On Uber Aversion

does this fee thing apply to uber-hailed cabs? i don't use the regular-person cars of any of those companies for various reasons, but i will sometimes use uber to hail regular dc cabs when there aren't any nearby.

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On When Down Payments Grow On Family Trees

bought in 2009, post-crash in dc. between me and my fiance, it took: 1) a chunk i'd already been saving since college. 2) 2 years of both of us aggressively saving and paying down his debt, while sharing a 500sq apt for $1000/mth. we indulged in a nice TV since we realized we'd be spending most of our time there instead of going out. 3) assistance from both sets of parents. 4) even so, still couldn't get to 20%, so we needed an FHA loan and could only look at places accomodating that loan structure. luckily in 2009 there were a lot because most people didn't have 20% anymore so the sellers were trying to mitigate that issue. i'm definitely very very lucky, and very grateful... when my mom gave me the money, she told me that her father had done the same for her and my dad with their first house. she felt like that was their parental duty - to help give us a head start on things like that, to help my brother and i to not be living paycheck to paycheck. part of this is tied in to her insistence that we put money into 401Ks as much and as soon as possible. (like, 'put money in your 401k, i'll give you the same amount of money for your downpayment so you don't have to choose'). she's very fiscally smart, so i have also started to think that she has a secret plan to gift her money to me and my brother for things like this along the way that we can all enjoy together, rather than a taxed lump sum inheritance after they're gone.

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On The Cost of Giving Up Grocery Shopping

a thousand times yes. online grocery shopping & delivery forever.

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On Cooking Time

@E$ that sounds like plenty! and i hate the Instagram dinner trend. it's one thing to want to eat something you made. it's another to feel pressured to make dinner into food art.

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On Cooking Time

it wasn't until i made him start helping me chop things that the fiance truly realized how much more time i spent cooking than he did cleaning up.

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On 1 in 21 New Yorkers Is A Millionaire, & More Fun Facts About The Rich!

if you are including real estate in net worth then wealth will always have a relation to the housing market, and NYC is at the top of that. in that light, it's also easier to see why MD comes up to the top. The housing market in the area has always been doing well compared to the rest of the country and it's been getting even higher. you don't have to be located in potomac to expect to pay close to or over a million for a place around here anymore.

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On What People At McCann Think About MAD MEN

i have found this all really interesting since i work in marketing (not just mad men, but the idea of real life mccann vs. evil fictional mccann). but i took it for granted that every knows who mccann erickson is- even if you've never worked in an agency, everyone in my world does. then i was talking about their twitter feed and stuff with my fiance last night, and found out that he has been through all 7 seasons with me and never knew that they were a real agency then, let alone still around now.

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On Cooking Like A Boss While Unemployed

i love this!

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On Disloyal Grocery Shopping

i'm kind of both. i have 3 places i regularly buy from depending on the item. for produce, it's the very convenient Yes! market around the corner so that i don't have to carry things blocks all the time. there's also an urban grocery/bodega of tyhe kind you don't see so much anymore, but it has great for prices for eggs, milk and anything related to latino foods (torillas, limes/lemons, sauces, etc.). and then finally for the main shopping, there's peapod delivery. i'm loyal to the service because of the massive convenience of groceries brought to your door. it's worth it to me, even with a delivery fee and tip. but, i also try to shop almost exclusively from their sales items and stock up on things as they rotate through. if something is essential not on sale i usually buy just a small amount.

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On Splitting the Bill With My Sisters

i just don't know how anyone can insist with a straight face that you should pay for their alcohol consumption. a person who drinks 3 glasses of wine when no one else did, and then is also the one to suggest 'splitting the check' and then gets mad when people call them on it is in a delusion. don't be embarrassed that you can't/don't want to afford that glass of wine - definitely speak up! if anyone should be embarrassed, it's the person who orders it and then is too lazy to calculate and count out what they actually owe. math is not that hard and we're not talking about a 100 item grocery bill here. my friends would just pass the bill around, total our items, add some tax/tip and let the math majors do the final tally. the only time this didn't work was every so often if someone left early before the check came and maybe didn't leave enough on the table.

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