On Generic Products I'll Never Waste Money on Again

@bowtiesarecool safeway and wegmans are both special cases, imo-- i have never enjoyed such quality in-house brands anywhere else. safeway-brand ice cream is the fucking best.

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On WWYD: What We Did

@lizard i mean, again, that's a question of legality rather than morality? it's indisputably illegal to steal things, idk about whether you'd get sent to jail in this particular hypothetical instance. whether or not it's moral is genuinely subjective, although we, collectively, as citizens of humanity, generally subscribe to societal mores that align us all along the same axis of morality, by which, no, it's not okay to steal just one of a rich dude's three tvs.

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On A Brief Encounter with Suze Orman, Queen of Financial Media

i love this story!?

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