On The Cost Of Things: Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed at 30

@j a y Yeah, it can be not bad. I got mine out last year when I was 31, I "splurged" on IV loopy juice (didn't put me to sleep but I was only kind of aware what was going on, kinda cool) or rather my mother splurged on it because she paid for it as a birthday present (no health insurance at the time but started getting monthly bouts of terrible pain.) I did have something that sounded a lot like dry socket but they told me it wasn't (but treated it just like dry socket?) That sucked but I still got it done on a Friday and went back to work on Monday. The funniest thing that happened was that my husband was very attached to following the rules that said no hot food, so he was like no hot soup! Or even warm soup! And I'm like where can we get gazpacho and he's like I don't know, I'll just make it. Which is crazy because he's not a cook and he'd never had gazpacho but he's was just being super sweet. So he mixes up this huge batch and then our electricity goes out. So I'm trying to eat it in the dark but it's just not blended up enough and it's the worst pain of my life, trying to "chew" the little gazpacho bits. He felt terrible!

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On How Do You Do Groceries?

@j a y I'm not scoring lobster, but I do just go to Sprouts, buy the meat that's on sale, go to another store for pre-cut veggies because I'm lazy (and completely unconcerned about things being in-season, there are 4 veggies I can cook easily on a weeknight and those are the ones I'm buying!)and then supplement with pasta sauce and noodles and frozen pizza. I never make a list and I probably rotate 5 or 6 stores that have good deals on the things I regularly buy. I don't know why it is buy the only meals I can repeat for a long time are breakfast, can eat the same thing for months but lunch and dinner I have to change up frequently.

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On How Do You Do Groceries?

@Erica I eat straight up frozen french toast that you heat in the toaster, talk about juvenile! But take some microwaved turkey sausage and eat them together...it's pretty satisfying!

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On Chatting About Crocs, Y'all

These are very comfy, very snazzy looking, and very non-Croc-y (for being Crocs) http://www.6pm.com/crocs-huarache-flat-multi-geranium

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On Tipping Housekeeping is Controversial? (No It Isn't)

@JNC Musings Factory Thank you! I did not know this was a thing until maybe 5 years ago. We didn't travel tons as a family and I don't travel constantly but I've stayed in enough hotels to feel guilty that I never, ever thought to tip.

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On Aspiring To Be An Effortlessly Cool Woman With a $20 Flip Phone

@guenna77 This is what I don't get, people who -usually with a superior tone- saying that having a dumb phone frees them in some way. That's a problem of their self control, not smartphones. I don't think I use facebook to a compulsive degree but like having it on my phone, only responding to things I want to respond to. Radical, I know!

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On A Decision to Settle

@deathcabforcutes Eh, it's a first step. Some of us are spenders and some of us are savers and the first step towards someone like us, the author and I, becoming a little bit more like a saver is to stop spending invisible money. It doesn't mean we're going to start super saving anytime soon because when you've always spent all (and more) of your money for 30+ years, you don't become a saver overnight. I don't know if I'll ever be a saver but I'm working on it. My credit card debt is manageable right now and I'm trying to pay it down aggressively but I like to go places and buy things (as does my husband) so there is some comfort in acknowledging that we aren't like broken people because we aren't savers and lean a bit too heavily on credit cards, just try to do a little better where we can without being miserable.

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On Two Weddings, One Summer

@JNC Musings Factory That does seem weird...I had BBQ at my wedding but my maid and matron of honor are both vegetarians (as is he matrons's husband and child AND she was pregnant at the time so extra hungry)and so they definitely were able to get some (probably not as good as the BBQ) pasta and veggies. My maid of honor ate her pasta but heaped BBQ sides (beans, slaw, etc.) on top because she likes to make the most of things!

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On True Value: One Pair of Black Pumps From Payless ShoeSource

@Sass I don't understand how people wear pumps! My feet must just be made weird because nothing stays on this foot worth a damn if it doesn't have a maryjane strap holding it all together!

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On Help, a Direct Mailing For a Cleaning Service Actually Worked On Me And I'm Worried It Will Ruin My Relationship

@Meaghano I will admit that I kind of feel like I'm doing my part for feminism by not being a woman who cares about how clean the house is. There is definitely some gender stuff about how women were historically judged for the cleanliness of the house and I think some women still feel that pressure even if they have a full time job just like their partner. I refuse to feel the pressure; if the cat hair wafting everywhere bugs my husband, then he can clean it up! Who ever is bothered can handle it and whatever doesn't bother us just stays there until we have company!

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