On Meet The World's First Bookless Library

@erinep Same here. I love my local library system, but I once managed to rack up an astonishing amount of library fees in college WHILE EMPLOYED IN SAID LIBRARY. I am the worst at returning books. Being able to check out ebooks, get them as soon as they are available on my Kindle, and not worry about returning them late, has dramatically increased my use of the library. I've read so much more for pleasure this summer than I have in a long time, and that's only partly because I'm no longer in grad school.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Sybill Trelawney

@Samantha Or even Teddy Lupin, and how his parents set up their wills and trust, knowing full well that they had not-great odds of making it out of the war alive. D'you think they could have gotten life insurance in those circumstances?

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On GOOD ENOUGH Homes & Destinations: What You Get For $490,000

Oh, I used to work a few blocks away from the NYTimes one! A GAZEBO with a FIREPLACE? I used to think it (and the many other schmancy historic houses in the area) was nice from the outside, but Jeebus. Related: I will be renting forever, until the rental market prices me out too, and then I will be living under a bridge.

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On The Difficult Task of Putting a Price on Our Pet’s Health

Oof. It escalates so quickly with pets. I somehow managed to get in a pickle with my guinea pig, and thousands of dollars of vet bills later found myself staring at this little smelly, furry potato that I had gotten for $35 and wondering where I went wrong. It is so hard to draw the line in the sand and say, this is the point at which my love for you does not outweigh my desire to pay other bills.

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On On Job Hunting While Married

@Worgchef Ayyyyyup. I also wish the article had mentioned that. It's so illegal, but so common. Orrrr people will a)dig/hint at the information in a horrible roundabout fashion, OR they'll be like my asshole family member and just blanket refuse to hire young women because they'll just pop out babies and become useless, anyway. The last time I job searched, I took off my wedding/engagement ring for interviews and did my level best to avoid the subject of any personal/outside life at all. I even had to reschedule an interview that was supposed to happen during my honeymoon, and had to do a little dance around avoiding explaining why I'd be out of town and away from all phones for a week. My husband, on the other hand, has gotten explicit props for being a steady married man when on the job market. If I made better money, he'd be a part-time/SAHD if and when we had kids. I'm the one with the rampant ambition. It's such utter bullshit.

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On Happy To Help, Annoyed I Have To

@bgprincipessa I think it's done less for coverage reasons and more for balance sheet reasons. Like, companies have a certain amount of hours that go unworked but that they still pay for (leave) on their list of liabilities for the year, and obviously they want to keep people in the office working as much as possible, so leave donation allows companies to control the leave liability and keep the leave-givers working (assuming nothing happens to them, too). At least, I think that's why it works that way. I know that's at least why they cap leave carryover from year to year.

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On A Male CEO Leans Out

Man, hats off to this guy. I've seen so many female colleagues get mommytracked or run themselves completely ragged, doing their damndest to Lean In. The only way we'll ever see a change in the default options is when the people at the very top of the pyramid - like this guy - make a point. And yes, the number of professional jobs that don't have some sort of part-time option is ridiculous. Especially considering that basically anything can be contracted out. If you can structure work such that it can be contracted on an hourly basis to someone outside the company, you can damn well structure it so that it can be done in a given number of hours by someone inside the company, who has institutional memory and relationships. I am sick to death of this idea that to be successful, we must never sleep, get sick, have families, or need recreation, and that the only alternative is to "opt out" entirely into family life.

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On Please Leave Work Early

Sigh. (Says the person who will go leave tonight...eventually, but definitely not in time for, say, happy hour or dinner or the outdoor movie in the park. And probably not in time for the last commuter bus. At least I'm saving money...?) /Debbie Downer, I know.

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On Job of the Day: Pharmacist

@rhinoceranita Yeah, I used to work with a lot of pharmacists as well, and I never met a happy retail pharmacist. Most of the pharmacists I knew who were pleased with their work were in consulting. I think the work level there could also be pretty brutal, but the hours were more flexible and there tended to at least be the opportunity to sit down or go to the bathroom occasionally. Also, less chance of getting held up at gunpoint(!).

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On The Massage Conundrum: WWYD?

@aetataureate I would love that! Especially now that there are a ZILLION companies doing it, and after getting a few impulse-deals that never panned out, I think they're generally a pretty bad buy. I would love to a) learn more about them, and b) find out what other people think.

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