On Getting the Paper

nah. i wouldn't want to encourage the washington post by giving them money. maybe if they fired all the political columnists and used that money to hire reporters, i'd be more inclined

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On The Cost of Insomnia

i wake up a lot too. aside from the suggestions above, the number one thing i can say is - don't look at the clock. resist the urge. it makes your mind wake up more, becuase you're moving, looking, interpreting what you are seeing. and also, counting. seriously. not necessarily "sheep" but counting is rhythmic and keeps you from thinking the other active things like your task list which is definitely counterproductive. i like to count backward from 100 or 500 to start with, in time with my breathing.

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On Eating Bugs (Bunny)

@Julie the T you're basically just saying 'don't eat meat'.

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On "Shortsighted, Cheap, and Unethical: Cash Only."

i don't respect any of their rage. it's pretty whiny to complain about the cash-only businesses, especially in an 'across the board' way. it's nice when places do, if that's what you want to pay with, but complaining about having to get cash out is bullshit. cry me a goddamn river - the HORROR! if you want to patronize the place, get the cash. if not, then don't! the whole 'the business doesn't care about me, only my money' thing? total crap. as if a big business that takes credit cards cares about you? or the credit card companies themselves? they are certainly not our friends. why would you take a stand with them and their fees, and against a local small business? that makes no sense. and to insinuate that it's about "morality" is even more bullshit. my local deli is cash only. the whole family works there - father, mother, two college age kids. i KNOW they care about me. i see them every week, they know me, they ask about my fiance when he's sick, they throw in an extra OJ for him. that's a business that cares about customers. and it has nothing to do with their payment policy.

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On Do You Venmo?

i'm over 30, but i feel like i don't relate simply because i don't pay my friends for things that often. we all buy our own tickets or split the check or do our own tabs at the bar. or maybe it's a stage of life thing? i don't split rent or utilities. and i don't care about people paying me back for a drink. i will just pick up a round or a check, and the other person will do that for me at some point.and for anyone who mooches, i just stop covering them. it all evens out. for example, my boss and i will buy coffee for eachother if we're going to the place. no money exchanged for this. sometimes she goes, sometimes i do. as for the feed though, i hate facebook and most of the updates anyway. so i find it annoying/horrifying, but i'm going to bet some of my other over-sharing friends would enjoy it despite being over 30. and they'd use it just like these people - inside jokes and mundane bragging.

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On "Behind Every Jane Jacobs Comes Giuliani with his Nightstick."

@polka dots vs stripes - you can't separate raising the value of anything and displacing people. when change happens, there will ALWAYS be someone who is displaced. that's the crux of what makes it complicated. how do you change anything without assigning a value judgement to what's OK to change and what's not? i mean, what are you going to do - go through and say "it's ok to close this business because it doesn't have any historical significance, but this other one gets to stay because it does"? and who gets that say? what happens when everyone's judgement and values are different and they all have different ideas of what is worthy or not?

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On "Behind Every Jane Jacobs Comes Giuliani with his Nightstick."

i can't even. i live in DC, been here for more than 10 years, living in all parts of the city. He certainly doesn't speak for me and my experiences. he can 'scorn' the word complicated all he wants but his scorn doesn't change that actual fact of it.

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On Fall Haul

@notnefkat american apparel? really? i wouldn't call them "better" or more worthy of supporting than any other company, considering the prepubescent ads and sexual harassment culture. maybe you need try (harder) to broaden your definition of 'thinking about where your clothing comes from'.

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On Job of the Day: Barista For The CIA Starbucks

or the CIA could just buy coffee for them. oops, wait, that would be unfair to all the other govt employees, and we can't buy coffee for everyone. so instead we spend taxpayer dollars doing background checks on baristas.

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On How People Do Money: The High Holidays

we were just talking about this at my office. honestly, i'm surprised we catholics haven't institute similar procedures for Easter.

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