On The Most Vain Thing I Have Ever Done Cost Me $96 And I Regret Nothing

@soogee yup, i'm on your end of that spectrum. my money gets spent on waxing, thanks to dark, fast-growing leg hair

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On The Difficult Task of Putting a Price on Our Pet’s Health

my parents wouldn't let us have pets for a long while. finally around middle school when my friend's gerbil had babies, i was allowed to adopt one of them. being a pretty solitary introvert, i spent more time with the gerbil than anyone human. one night while they were out she crawled into the gears of a recliner and got cut on her head, badly enough that her tiny eye swelled shut. i called my parents at their friends house, bawling, afraid my best friend was going to die. they came home right away and took her straight to the emergency vet. she came back with a single stitch in the top of her head. she was so small, that's all that would fit. it didn't dawn on me until i was older that they must have spent a fair chunk of money on emergency stitches for a rodent, just to make me happy. they told me later she'd bitten the vet hard. but my parents never mentioned the cost.

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On WWYD: Should I Be Upset Because a New Hire is Getting Paid the Same Salary as Me?

also this: "It makes sense to be angry about inequality, about the fact that women are still being paid less for doing the same work that men do, about how women are constantly being told to lean in but are then penalized for doing so. But is this what you’re really angry about?" --- if it were me, yeah. that IS exactly what i would be angry about, and i would be right to be. it's total bullshit, and that was a really dismissive comment- acknowledging the disparity exists and then questioning the validity of her being upset about it. why shouldn't she be angry that someone who will supposedly report to her, with no experience, is apparently considered equally valuable to the company?

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On WWYD: Should I Be Upset Because a New Hire is Getting Paid the Same Salary as Me?

@apples and oranges i agree with you guys. that's toxic. and if that's what the letter writer can expect going forward, then it takes away any feelings of security that the raise might have previously given her. i mean, what's next - he's gets the next promotion instead of her?

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On A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

i second all the calls for taking the promotion, if what you really want to do is be in the foreign service. you don't need grad school for that. i'm good friends with two ladies who got in directly after undergrad, and i know a lot of other people in it, many of whom don't have a grad degree. the test series is brutal but it wasn't about their education. it was about problem solving, working with others, leadership, curiosity, perseverance. Also, if you get past the tests, you have to get a security clearance. this process took 9 months for my one friend, and it's up to you to support yourself during that time. you aren't "hired" until you're cleared.

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On The End of Neighborliness

i think part of it depends on whether you rent or own. you're more likely to get to know your neighbors when you own your place if only because you all share a financial interest in the neighborhood. we're pretty friendly with the 3 other couples that live in my building, and we've become very friendly with other people on the block. i would say i know at least a few dozen people by sight, even if we don't hang out. the building next door has a bunch of kids that play outside and do chalk drawings on the sidewalk. they also love to play on my patio - it's got a gate and some low hedges which are at about head-height for a toddler, making it seem like a fort. the noise used to annoy me, but i've kind of grown used to it and the kids are pretty cute. i want them to remember the nice neighbor with the gate and the patio and the rosebush when they grow up.

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On Plus-Size Shops Vs Plus-Size Shoppers

@NoName that sounds like a marketing problem, not a market problem.

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On Why We Should Talk About Money at Work

i would love to do this in theory. but my fear is other people being shitty about their salary and that translating into a shitty work environment. people at my office wouldn't be mad at their boss - they'd be mad at the co-worker who makes more. and they aren't the type of people to look for a new job if they are unhappy. they're company lifers who would rather be passive aggressive and sabotage someone else's job than leave.

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On The Catalogs Keep Coming

eh. i mean, they are effective. you may not like them, but they are effective enough in driving sales with portions of the market that they are more than worth the cost. yes, resources are 'wasted' but that is marketing. you have to hit a wide swath in order to get 5% of the audience. it's not just catalogs. i'm sure there are plenty of other things i think are useful/worthwhile that other people think are a waste because it doesn't appeal to them personally and vice versa. plus, the marketers are right. people DO buy more when seeing it all laid out, in context, in a catalog rather than online as individual pieces out of context. even people who don't think they are influenced by catalogs are. the data bears it out.

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On Crazy Interviews and What They Cost

internships were a part of my study abroad, so the coordinators set up interviews for us that took place the first week we arrived. most people did speak English, and i was good enough at one of the native languages to get around, but i was still in a new city with only the vaguest idea of the public transportation, going from place to place in a suit. one of my interviews was with a large multinational american company who had an office there, but it was located well outside the downtown in a more industrial/corporate park type area with minimal access by bus. it took me more than an hour and a half to get there via 3 bus lines, and i still had to walk a good 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile after getting off along a road with no sidewalk. and did i mention it was raining? i walked in late and bedraggled, and it just went downhill from there.

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