On Susie Cagle on Eight Years of Freelancing

@OllyOlly I don't know anyone who freelances to willingly eschew a full-time job. Most full-time freelance journalists I know would much prefer full-time positions and freelance because they've been laid off and are trying to ensure they don't do nothing/maintain a revenue stream while looking for full-time positions. Personally, I freelance so in the event that, should I lose my job (which is not in journalism, now!—oh, I also like having extra income, because I work for a nonprofit and that ish don't pay), I will have something to do, some way to make money, and contacts to help me find more work. I would never, ever want to be a full-time freelancer, but I want to ensure I have a safety net. I know a few other non-journalist freelancers who balance their freelance contracts with steady part-time work and are generally seeking to become full-time wherever they're working part-time. TL;DR I think the willful freelancer is fewer and farther between than you may think.

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On Friday Estimate

No idea what tonight will bring. Either watching Buffy episodes with a friend who’s been driving me everywhere lately, so I’ll buy him dinner ($30 for both of us), or watching Buffy episodes with myself while trying to do some work. Tomorrow: brunch with parents ($0). I will likely go out Saturday night? Probably like $20 for whatever I do. Sunday: Eh, yoga class or core class (I have unlimited monthly passes to both, so I’ve stopped counting those individually, though yoga works out to, like $5/class and core is about $15/class), maybe some Olympics-watching that evening with some friends. I will bring snacks ($15?). Gonna be in San Francisco visiting my boyfriend for a long-ass time starting next weekend, so things will get expensive then. Which, by the way, if anyone knows of any jobs in San Francisco...

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: friends' show ($8); Saturday: beer at friends' going-away party ($10 w/tip); Sunday: groceries ($60), Super Bowl snaxxx ($8, and I brought beer I had in my fridge) Total: $86. Cheap weekend! I am thankful for the friend who cooked dinner at Saturday as a thank-you for me hosting him, and another friend who bought me a beer at the going-away party.

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On Friday Estimate

I worked from home today and ate leftover soup. I will need to eat before I go out, and I don't think I have anything at home (~$15, somewhere). Friends' show tonight and I think he guestlisted me, but otherwise it'll be like $10. I will eat at home tomorrow during the day unless presented with the opportunity to go out. A friend visiting town is staying with me, but we both have work to do. We are going to make dinner, but he's buying ingredients. We have another friend's going-away party, and I've got a birthday party. I will maybe spend a lot of money on beers, or maybe not, depending on how much I want to drink ($40?). Sunday I will buy a bunch of snaxxx and eat them on my friend's couch while watching the Super Bowl and working, probably ($25). So $80 total?

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On Friday Estimate

I am working from home today, but will likely go to my usual after-work yoga class ($59/month unlimited). I am DJing at Black Cat tonight (creepy Billfolders who like Dischord and Teen Beat, stop by!—we got Chris Wilson from Ted Leo and the Pharmacists guesting with us), so I'll drink for free, though it'll be a long night so I should try to take it easy. Maybe we will eat before we start drinking ($15)? The rest of my weekend plans are up in the air. On Saturday, I expect to be at least marginally hungover and get brunch with my dudes post-what will surely be a successful DJ night ($25, probably). I might try to go to a yoga class ($59/month unlimited) and will probably have to do some degree of schoolwork, which requires me to go to my office to use ArcGIS. This sucks but will keep me from spending money, though I may buy dinner out or stuff to make it ($12-25). There's a house party this evening which, $0. On Sunday, after a yoga class (aspirational; $59/month unlimited) I'm having some classmates over to knock out our homework; I may buy some snacks and booze ($25) OR I will hope everyone is generous and bestows snacks and booze upon me for hosting. Hopefully, this will fill me up; if not, I'll probably eat something around the house for dinner. I have a Skype interview on Monday, so I'll spend Sunday evening preparing for that/refreshing the Internet. So, like, max $100?

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On Friday Estimate

I've never commented on a Friday estimate, but I think I'd like to, in 2014. Friday: I'll make a PB&J for lunch at work and go to a yoga class after ($59/month for an unlimited pass, nonprofit discount; I go 4x a week). My evening plans aren't firm yet, but I may or may not go to my regular bar for dinner and a beer or two (~$25) before Black Cat's punk karaoke ($8), where I may or may not buy a few drinks if I feel like drinking (~$15). Saturday: OpenPlans' Transportation Camp! I registered nearly a year ago for the student price ($0), and I'll ride my bike to GMU ($0); lunch is provided ($0). The happy hour afterward, at Spider Kelly's, is always very fun. I need to network, so I'll be there, but the crush around the bar may prevent me from buying drinks. If I do, I'll probably stick to one beer (~$8), because my transit-y friends have planned dinner afterward (~$25). I expect to bike home ($0) and not go out. Sunday: Who knows! I will either be working from my couch on freelance assignments, homework, and work-work ($0, unless I decide to go to the corner store to buy stuff to make breakfast instead of scrounging, which will be about $10), or riding a century with friends since it's supposed to be 50 degrees and sunny (~$20 for lunch and snacks, depending on where we stop, but I don't know what route we'll ride). This evening, I'm headed to a friend's house for his birthday dinner and a movie. We're ordering Indian food so, unless I eat first, that'll be about $20. Total: My weekend spending could range from to $53 to $131, depending on if I drink or ride my bike a long distance.

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On Everything You Wanted to Know About Biking, Part II

@marklosangeles Hi, sorry you feel this way! We've heard that the level of detail we provide is helpful (so that people don't have to ask question after question to figure out exactly what we're talking about). Sure, some parts are referred to by numbers---but this is the kind of thing that helped me learn more about bikes when I was getting started, and made me confident enough to talk about bikes in a public forum. I don't know where you live or what your commute would look like, but I can promise you that you're not the only heavy sweater in the world. A few of them commute by bike! But, like, if you don't want to, then don't.

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On Everything You Wanted to Know About Biking, Part II

@LookUponMyWorks Test-ride a bunch of new bikes at a friendly bike shop, figure out what you like size- and style-wise (maybe you like flat bars instead of drops!), then do your best to find something similar on Craigslist.

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On Everything You Wanted to Know About Biking, Part II

@CubeRootOfPi Hi! Congratulations on getting on a bike. Actually wanting to ride for transportation is the first step. 1. I own my own floor pump. It makes my life easier. 1a. I have a "repair kit" that I generally carry with me, but it's cobbled together of stuff I know I want to use. You probably don't want to buy everything separately, in which case I think this is a pretty good place to start. You can upgrade as you see fit: http://www.bikesdirect.com/products/parts/assembly_kit.htm 2. Get to know your route when it's quiet---early on weekends, or during the day. If you're completely confident navigating, that will help. I don't know what city you live in, but your local bike-advocacy organization may offer something similar to my org's "city cycling" classes, which help people become more confident in traffic by actually taking them out in traffic. See if you can find a buddy to ride with. I can't tell you to take the lane enough. Get in the middle of the lane so that cars can't come within five feet of you on your side. If you're able to route around the non-quiet streets, it's worth doing so; once you're more confident with riding in traffic, you can take busier routes.

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On Everything You Wanted to Know About Biking, Part II

@notpollyanna Yay! Go you! Not helpful in the prescription-sunglasses category, but my preferred cheap sunglasses are Knockarounds.

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