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My mother-in-law has been pressuring us to deal with the will stuff. We need to, but it's just another annoying thing to do like taxes and life insurance. We did do the life insurance thing, at least. Maybe I'll get my husband to ask for the lawyer fee for his birthday. It is so easy to just assume that your family will be able to handle whatever small amount of money and do what's best for our children, but I know that isn't true. My grandparents are turning 80 and just now dealing with everything and it has been really hard on both of them and their children. Beware the "box of important papers!" My friends had their house broken into and the box of their important papers was stolen. Luckily, they had a safe deposit box with copies of mortgage documents and marriage certificates, etc. They are selling their house and it would have been annoying and expensive to have to do a full title search. Ugh, now I am adding "get safe deposit box" to my list of things to put off doing.

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On In Which I Answer a Question About Marriage and Finances That 'Call Your Girlfriend' Asked Us in October

I think this sounds like a bubbling pot of a "where is this going?" discussion about to boil over. I hope she talks about it with her person, because it doesn't really matter if they are "married" as long as they are on the same page about what their partnership means.

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On Dreams Of My Father's Advice

This is the best and I am going to call my daddy today. You obviously do your daddy proud, Ester. My dad's version of don't marry a short woman is to say "Don't marry a Doise" which is my mother's maiden name. He & my mom have a delightfully functional/dysfunctional 30+ year marriage. And she has 3 crazy outspoken sisters who are among my favorite people in the world. When my husband and I got engaged, my dad said "Does he know he's getting a Doise?" and I told him I was pretty sure he did. And so, our oldest son's middle name is Doise.

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On Traveling Lighter

I got the Tom Binh as a gift after a tour manager recommended it. It's the Jam! The one you picked out looks great, too - look forward to hearing how it holds up.

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On Yay, More Mommy Wars! Now With A Tax Twist

At the very least, I wish more of our childcare costs were deductible. Also, Dan & Allison are my favorites. And I am definitely sending my children to public school. Also, Ester - you can't afford a second baby, but that's not a good reason not to have one, because could you really afford the first one? :)

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On Why A Potential Employer Needs To Know Your Credit Score

I had a co-worker with the absolute worst credit and the only thing my bosses finally said was "please have your creditors stop calling here."

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On Life Insurance Ugh Why

We sucked it up for the kids. The advice we got from our financial advisor was to do it as soon as possible because it is cheapest to lock in a good rate when you are young and healthy. My aunt was telling me how much "end of life" expenses are and it's clear that we will be only increasing the amount of life insurance we have over time, because I really don't want my kids to have to pay for that.

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On Friends With Venmo

@garli yeah that sounds super-annoying and I wouldn't want to deal with it at all.

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On Friends With Venmo

@garli I used paypal for my oscar pool and it was very convenient. My friend recently paid me for a car using some app vaguely related to Square. I don't mind checks, though. The social aspect and the dinner party thing are what bother me.

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On Friends With Venmo

@guenna77 I'm with you. BRUTAL. Making it easier for us all to be passive-aggressive & voyeuristic doesn't seem like a good thing at all.

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