On Eating Thanksgiving Dinner in a Restaurant is Cheating Y/N

@highjump what's up with that 'least charitable' jab? all i did was ask why the location matters - and i asked it of someone else, whose own comment emphasized that they believe it does; i wasn't really referring to yours.

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On Eating Thanksgiving Dinner in a Restaurant is Cheating Y/N

question: is it cheating or not-cheating if you're rich, so you're home but other people are still cooking for you and waiting on you? my point being, there is no such thing. the only way to 'cheat' the idea of thanksgiving is to be a jerk.

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On Eating Thanksgiving Dinner in a Restaurant is Cheating Y/N

@Christy why does the location matter at all?

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On Eating Thanksgiving Dinner in a Restaurant is Cheating Y/N

yeah, not cheating, no way, no how*. we did my family's thanksgiving out twice in my life, because of recent deaths in the family, and they were both wonderful and freeing for everyone. my mother, for one, would love to have a holiday of her own instead of feeding everyone in two families who all jsut "love" her homecooked food, but never help make any of it. i am two states away, but i'm the only person who even offers to contribute except my brother who takes charge of all the clean-up. when we've done thanksgiving with my guy's family, it's usually just his mother, maybe another family friend so we've ordered turkey and sides from whole foods a few times. you pick it up a day or two before. that too has been awesome. togetherness, without the frantic worry and bustle. * caveat: you must tip, and not be stingy with it

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On American Workers Want to Know When Their Workday Ends

@ronswansonluva at my office it can go either way depending on the project and the team. some teams have a 'you stay and do whatever it takes to get it done' norm. others have a 'sorry, my day ends at 5, you're just not going to get it' mentality, and all in between. it ends up really depending on your manager, and what the deadline in question is. i had a deadline (things due to me) on Monday and basically not one single person took it seriously. but because of our relative positions, i have to accommodate them. so i did 4 hours worth of work at home last night since i couldn't do that work until i have the info from the other people who were late.

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On American Workers Want to Know When Their Workday Ends

"I’ve had people text me to postpone Sunday afternoon get-togethers because there was a problem with the servers." yeah, my guy has one of those jobs. and he has little to no support under him, so he is basically on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. even when he doesn't have to go in, he often has to fix it right away remotely, and even when there isn't anything that *he* could fix, he's getting alerts and phone calls and has to reassure the executives. network problem on saturday? he's on it. alert at 11pm because the server room AC is malfuntioning? he's emailing the building people. 5am power outage because some idiot hit a transformer on the way to work? he's getting up and going in early. and that's not to even mention the last-minute requests from other people at his company to help them after hours and on weekends with their individual projects. it's really awful and it absolutely contributes to him being stressed out and anxious all the time. he's never able to fully relax. and he has a lot of health problems because of this.

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On Wishing For A Unicorn

a sad desk lunch is only sad if you insist on thinking about it that way. it becomes a self-fulfilling 'grass is greener' prophesy. it's not inherently sad to eat at your desk instead of buying a not-cheap sandwich or salad from a chain restaurant. i have had so many sad "out" lunches eating crappy subway sandwiches or cosi salads that are gross and limp.

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On Millennials Having a Hard Time Saving Money

i'm fairly pathological about saving. I've been squirreling money away since i was in single digits. i blew through pretty much my 'life savings' during my college semester abroad, but i felt like that was sort of the point of all of that savings. that was my big end goal for a long time. post college, since my first paycheck, i've done an auto-transfer the day after every payday of at least 5%, increasing as i got older, and every time i got a raise. then i transfer chunks of that every month or so to my long-term high-yield savings, while still leaving enough to cover a months worth of bills int eh savings that is ties to my checking. the money goes in and out of my checking account so fast that i don't have time to think about it. and increasing the amount with each raise (before the first paycheck) helps combat lifestyle creep. i also had friends in the same position as i was and were always up for cheap nights of fun, and dive bars over fancy cocktails

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On How Much I Earn, In Royalties, For The Piece of Choral Music I Published in 2002

choral music was my first introduction to the morality of copyrights. my middle school show choir director was very steadfast in his refusal to ever copy music as way of saving money because he had also written and published small pieces. he was the first person i remember explaining that even though it seems like anything else you'd photocopy for a class full of students (i mean, EVERYTHING in school seems to be a photocopy at that stage), that sheet music earned money on a per-copy basis and that if he photocopied it instead of buying real copies, he would be taking money away from other composers, and he wouldn't want people to do that to him. unless the music was out of print, it was always a real copy for each person, and if we didn't have enough money to purchase the music, we didn't do that piece. mind-blowing for 11-year-old me.

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On The Uniform I've Chosen for Myself

i don't really have a uniform for regular work days, although my clothing generally fits into a couple general shapes and is mostly black. but i do have one for when i'm working on site at meetings or events. it's always black pants, a sleeveless shell, a black jacket and a rotating set of black and silver flats. sometimes it's suits, sometime mix'n'match separates, but always pants. you never know when you're going to have to crawl under or on top of a table to fix something.

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