On Get Interest-free Banking With Digit, a Terrible New Way to Save

@orangezest This is exactly why I signed up. I automatically put a chunk of each paycheck into savings, etc, but Digit is saving me about $10 a week, sending me balance reminders, etc. It works with my lifestyle.

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On The Cost of a Trip to Iceland

@Lily Rowan ooh please post about your experience with a whirlwind visit there--I'm thinking about adding on a short stopover on my way to London this summer and I want to know if it's worth it for one night!

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On I Woke Up Doing 1 Thing

My 1 Thing (I haven't done a 1 Thing in so long) is to make a spreadsheet for all the grants and scholarships I'm applying for for summer research/continued schooling. Current count is at 4 applications, all with additional various and sundry supplemental materials required.

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On I Sold My Bone Marrow for $300 and You Can Too

I really need to start charging for my (time spent donating my) platelets. Didn't realize bone marrow was an option...wonder how often you can do that...

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On 1 Thing Put a Spell on Me

My 1 Thing is tooooooo draft a lease for my new tenant/roommate so's I can get some cash money for the next six weeks. Gotta do it today because she moves in tomorrow.

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On Layaway Plans

It reminds me of the tax refund debate. Yes, your money could be working for you if you had that extra $15 with every paycheck, but if this is the game you need to play to save money/buy your kids a Christmas gift/whatever, it's good to know what works for you. (I've never used layaway but I like the idea much better than all the credit card debt I'm struggling with. And I definitely prefer the lump sum tax refund as a way to pay down said debt, it makes me feel much more accomplished.)

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On I Want to Do 1 Thing Right But Not Right Now

I have two 1 things, but they are related. 1 thing 1: Figure out how much my paychecks will be reduced for the rest of the year because of a taxable tuition remission benefit. Thank god only $1100 was taxable, because it’s going to be up to $100 a check that I won’t get. Which leads to 1 thing 2: Find a seasonal second job so that I can afford bills/Christmas presents/holiday affairs. I inexplicably got turned down from the retail job I worked last year (Macy's). I hated the retail job I did 3 years ago (Target). I am not coordinated/strong enough to waitress. Any ideas?

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On Don't You Ever Say I Just Walked Away From 1 Thing

My 1 thing was to apply for seasonal employment at the same department store I worked at last year. I wanted to make it through the rest of the year without having to get a second job or a roommate, but then I decided I want to pay off $5000 of non-mortgage debt (because of that windfall article the other day, wherein I realized that $20K would not cover my debt, but maybe I can break it into more manageable chunks) so I am now looking for both a second job AND a roommate. Anyway I did my 1 Thing this morning, and now I'm going to eat a PBJ sammich instead of going out for lunch like I really wanted to do till I wrote this comment. Progress indeed.

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On I'd Totally Save Money If It Didn't Feel Impossible

I make the same in a MUCH cheaper city and now I feel bad about the many more wants I splurge on. I do save a little, actually, enough to get my employer match for my 403b (5%), and I have an emergency fund that fluctuates between $500-$1000 based on whether I decide to throw a chunk at my substantial CC debt. But yeah, mostly I'm just getting by.

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On What Would You Do With a $20,000 Windfall?

Uhhhh hahaha I don't like to think about things like this because it makes me realize that $20K wouldn't even cover my non-mortgage debts. I think I might have a panic attack now.

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