On Only Suckers Don't Buy Generic

all OTC meds - store brand all the way. they are totally identical, and in many cases (perhaps even the majority) they are made by the same supplier, at the exact same facility, on the exact same assembly line as the name brand. the only difference is packaging. if you pay for name brand, you are absolutely ONLY gaining the name (and a placebo effect). and sometimes store brands are better. i like giant greek yogurt way better than chobani, and giant brand seltzer instead of vintage. target brand baggies, paper towels, trashbags, shower gel. there are few things i'll pay name brand for.

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On How to Cold Email a Complete Stranger

timely. i have to mostly-cold email a couple people for testimonials today, and I've been spending the morning procrastinating

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On Millennials and Tiny Houses: A Match Made in Heaven

i'm going to guess she grew up in the DC area. if that is the case, she's right to be wary. $100K combined income is a lot in many areas of the country and it sounds like a lot when you say it, but it doesn't go very far at all in the DC housing market.

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On Why We Are Moving To Canada This Week

proof of income - the spreadsheet is a start, but you should pair it with: * contracts with people who are employing you that state the fee you're paid * invoices you have sent to clients for work done * receipts of payment when they have paid you for work done -- if you aren't doing these things for each freelance job, start doing them. use free templates in word for the invoices, and you can find contract templates online.

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On ReservationHop Makes Money by Squatting Over Something That's Free

it pretty much is what everyone hates about start-ups. some rich lazy dickwad sees an opportunity to cockblock people using technology and money, instead of waiting his turn like everyone else. this isn't providing any kind of service - it's just a semi-legal hostage situation.

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On Do You Owe a Present to a Bride Who Owes You Money?

"I think, however, that J. should bring/send something, even if it is a mere token." why? you acknowledge that J feels the obligation of custom... and then you encourage J to continue to feel pressured by that custom. 'reclaiming the spirit of generosity' is bullshit, especially if you're saying to apply it to someone who has already proven herself to be a black hole for generosity. that's the same pressure and obligation of society, wrapped up in a moral scolding.

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On Office Small Talk: An Illustrated Typology

i definitley sigh internally over this kid of thing. there's a guy from the mailroom who calls out my name every single solitary time he walks by my cube, even when i am clearly focused and typing or have headphones on, etc. he does this with everyone else down the line too. but i can deal with that. what really kills me is when people make their pleasantries into a question instead of just stating something banal. every time this other guy passes me in the hallway he says "hey - how's it going?" (and he sits two cubes away so this can happen 10 times in a day). i feel like a heel for ignoring someone who asks me about my day directly, however insincere, so i feel obligated to ask him too. but he's basically passing me by the time i get out fine, and well behind me by the time i get out "how are you?". i'm not even asking for him (and everyone) to stop the hallway acknowledgement, even though i'd love it. but could we all just agree to leave it at 'hey' unless there is an actual reason to ask someone how their day is? it's different when it's a barista or someone you rarely interact with than when it's someone who just asked you about your day an hour ago.

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On The Cost of Dual Citizenship

the benefits are awesome if you have the type of career where you would want to pursue opportunities in those countries. great flexibility. One thing to keep in mind though is that if you do the kind of work where the need for a security clearance is common, you will have likely have to give up that dual citizenship (no allegiances to a foreign government) and even if you do, having had it in the first place can make your clearance process harder because exercising rights in those countries (voting in elections and such) can be an indication of 'preference' for that country over the US. but if you don't care and will never need a clearance, then none of that matters!

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On Uh-Oh, Aereo

i don't love the cable companies, but this was the right ruling. the effect on consumers is unfortunate, but this wasn't about consumers. it was about one company appropriating the creative products of other companies and reselling them.

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On Is Air Conditioning Worth It?

yes, worth it a thousand times over. i lived without it last summer after our HVAC broke completely, and having it again is the greatest thing of my summer. people scolding about AC usage really is one of the most curmudgeonly and superior thing possible, like declaring you "don't even own a tv!". almost everything else is worth cutting before the AC, to me. i mean, how much do you spend on cellphones and service and data plans? a lot, and probably more than the AC in many cases, and that's "just" a modern convenience. but we don't question everyone who has a cellphone for wasting money and electricity. i live in a city and i choose to walk most places because that's my thing and i like it, but i don't berate people for driving their car instead of walking or taking public transportation. we all make our choices about what's important to us, and for every single choice, there will be plenty of people who find it wasteful - but that's their own choice, just like it's mine to not want to wake up in a sweaty disgusting heap every morning.

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