On The Cost of Things: Pregnancy

Also, Ester - I totally used to look at that site, but had completely forgotten about it until now!

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On The Cost of Things: Pregnancy

I totally agree with the wear maternity clothes as soon as possible thing. I didn't with my first baby and that was stupid. I felt bloated and miserable until I finally just put the stretchy pants on. I found hose belly band things were best when I used them to hold up maternity pants - not pants with a zipper. When I would feel depressed about wearing the same 3 things over and over, I would just buy a new maternity shirt at Target or Old Navy and feel re-energized. ha! Also, maternity leggings are the greatest invention of our time and I wish I were wearing them right now.

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On "Your Children Deserve To Know What You Make" Uh OK

I feel like the "deserve" thing was a headline grab, and the big pile of money was constructed for a future book proposal (says the cynical publicist.) Here's what I wrote to my friend who was horrified by this article: I mean the cash drop is pretty ridiculous, but I think the general conceit is smart. My parents still terrify me by the way they fight about money and try to steal from each other. I grew up with my mom acting like we had a lot of money and then totally flaking when it came time for me to actually need it. Also, they made a big deal about giving us savings accounts and then stole all of the money out of them. They still behave this way. My mom planned a whole trip and didn't tell my dad she was going on it until the day she left, because she didn't want him to know she had been hoarding cash. On the flipside, my husband's parents didn't talk about money even though they are AMAZING at handling it and he is clueless and would still be in horrible debt if he hadn't found me. My 3 yo likes to hold the grocery list at the store and pretend to read it. He names things that we "need" and says "it's ok, because it's on sale, Mama." So, the "they already know" thing is also true.

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On The Playing Field Isn't Level But That Doesn't Mean Don't Play

I think writing is hard and kudos for people who can do it at all - money or no money! I work with musicians who struggle to figure out how to make a living at it and quit their jobs to tour which is SO risky. I draw a salary trying to help them not have to. Art costs money! Websites like this at least help shine a light on that fact!

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On Shopping, Travel-Wise: Are You An Ester Or A Nicole?

I am an Ester and since I had children, I just hope everyone is looking at how cute they are and not at how terrible my wardrobe is!

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On How People Without Parents Do Money

My parents are a financial disaster. My husband's parents are the best. I handle the money and he is terrible with it. It's weird. I wonder how our kids will be, because I will try to teach them, but does that really work?

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On Does Anything In The SOTU Affect Us Personally

@mirror_father_mirror me too!

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On One Is The Loneliest Number But Also An Okay Number Maybe

@readyornot I have two siblings and when we are together, I realize that no one else can ever know what it was like to grow up like me except for them. I value that so much as I get older. I also believe that whatever you choose your child is going to be great.

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On The Pros and Cons of Neti Pots. Plus, A Camp Horror Story!

My sister got what she thinks was a spider bite on her stomach that swelled up and got infected with staph. It was the size of a bowling ball. I still have nightmares.

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On One Is The Loneliest Number But Also An Okay Number Maybe

I have got to learn to just smile & nod at Crazy. We have two boys and I love watching them together, but we didn't do it for any reason other than we wanted two. Now, I get to live with the "Are you going to try again for a girl?" question. There is no end to the inappropriate questions.

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