On Yakkin' About Baby Showers

That calendar sounds like a terrible idea, sorry, Mike! Do NOT have too many visitors, and seriously limit your house guests at first so you can sit around and be a feed bag while watching re-runs of Frasier and not have to be nice to anyone. Advice from one past due with her second child. :)

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On How Do Couples Use Joint Accounts?

@potatopotato I do it in two payments. It's not as big a gut punch as daycare, thankfully.

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On How Do Couples Use Joint Accounts?

We fully combined our finances when we got married. My husband is not good at managing money, but he wants us to be smart. I like taking charge of our finances and working toward big goals as well as making it possible for us to afford the month-to-month stuff. He had a lot of credit card debt that he took care of before we got married. I was shocked at how ignorant he was about interest rates and where his money was going - especially because his parents are financial geniuses and mine are the absolute worst! We talk about money a lot and we discuss big purchases and goals so that we are on the same page. It works for us. When our son turned 2 and we had to start thinking about three plane tickets to visit family, I got us an excellent rewards credit card. We charge everything and pay it off in full every month. This has been a great method for us. We know how much we are spending. We know when we need to back off, and we are making our money do more for us. We got four free plane tickets last year spending money we would have spent anyway. Obviously, since I am obsessed with this site, I am always looking for new & better ways for us to learn to save and be better about actually budgeting. We are about to have our second child and our monthly daycare bill is going to be INSANE, but so far, we have managed to make everything work through open communication and trust.

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On FridgeWatch 2014: Miracles Do Happen

@Meaghano I KNOW! Unacceptable. My favorite coffee shop barista told me that she was glad I was still drinking caffeine, so at least I have a safe space if I need it.

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On FridgeWatch 2014: Miracles Do Happen

"Frig" made me laugh out loud. Congrats on the Frig! Also, I know what you mean about the pregnancy thing. I have been SO mean to people. A notable comedian dropped by the office this week and I offered to go grab some tote bags to give the group, he pointed at my stomach and said "Um, should you really be going down the stairs with that situation you have going on." !!!! AND a man at a gas station shamed me for attempting to buy my daily caffeine allowance. Bastard. So, yeah, your reaction is totally understandable from where I'm sitting! ha!

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On Amazon's Prime Membership Increases to $99 a Year

I joined prime for diapers when my son was born - I got a year free with Amazon Mom. I am hooked now, though. That shipping deal is the jam, and I love the streaming TV / Movies. I don't think $99 is too much to pay especially since I definitely saved more than that just on shipping and the "subscribe & save" baby items.

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On How a Critical Care Nurse Does Money

@kristindru My sister works in Louisiana, too and she was definitely appalled at the student loan portion. She had nothing like that experience.

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On How a Critical Care Nurse Does Money

I sent this piece to my sister - a critical care nurse in North Louisiana. She had a very vitriolic reaction. I suppose where she works could be considered "rural" but she definitely thought this was glossed up. I told her to come comment, but it is so interesting to me how place plays such a major roll in nursing just like it seems to in teaching and other super-important service jobs.

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On The ACA and My Obstetrician and Me

@meatcute @lolapie I'm having the exact opposite experience with the midwives at my practice. They have not been interested in listening to what I tell them is going on with me and seem more interested in pushing their own goods & services. I love my doctors though, so I'll deal. I'm nearly 35 weeks, so here we go. :)

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On The ACA and My Obstetrician and Me

@Meaghano I had to do it when I was pregnant with my son and it was the WORST. This time, I cornered the midwife and said "Tell me how to pass the glucose test!" She told me to eat an egg instead of a bowl of cereal for breakfast. It worked! Yay!

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