On The Business of Sitting on Airplanes

@OllyOlly do NOT feel bad - that is a long flight to be stuck in the middle. if it was important to that couple to sit together they should have arranged it ahead of time. switching for a child is one thing, but adults? NOPE! they're not gonna fall apart.

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On The Business of Sitting on Airplanes

yeah, i have no problem telling someone they're in my seat. decent people won't be upset by it and jerks deserve to be upset. also, this is why i won't fly southwest. i LIKE assigned seats. people get way meaner when you institute this kind of 'whoever is willing to queue and passive-aggressively fight the longest wins' thing outside of concert tickets. also, i think the consultant quoted above is full of crap. people aren't 'unaware' that there's a 'transaction' going on. they are just trying to get away with something if they can, and hoping no one will call them out. and the air travel experience has gotten so poor that more and more people feel justified about it.

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On Everything About Being An Assistant Is Awful

first note, i have seen people at my own company move up from entry level assistant. it's not the case everywhere, but at my office they definitely like to move people up from within when they can. second note, i also agree that the higher level exec assistant jobs require skills in and of themselves. i have a neighbor who was the exec assistant to a someone high up in the pentagon. he's not a career assistant, just super-competent at keeping a lot of balls in the air, and that's what they needed from the position. it was an extraordinarily demanding job (definitely not entry level), and required him to handle an insane number of things with other high level people on behalf of his boss. He was able to use his reputation as being super competent to get another govt job after that stint with less stress and less travel.

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On Our Complicated Feelings About Etsy

why are the feelings complicated? is is just a matter of feeling duped into thinking that nothing on there is mass market? that's more about paying attention to sellers than etsy as a whole. any online marketplace is going to have sellers who've figured out how to scale for increased profitability. i personally don't care about mass market or not - i just use it like i would any online store.

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On Budget Travel: When Anxiety Clashes With Frugality

@Ilil Benjamin@facebook - like i said, it's not about budget carriers here in the US - or any other highly developed and/or English speaking countries. i'd be more suspicious of budget flights in countries where i'm not as familiar with the aviation standards.

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On Budget Travel: When Anxiety Clashes With Frugality

i will almost always pay more for safety and peace of mind. partly this comes from having a father who is a personal injury lawyer. through him, i'm aware of enough fight-club-ish situations (not for airlines specifically, but other things), where it was proven that a company knew about a dangerous problem and didn't fix it because of cost. i would be wary of budget airlines in countries where i'm not familiar with aviation standards. but one thing i'd be more likely to apply this to travel-wise would be the cheap buses. there are countless stories of the cheap buses breaking down en route, catching fire, of no maintenance, unlicensed drivers, etc, that i will never ever take them, and i'm always amazed that other people will knowingly shrug all of that off just for a discount fare.

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On The Weekend I Spent as the Worst Booth Babe Ever

this is not your fault that the conversations were awkward! 'booth babes' - or any temp convention help - should be used for lead generation, not for sales. You employ them to give out tchotchkes, scan badges for later follow-up and direct attendees TO a sales person. Too many companies make this mistake in exhibition staffing.

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On Want to Temp? Here's Where to Go

i temped one summer during college. i had a couple placements that were for a few days to a couple weeks, but my real "specialty" was in being a last-minute receptionist fill-in, in that i had a car and was able to transition from bed to out the door in very little time. i read a lot of books that summer and learned a lot of corporate phone systems. i was also thinking about this in relation to a co-worker today. she's on the other end of the scale - technically a temp, but highly skilled and has worked on long-term contracts for us so it feels like a regular co-worker relationship. i've known her for years. her specialty is web content management (like what Vib mentions above - a 'creative contractor'), so she's filled in when people have been out on maternity leave or in the interim between someone leaving and a new permanent hire. right now she's back because the web team had to focus on a development project, so she's helping out part time with our QA queue and with special design stuff.

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On The Cost of Recycling

@HelloTheFuture i guess they can be sometimes, but only into certain things, like faux lumber. and not together with plastic bottles and such that are collected through most curbside. that's why they'll take them in a separate 'bags of bags' or grocery stores sometimes will collect them and deliver them to facilities where they can be baled. but in general, stray bags just stuck in the regular recycling stream will end up in the trash pile.

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On The Cost of Recycling

actually it's because those plastic bags can't be recycled. they aren't the same grade of plastic. i have visited a recycling facility, and that is also the one job they can't automate. a person has to pick out the gross plastic bag out of the rest of the recyclables. it's THE bottom-of-the-barrel, very disgusting minimum wage job, with high turnover- the people who WISH they could get a McDonalds job, and leave as soon as they can find anything better at all. the smell there is what you think a landfill would smell like, but they don't get the pay that collectors do, and it's inside. so yeah. don't throw the bag away. they've managed to implement single stream recycling for almost everything else for the convenience of the public. it's not really that much to ask of you.

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