On Yakkin' About Baby Showers

@Trix Oh@facebook The baby shower I threw a while back, it seemed like most everyone did gift cards anyway so it was a little anti-climatic. I feel like the idea with the baby showers is to see a bunch of cute widdle clothes (I will admit, I am delighted by this myself hence why we got her bebe all the little clothes, trying to keep in mind our friend's style and distaste for overly-girlie shit) but as people move more and more into gift card territory, perhaps the gift opening ceremony will end (which many people hate so good riddance!)

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On Yakkin' About Baby Showers

@PicNic I think, just like weddings, it should be everybody's right to not be the center of attention if they don't want to. I'm not a huge extrovert but if given the floor, I don't mind attention (hence enjoying having a wedding where all eyes were on me, not minding opening up wedding gifts at my shower etc) but it's weird that it's just expected (usually by older relatives.) I feel like once we're the old ladies of our families, we will be more conscious of how this makes lots of people uncomfortable!

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On Yakkin' About Baby Showers

@Mike Dang I think there should be a Billfold follow-up with the couple to see if they ended up liking their calendar idea!

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On Americans Pouring Ranch All Over Everything

@Jake Reinhardt Yes! I don't want to dip anything in Hidden Valley or the like...if there is house-made ranch to be had and a fried thing to dip it in, bring it on!

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On Moving From Fast Fashion to a Few Quality Pieces

@ThatJenn This is very timely, in that I was just about to step out the door to work and noticed a huge hole in my pants' crotch. I will say, the pants last a while but still, I can't find a sure-fire plus size pants source. I have the worst time with the rise not being high enough on various chain retailers (Avenue, Lane Bryant, Target) but have random luck there as well as Nordstrom Rack which has expanded their plus size section alot.

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On How Do Couples Use Joint Accounts?

My husband and I started out with a joint account for rent and bills when we moved in together but still had individual checking accounts we used for everything else. I made more money so we split bills in proportion out incomes. Once we were married I realized that it would be much easier (for us) to just pool all of our money. Our checks go into the joint account and we just pay everything from there. Luckily, I like keeping track of bills and savings and everything and he doesn't mind deferring to me on what we can and can't afford. He's much less of a spender so it works, I'm the one who wants to buy every pretty thing out there.

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On There's a New Chicken King in Town

@grog Ug, the Hobby Lobby thing drives me nuts, they are by far the best all around craft store near me!

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On There's a New Chicken King in Town

@punzy Their actual chicken is eh but the waffle fries and honey mustard are what I miss the most!

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On When One Person Earns More Than the Other in a Relationship

@Human Centipaul It just sounds like maybe she wants to be with someone who is more ambitious, all money aside. She's not saying, it doesn't seem "make more money!" but rather "be more ambitious and less obnoxious about not having a 9-5!"

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On Weird Jobs Around The World

@sea ermine I had never heard the term slug, are slug lines related to the Slugline of House of Cards? According to the writer, no, but isn't that a weird coincidence?

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