On How "Women's Television" Does Money

i think veronica mars is a good example of a show centered around a woman that delves into a lot of wealth and class issues. Needing to place well in class to get scholarships and resentment of rich kids who don't need them gaming the system; the social divides between the haves and have-nots; ethical vs. unethical ways of making money.

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On Brown Bagging It

i SERIOUSLY hate 'sad desk lunch.' it's a crap sentiment perpetuated to make you feel like you're supposed to be eating fancy $10 salads every day, implying you're somehow pathetic if you don't. it is a phrase that should be banned.

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On How to Survive a Networking Event as an Introvert

as both an introvert and someone who works at trade events, i think these are all great tips and tactics i employ, especially the 'be an observer' point and 'make your alone time.' posting things to social media is also a good way to slip in a break from face-to-face stuff when you need one. every conference these days wants social media conversation. it also helps to keep in mind what you are there to accomplish. is it learning? new finding business partners or collaborators? is it promoting something your company does? then you can reference those things and ask questions when talking to someone new or entering a conversation where you feel like everyone else knows each other.

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On Making Money in Real Estate: Crazy / Not Crazy / If Trump Can Do It ...

@eemusings if you aren't allowed to profit from housing, who will build your house?

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On Making Money in Real Estate: Crazy / Not Crazy / If Trump Can Do It ...

my mother actually did this. she chose to be a stay-at-home-mom, but she’d actually been in finance before that at the very beginnings of the 80′s M&A boom and knew money (she’s my major influence in that respect). so i didn't realize it for a long time through my childhood, but she still did have a ‘job’ – she was a landlord. she had a property in ocean city MD, which was mainly to rent out, not for us to use (we’d get a couple random weeks, whatever didn't end up rented) and 2 around our home town that were regular long-term rentals. She sold the shore house when the other owners wanted to invest more money in amenities and the others when she went back to full time employment when i was in HS. my fiance’s mom has also done this – kept house #1 when she bought house #2 in the same neighborhood and rents it out and also has a condo nearby she rents out. she still has them and it’s how she supplements retirement. basically, they had ready capital, good credit, and are detail oriented enough to keep track of everything financially and property-wise, to make sure it's solvent

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On Planning a 2015 Budget

@HelloTheFuture you should add that as a front end variable expense category - "business expenses" and have taxes and paypal fees in there. after all, what is the $250 grocery number but an estimate anyway? taxes and paypal should be the first things deducted, not the last! also, especially when looking at discretionary spending, always better to err on the high side with your estimate of expenses. after all, the leftover money will still be there. it's not use-it-or-lose-it (like my vacation time).

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On Ending Gift-Giving in My Family

i do actually enjoy giving gifts, when i see something i know a friend or relative will love. but man, i really hate family christmas giving. my parents are extremely generous but in that lopsided way. so they pressure us for "lists" (my brother and i are full adults who live with SO's. i have a mortgage) while denying that we have to buy them anything, and therefore never giving us any suggestions. honest to god, i don't have that many desires for things. it becomes super stressfull to try and curate lists (I can;t just name things - i have to provide links, sizes, color preferences) for mom, dad, FIL, MIL, etc. for me and fiance, while simultaneously trying to come up with things i can get for each of them, which is hard because they buy all the usual things for themselves throughout the year. it essentially is like i am the one doing all of the shopping for them and for myself too, and then i get nagged for not being fast enough. I've tried telling them that i would rather have the gift of not being stressed out. my dad called me a grinch. it's not really that gift giving isn't fun or cool... it's just that our particular family dynamics kind of end up superseding the fun. i like birthdays a lot better. just one person to focus on and not so much excess. my brother and i have the best relationship for gift exhanging- we get eachother. he's the least stress for me and vice versa. if i could get my parents to tone it down to one present each for all, that would be wonderful, that's just not the way they are made. they still won't even let me pick up the check for dinner, which to me is a source of pride. i have to have secret meetings with the waitstaff if i want to avoid wrestling my father for it.

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On What Is It About Americans and Excess

the "extremism" of over-consumption is NOT the fault of marketing professionals. marketing doesn't create that mindset. it just reflects back what we're already thinking. don draper didn't make people want things. he tapped into their already existing emotional desires. it's our effed-up priorities as a society that make us overconsume- our obsession with image, status and what our neighbors are doing.

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On Cara Ellison on Beyonce and the Economics of Dating

it has an economic name: "opportunity cost". when making a particular choice excludes all other potential choices you could have made. if you choose to do something for an hour, you're saying no forever to the other ways you could have spent that hour. if you choose to spend a dollar, you're saying no to all the other ways you could have spent that dollar. so the other things you didn't do are lost opportunities, the cost of which we factor into our decision making.

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On The Cost of an Ugly Christmas Sweater

i kind of think those parties are mean. you're not just making fun of a sweater, but also anyone who likes them unironically, laughing at their bad taste.

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