.

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On Wages For Housework!

@EM Fer serious. Also, my beloved childhood babysitter was called "Grandma" by all the kids who went to her home daycare. As far as I can tell, none of us were traumatized by the experience of watching our parents cut her a check each month. If we thought anything about it at all, it was just another line on the long list of vaguely mysterious jobs that grownups did.

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