On How Much Do You Pay Someone To Risk Their Life For You on Mt. Everest?

we pay people to risk their lives for us every day for safety - police, fire, military - and we also pay people to risk their lives for our entertainment with professional sports and movies involving dangerous stunts. we're only asking the question about morality right now because of the *amount* the sherpas are paid for risking their lives doesn't seem commensurate.

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On The Week We Began Weighing the Beans

french press forever. paper filters seem like such an unnecessary step. all i need is the press and the coffee.

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On Every Job I've Had: City Paper, Biking in Jorts, and The World's Largest Design Firm

very interesting. but i will say the 3-7 years thing you try to claim about DC is not true. my own dept hired someone just this past summer in that experience range, and with a skillset you probably would have fit into. and i got my own job here when i was in that experience range. there's plenty of stuff; when people say that, it usually means they are mostly looking for cool-sounding places to work.

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On Writing Obituaries For a Living

when my grandfather died, the paper of that city chose to do an expanded obituary for him. he wasn't famous, you wouldn't have known his name even if you lived there, but he had been a civil engineer for more than 40 years and had a large hand in the planning and shaping of most of the suburban growth of the area, right down to naming the streets.

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On Should Vs. Must

that just makes me roll my eyes. none of that is really "must" - it's "want".

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On The Art of Asking for a Discount

my job involves something where a lot of people ask me for discounts or freebies. there is NOTHING that will get you on my jerk list faster than asking for a discount. it's super entitled to think that you shouldn't have to pay what other people pay. i may do favors on my own for people if they have proven that they are worth it. but if you ASK me for a favor or discount or deadline extension, and you have no other reason aside from 'i just want one' then you will be the last person to get one, no matter how politely you think you are asking.

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On Coworkers Who Steal Your Lunch

@CubeRootOfPi yes, they are cheap and lazy and have an "if i can get away with it, why shouldn't i" mentality- especially ironic when you work at a religiously-affiliated company, as the woman above did. it's amazing what people will justify to themselves. i'm lucky. this is pretty much non-existent at my current job.

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On Piggy Banks vs. Savings Accounts for Kids

i got my first savings account at 5 or 6. i also had a cashbox 'piggy bank' for between bank trips. i think one of the things that was most encouraging about the bank account was that it was a 'passbook' account. i don't even know if they do those anymore. when my mom took me in to deposit money, they would print the deposit and my new total, plus any accrued interest since my last visit straight into the book. and i LOVED it. i loved looking at the numbers increase. i loved looking at the interest and thinking i'd just gotten free money. i think that's the key. the passbook made it real for me. it allowed me to see where i'd started and watch it go up. and that started a lifelong pattern of saving.

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On When One Person Earns More Than the Other in a Relationship

it sounds entitled because it is. it's incredibly entitled to believe that you should never have to do any work that you don't enjoy. If he was being, for real, a full-time homemaker (as in, ALL the cleaning, ALL the laundry, ALL the cooking, shopping and repairs) then that would be a fair contribution to the household. but that level of investment takes more time than he indicates he spends on housework. i think that's the key here. he doesn't seem to have any kind of investment in life, other than to not do things he doesn't like. "I can’t settle for allowing 40 hours of my every week to be some black hole of time I don’t want to remember, that I can’t build on over the next week’s 40 hours of work toward something better and more significant." "We’ve had lots of talks about my future—more than about our future, maybe. I can sense and understand the disappointment when she asks me about what I’ll do after studying creative writing in grad school (if I get in) and I say I don’t know, that there’s too much competition for professorships to expect a job in academia." -- if you are passionate about freelancing, why not do more freelancing work? no one ever said you had to limit yourself to 40 hours of paid work per week. and not knowing what you want to do with your creative writing degree makes it kind of pointless to have spent money you don't have to get one- just an ego indulgence. jsut like it's an ego indulgence to believe that your work is somehow more significant than other people's because you limit yourself to things you like. i guarantee that the guy who picks up your trash is doing something WAY more significant than you with his 40 hours. "As long as I’m not allowing myself to settle, to sacrifice what makes me happy to meet her in the middle, to understand what it is to be unhappy sometimes for the sake of a greater happiness, there will always be this distance between us, one we’re still figuring out and navigating together, at least." -- if you are not and are never going to be willing to meet her in the middle then you aren't navigating this 'together'. a proportionate split of expenses is fair if one person would like to make more money but can't. but it's not really so fair when one person could make more money, but chooses not to because they just don't feel like it. you don't have an investment in a shared life; you should not be getting married.

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On In 2014 Our Government Is Still Filing Retirement Paperwork by Hand

there are already plenty of talented developers doing things for the Fed. That's one of the main reasons the Dulles corridor is like the silicon valley of the east coast, with tech firms and contractors lining the toll road. it's just that all the money, and therefore all the good developers, goes to projects for defense or state.

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