On Baby Purchases, Reevaluated

I would fight Liam Neeson and all the wolves in the forest for my Boppy Pillow. I hate even going to the grocery store without knowing it is within my reach. Who are these women who can nurse their babies freestyle? And I agree on the Nosefrida, too! That thing revolutionized snot removal in my house. I also have a craft fair paci holder to stop my husband from "blowing" the germs off the paci when it fell on the floor of the airport. GROSS. But I HATE the soothie. My son's fell out so often, I went into a terrible rage, threw it out the window and put a Nuk paci in his mouth without even sterilizing it first.

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On Chatting About Tuna Noodle Casseroles, Jell-O, and the American Iron Housewife

I love this so much. I never liked to cook and my mother is the best cook! She hates sweets, and I love to bake. My husband is an amazing cook - he makes these super-elaborate meals. When I was single, I existed on scrambled eggs & cheese wrapped in a tortilla. When I had extra money, I bought an Amy's frozen pizza at Whole Foods. Oh, Nostalgia! Now, I have two kids. My 3 yr old only eats "pizza bread" or "fish sticks" or "sausage biscuits from the biscuit store." We discovered that he likes peas, so we defrost those for him. He won't eat any sweets except for free grocery store cookies from one specific store "the cookie store" & triple ginger snaps from Trader Joe's "brown cookies." Now, when he eats everything he likes on his plate (the fruit), he says "What's the dinner deal, Mama?" and we tell him what he has to eat (ex. all of your fish sticks, and 5 peas) so that he can have "brown cookies." It's endlessly frustrating to have such a picky eater, but I assume he will grow out of it. I will never grow out of not wanting to cook - when my husband is out, I make scrambled eggs with cheese. He comes home, rolls his eyes at me, and says he will make me homemade pizza or "something wrapped in a tortilla" (my favorites) the next night. Husband jackpot!

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On A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions: Balancing a Relationship With Financial Differences

My husband was TERRIBLE with money when we met which always surprises me because his parents are the best with money. My parents are the worst, so I have always been afraid of debt. No one explained to my husband that credit cards accrue interest. He managed to get a giant balance on a Discover card. No one even takes Discover! Anyway, I told him we could not get married until he dealt with the credit card debt, but I wasn't concerned about the student loan. I don't have any student loans and it's not a huge monthly payment. He consolidated at a good rate. He borrowed money from his parents to pay off the credit card (without telling me) and then he bought a ring and paid that off, too. We paid his parents back, so I guess I did help some, but it was still on him to make it happen which was the point. We combined finances as soon as we got married (6 yrs ago) and that works really well for us. I keep us out of debt and try to make sure we can afford the occasional vacation. My husband just needed someone he loved who wasn't his parents to explain how everything worked and why saving is important.

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On Account Joined

These updated really are the best! Hormones post-baby are the worst. I got night sweats and now my hair is falling out.

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On A Hospital Bill, Annotated

Congratulations again and Oh man, I am sorry your birth plan got tossed! But so glad to hear your baby is "boring." I had a c-section with my first child, and the only bill that really pissed me off was the "$148 per night for room and board" for the BABY. He slept in a plastic box in my room and I fed him! So SO mad. My second baby was a vaginal birth, but somehow the hospital did not manage to ingest my insurance information when I handed it to them while having contractions one after the other. Every time someone came in my room, they would say "But you don't have insurance, so . . . " and I would say YES I DO, TAKE MY CARD RIGHT NOW. I totally lost my temper when the medicaid advisor called me because of my lack of insurance and made her take down all of my information again. I had to call three different "clinics" who took care of us in the hospital and give each of them my insurance information once we got home from the hospital. AGAIN. Don't even get me started on what happens if something is actually amiss with your baby. The amount of money charged for USELESS visits to a seemingly endless number of specialists when you are days past giving birth and too sleep-deprived to argue is just bananas. That, my friend, will put hair on your chest.

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On June With My Landlord

I love this and also congrats on the baby!

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On Measure Your Life in Birth Control

My mom used to get me free birth control through a "trade" with a pharmaceutical rep at the doctor's office she worked for. She gave him allergy meds, and he gave her birth control packs. She once filled my Christmas stocking with birth control when I was in college. She has a sick sense of humor. :) I was on the pill and used condoms (DOUBLE UP) with my now husband until we wanted to have a baby. I had an early miscarriage and decided I never wanted to be on the pill again after I had my first baby. We used condoms - condoms somehow became the biggest drag on the planet. After my second baby, I got an IUD. Surprisingly, insurance covered it in full. We're talking vasectomy in a few years, because what I really want is to just let my body BE! Don't you wish there were a switch you could flip that said "I am married. I have children. I just want a BREAK from thinking about this." or you know - your own personal version of that!

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On Yakkin' About Baby Showers

That calendar sounds like a terrible idea, sorry, Mike! Do NOT have too many visitors, and seriously limit your house guests at first so you can sit around and be a feed bag while watching re-runs of Frasier and not have to be nice to anyone. Advice from one past due with her second child. :)

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On How Do Couples Use Joint Accounts?

@potatopotato I do it in two payments. It's not as big a gut punch as daycare, thankfully.

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On How Do Couples Use Joint Accounts?

We fully combined our finances when we got married. My husband is not good at managing money, but he wants us to be smart. I like taking charge of our finances and working toward big goals as well as making it possible for us to afford the month-to-month stuff. He had a lot of credit card debt that he took care of before we got married. I was shocked at how ignorant he was about interest rates and where his money was going - especially because his parents are financial geniuses and mine are the absolute worst! We talk about money a lot and we discuss big purchases and goals so that we are on the same page. It works for us. When our son turned 2 and we had to start thinking about three plane tickets to visit family, I got us an excellent rewards credit card. We charge everything and pay it off in full every month. This has been a great method for us. We know how much we are spending. We know when we need to back off, and we are making our money do more for us. We got four free plane tickets last year spending money we would have spent anyway. Obviously, since I am obsessed with this site, I am always looking for new & better ways for us to learn to save and be better about actually budgeting. We are about to have our second child and our monthly daycare bill is going to be INSANE, but so far, we have managed to make everything work through open communication and trust.

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