On "When Leon dies, Bard will perhaps die as well"

my uncle was a holy cross grad, and loved it completely, had lifelong friendships with people he met there. wanted me to go there. he and his friends were well enough off, though not necessarily rich people, but i guarantee they have all donated money. so yeah. it seems like it's about the community while you're there and also whether that community lives on. but i think there's also some truth to the idea that high tuition leads to lower giving down the road. i mean, how can you give your school MORE money when you're still paying down debt from the original education? my uncle and his friends also went to college during a time when tuition was like $3K.

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On How Do You Do Groceries?

@coastalelite yep, that's how i generally think about it (with the 'what do i have/what do i need' lists), but i do have some staples i try to keep in stock like brown rice, eggs, ground turkey. things that go in a lot of things. and yogurt. lots of store-brand yogurt. :)

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On How Do You Do Groceries?

CSA and the corner store for produce, and peapod for everything else. i actually find i save more money with online-to-be-delivered grocery shopping. i know how much it all costs before getting in the "check-out line" and can edit away the random stuff that i don't really need. there are certain staples that i look for on sale, and then i usually buy exclusively from the on-sale-this-week sections for anything else- for example, usually one of the various types of crackers i like is on sale. so that's the one i buy.

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On Tipping Housekeeping is Controversial? (No It Isn't)

people are upset because it comes off like Marriott is trying to shame their customers into doing something they aren't willing to do themselves.

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On Aspiring To Be An Effortlessly Cool Woman With a $20 Flip Phone

you could just have a smartphone and not do those things if you don't want to. i have a smartphone so i can access information on the go. not so that other people can access me.

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On Chatting About Work Trips and Expense Guilt

i am a brown bagger who walks to work and flinches every time her fiance says "but we can afford it!" because "THAT'S NOT THE POINT!". i will walk home in the pouring rain with a broken umbrella. but i never feel bad for taking cabs, buying airport food and expensing things on work travel. at a minimum, i consider it just compensation for the fact that i'm generally working extra-long days when traveling. it's not excess- it's compensation. think of it like healthcare and matching and other benefits. you wouldn't hesitate to take advantage of a 401K matching program, would you?

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On Every Job I’ve Had: Indoor Bouncy House, Defense Contractor, Traveling Nerd

@kbn22 exactly what i was going to ask... i mean, what the boss was doing- that's actually illegal, isn't it?

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On The Ultimate Hummus Showdown

mine is like the cheapskate, but i usually put more lemon, salt and seasoning in. i use dried if i have time, but canned if not. but i really like to just keep going until i have a taste i like. sometimes i put tomato juice in (like reserved from a can of tomatoes, not the kind you'd drink) to up the acid without overpowering it with lemon

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On Two More Reasons to Feel Awkward About Using Uber

i don't feel uncomfortable. the dc cab commission was already corrupt and there was a already small group of individuals with a virtual monopoly over the drivers - it was mostly hidden from the public view because they're private business owners. and they STILL discriminate all the time in who they'll pick up and where they'll take you, even though both are illegal. basically, anything uber is doing or failing at, the cabs in dc were already doing or failing and more.

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On Are Family Dinners Anti-Feminist?

my family did the all-around-the-table thing as much as we could. my mom would do most of the cooking, but she had no problem with short-cuts and partly-prepared foods. my dad usually only did things involving grilling, but he was usually working right until dinner time and worked more after. (plus, he is an awful cook on the stove- even when he does cook, no one wants to eat what he produces, other than steaks). my brother and i helped a bit with the cooking, as much as we could. one of us set the table and one did dishes. the one who set it had to vacuum too. but the point in the end was to sit around the table for an hour and talk, whether it was home-cooked and fancy or a chicken from boston market. i would say that influenced us, but not necessarily in a sexist way... my brother is the cook in his house now and i am in mine. i do feel a lot of anxiety over it though. like, we try to do mostly fresh things because my BF gets severe migraines. it's hard to wash everything, chop everything, and get it all cooked and not have it be 10PM by the time we eat. i find it's easiest for me if i buy a bunch of stuff over the weekend and then loosely plan out the week- a list of all the ingredients in the fridge that are perishable, and then i list several things i can make large batches of for dinner and lunch with those ingredients, and see if i need to buy anything new. takes maybe half an hour on a Sunday morning and then i use that as a road map for the week. also, i buy pre-chopped and measured meals from scratchDC once every week or two. best thing ever. it's faster than a totally home-cooked meal, and cheaper and healthier than take-out.

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