On Alone in a New City

After college it's been so hard to make friends. I meet people but never really connect with them. I moved to NYC five years ago and I still haven't found anyone I would call a close friend. I have a social life but it's all around a big group of acquaintances. Like, there's no one I would call for a one on one lunch or to hang out with alone. It's an odd feeling to live in such a big city and feel like you can't connect with anyone. I did the book club thing but then they changed it for only writers, of which I'm not. They didn't even tell me...sad day that was.

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On What a Deal

I have been doing this for about a year and it is one of the BEST decisions I have ever made. I actually save money AND I don't have to do laundry! I use the detergent provided by the laundry mat so I save money on that. It's a luxury that is worth it. Makes me feel kinda rich.

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On Time Warner Cable's Really Obnoxious 'Business Decision'

oh man, this is a hot topic in my household. We decided not to buy a modem because we currently have the recommended $60 modem through Time Warner and it is a piece of crap, we've had three already replaced by Time Warner for free. If you buy the recommended one then you don't get that option. If you upgrade to the $100 version, it would take 25 months to start getting your money back in savings. I don't know enough about the longevity of modems but I imagine after two years I would need a new one? anyone know?

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On Moving on to Plan B

THIS! THIS! THIS! I love reading stories of people starting their own business but it gets tiring hearing the same variation of: I left my career in finance to become a ___. My goal is to start my own business and it is disappointing to find very few stories that aren't backed by a cushy financial position to begin with. I know these stories are out there.

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On The Kid on the Subway Train

I have this completely irrational argument that I only give money to musicians or the kids that dance on the subway. I feel like these guys are showing a discipline, practice hard and some of them are so charming I can’t help it. I also know that the people on the subway just outright begging need help but we never really know what’s going on.It’s tough. I think at the very least, the $5 you gave helps someone, and we can only hope it was someone that bought the kid some supplies.

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On Let’s All Throw Some Money at Our Problems: July Check-In

I love this check in, feels great to know for sure that I am not alone in the spiral of debt and poverty. I have a credit card I'm paying off, it is my very last credit card to pay off after about 5 years of constant high interest debt: June 2012 balance: 2977.35 July 2012 balance: 2000.00 It is 0% APR so I've saved it for last but it also has a good points system so I find myself using it more often than I should-trying to work on that. My goal is to have it paid off in two months paying about $1,000 a month. Can't wait to start putting that $1,000 in savings.

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On Oslo v. Portland: A Hilarious Comparison in Cost of Living

@T A@twitter That's interesting, I guess on the flip side it would make any events outside of the norm (work/home/work) that much more special and important. I would save a lot of money if I cut out all my winter blues drinking in dark bars...

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On Oslo v. Portland: A Hilarious Comparison in Cost of Living

Do Norwegians socialize? In the winter when everywhere is empty are they all hanging out at each other's homes, or all inside alone writing poetry and crafting? And do they eat together at home instead of out in restaurants? I'm trying to figure out how this works because aren't Norwegians some of the happiest people in all those surveys they do? Edited to apologize for all the questions but I really want to know!

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On The Cities We Leave

@CubeRootOfPi I think this is a great point and also why the opinions of NYC vary so much. A higher percentage of those moving to NYC are moving for this reason, to make a change that could probably have been made within themselves outside of the city. But of course, the great thing about NYC is that it challenges you and I think speeds up this process. I think a lot of the translplants that preach how NYC is the only place they could ever be are still in denial that maybe it wasn't NYC but maybe what happened/is happening to them. Not that NYC isn't great, unique, etc. but there's a huge world out there!

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On 'Eggs on a Roll' Part II

@Jane Timm@twitter Can you suggest a specific place for this feast? I have yet to try soup dumplings but I get so overwhelmed trying to pick a place!

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