On Thirtysomethings Just As Delusional as Twentysomethings

@erinep Yep, that was incredible, Meaghan, now I need to sit down in a dark closet and possibly drink heavily and never come out. *shudder* I have no idea how I will ever survive producing children. Why did the 1950s sedative thing go out of fashion?

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On On Reading Insecurity, E+L=M, and a Billfold Book Club Update

At least once a week I corner somebody and explain to them that if childhood me could have known that as an adult I would have a book-sized device that could hold effectively unlimited books, many/most of them available for free, that I could find out about a book and have it in my hands immediately, and that I could instantly get library books as fast as I could read them from the library, without ever having to get in the car or pay a late fee again, I would have expired from joy. I LOVE living in the future. I love the smell of books as much as anyone else, but e-books have made a real and valuable difference in my quality of life.

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On The Next Billfold Book Club Book is 'North and South'

@Literary Sara After I got started on Gaskell, I was baffled that I had never been introduced to her work before. I spent years plowing through and obsessing over Austen and Bronte and really missed out on some gems there! And I think it's fascinating that because she never finished Wives and Daughters, the BBC writers basically had a green field for the ending of the miniseries adaptation. That has to be an amazing opportunity.

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On The Next Billfold Book Club Book is 'North and South'

YAY now I will have friends who have also read North & South! It has taken over my brain since I watched (and then read) it this summer. I can finally have a conversation about it with someone! SO GOOD. I binge-read, so breaking things into chunks for discussion is actually harder for me, but I appreciate that's not the majority approach. Either way, I'm excited!

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On Would You Rather Lobby for Russia or Be Sexually Harassed for American Apparel?

is lobbying even a real job OH COME ON NOW, guys. We're not all Darth Effing Vader. I get paid peanuts and work really long hours to get crapped all over. On the other hand, I really enjoyed the American Apparel piece, in that it reflects every retail or customer service job I've ever had. Ugh.

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On Help Choose the Next Installment of the Billfold Book (or Maybe Miniseries) Club

@HelloTheFuture It's positively SMOLDERING. Watch it even if nobody else does. Richard Armitage does one heck of a tortured, self-righteous glower. I had sort of assumed that the union/social welfare stuff in the miniseries adaptation was 21st century editorializing, but the miniseries is impressively faithful to the book. I tore through it in a day or two and was just amazed. It's a fascinating snapshot of a time and place.

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On Help Choose the Next Installment of the Billfold Book (or Maybe Miniseries) Club

I doubt anyone else would go for this, but I just watched (and then read) North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell, and it was a FASCINATING treatment of class and money. The drama of industrializing Britain, clashes between the working and "intellectual" classes, social climbing, love from the wrong side of the tracks, snobbery, and unions. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?

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On Choosing to Skip College

@beastlyburden Going to college was a given for me, although I wish I'd deferred a year or two--I had so much growing up to do and absolutely no idea about what I should study or what I wanted to do afterwards. You know, I feel the same way, and pretty much all of the males in my generation in my extended family have at least one failed attempt at higher education because of that. I think deferred admission of one or two years, with the understanding that you use that year to work and learn about adult life and finances/travel/volunteer/do something else productive, would be really helpful for people who could benefit from college, but are maybe a little immature or directionless immediately upon graduation from high school. I think that would save people a lot of major-related waffling, flunked classes, and general culture shock. I wish this were a more common thing, although it never would have flown in my family.

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On Meet The World's First Bookless Library

@erinep Same here. I love my local library system, but I once managed to rack up an astonishing amount of library fees in college WHILE EMPLOYED IN SAID LIBRARY. I am the worst at returning books. Being able to check out ebooks, get them as soon as they are available on my Kindle, and not worry about returning them late, has dramatically increased my use of the library. I've read so much more for pleasure this summer than I have in a long time, and that's only partly because I'm no longer in grad school.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Sybill Trelawney

@Samantha Or even Teddy Lupin, and how his parents set up their wills and trust, knowing full well that they had not-great odds of making it out of the war alive. D'you think they could have gotten life insurance in those circumstances?

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