On Strikes, Walk Outs, & Other Old Answers To Today's Higher Ed Problems

@MemphisBlues - except it's not even close to that cut-and-dried. you're willfully denying the complexities of the situation by putting all of the moral burden on the borrower- as if lenders have no moral obligations themselves! calling it a question of the 'right purchase' is a red herring that ignores the manipulation, sales tactics and outright fraud committed by the lenders and the so-called educational institutions working in collusion.

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On Friday Open Thread: I Didn't Yet Know About These Moneysavers

buy spices at the drugstore, not the grocery store. my mom told me about this, and i later heard someone big in homemaking, like Martha Stewart, say the same thing. spices are often pretty expensive. but at a drugstore, it's usually an add-on, not a primary purchase, so they have an incentive to price it lower.

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On Billfold Housing Survey Results: Are You a Millennial?

serious BS on the 1980 cut-off. i feel like that is always about 5 years off. i don't see anyone as a millennial prior to 1985. that would be about when middle class kids started to be able to say 'i have never lived without computers.'

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On Life Hacks

@EmilyAnomaly me too! ever since high school i've done this to preserve my clothes in both size and quality. i have skirts and tops that are 10 years old and still look fantastic. i have one of those collapsable racks, a high narrow hangar rack for items like pants clipped at the hem, and a sweater rack with a fan that is good when i'm in a hurry

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On Friends With Venmo

any friend who tried to "bill me" for a party as if he were a catering service wouldn't be my friend any longer. period. no wiggle room. if you can't afford to host a party, then don't throw a party. it's only acceptable to ask for money if you've told people in advance, or if the group has planned it that way- again, IN ADVANCE. payment method has nothing to do with it. i don't see how that dude should feel any less ashamed, or how anyone who received that message would feel any more obligated just because it came through a text message app.

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On Tallying Up The Cost of an All-Expenses Paid Trip

@RiffRandell - nice! i know that show, though i haven't been to it. it is definitely of of the largest.

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On Tallying Up The Cost of an All-Expenses Paid Trip

the catered lunch (assuming it was *at* the event center) almost certainly cost at least 3 times that per person. possibly more. the cost of food at these places is RIDICULOUS, and then you have plus-plus on top of that - tax and service charge.

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On The Post-Modern One-Percenter Version of the Brady Bunch

unlike that commenter, apparently, i'm more on the ex's side. why should he move out? especially if she's supposed to have sold the place as a shared asset, and hasn't yet. you'd think someone known as the 'billion dollar broker' could have sold it already if she'd really wanted to. if the genders were reversed, we wouldn't be critizing an ex-wife like this. imagine a woman being divorced, and then refusing to be kicked out of her palatial condo by her ex-husband and his new wife, because the kids are nearby and the terms of settlement said he had to sell it, but he hasn't yet - for FOUR YEARS. that version happens all the time. we wouldn't be questioning her motives - we'd accept at face value that she wants to be near her kids and get what she is owed in the divorce without a lot of foot dragging. also, while that commenter's suggestion is funny in the first wives club, it can't possibly fly in real life. there are things called APPRAISALS which are kind of required to determine value of assets. you aren't allowed to just call it a dollar to mess with someone.

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On Lessons Learned From Condo Life

also a dc condo owner, also in a boutique townhouse cut-up, one of 4 units. i would agree with the points above, but not that they are necessarily bad things. yes, each unit has to hold a position on the condo board, and yes we have to pretty much all be present for things to happen, but i've seen other condo situations in larger buildings that are worse, particularly because people didn't want to and didn't have to pay attention to problems and decisions made to solve them. in many ways it's better to have to be active on your board so that you can make sure your property retains value. and while it's hard to sell 4 units in a boutique building at once, it can be even harder to sell as one of 4 (or more) in a larger building since condo fees are usually higher and the units are usually more generic. and yeah, renovations to these homes are tough. everything is custom - we couldn't do a standard installation of a new washer/dryer because the space it was to go in is a weird custom space that used to be a closet and has a narrow/low doorway, since the home was built 100 years ago. (however i do think that closing on a place in this city without looking for an internet jack is kind of on the writer- that is what half of the housing stock around here is like). on the plus side over a single family house, you can share capital expenses. need a new roof on your home? have fun with that! need major plubling work done? it's on you. we had to deal with a root incursion last year in the sewer line. would have been 5K immediately out of my pocket if it was a SFH. that's a lot of saved money or new debt. instead, it was a shared sot, and the condo reserves pay out the fee so that no one has to shell out extra. sometimes you get an assessment, but even then it's still less than if you are on your own

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On Talking to a Millennial Homeowner Who Wants to Sell Her Home

very interesting! one thing though - in my experience, the buyer usually pays closing costs aside from the commission (which is a big part). there was a shift toward the seller during the housing crisis because sellers were looking for any incentive to sell their house, and cutting down on the cash your buyer needed to have on hand was a way to do that. it's something that can be negotiated, but buyers should plan to expect that.

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