On The Costs of Moving to Kazakhstan

@Trilby @Trilby If you wear perfume correctly, it should only be smellable if someone was very close to you. People who wear a cloud of perfume around them ruin it for the rest of us. I like to catch a whiff of someone's nice fragrance (I'm a librarian so I do have to get kind of close to people, helping with computers and such) especially compared to the less than pleasant smells of many of the other people I help. I know some people have sensitivities and that's one thing but I will never agree to a blanket ban on perfume!

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On The Discreet Charm of Commuting

I drive now, between 2 part time jobs, so podcasts have become my savior. As long as I have a good podcast and something to drink, I mostly enjoy my commute. Been digging in to the archives of Spilled Milk which is great but does make me hungry.

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On Do 1 Thing Before 1 Thing Does You

@Punk-assBookJockey I did something similar. I had a dress (I do this "dress rental" thing where you get a dress, wear it, send it back, and they send you another yada yada) and it was in it's little return mail envelope and I always used to just sit them on the porch and the post office picks them up. But then just suddenly they wouldn't pick it up, it was there for 3 days. So I threw it in my car and planned to drop it at the post office. And then I just never did and rode around with it and finally just stuffed it into my mail box. They picked it up.

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On The Things We Did to Fund Our Honeymoon

@twofish When I think of the assortment of wedding gifts we got that were either crappy or not necessary (I mean, these are things we registered for but I was real sloppy with it...I have a lovely paella pan for all the paella I'll probably never make) and the credit card debt we accumulated from our European honeymoon, makes me wish we had considered a honeyfund more seriously! I just did not think it would fly, didn't want to offend my families southern sensibilities with asking for money. But I have a Whirley Pop I registered for just sitting in a cabinet taking up space also with debt taking up space on my credit card!

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On Everything I Needed to Know About Money I Did Not Learn in Kindergarten

My parents, who are actually really quite good with their own money, instilled nothing useful in me! I was a spoiled brat, didn't get an allowance but got whatever I wanted, but also had no chores. It's crazy that I'm as functional as I am! And from childhood I only remember my mom always "getting in trouble" with credit cards and my dad going into a blind range over the tiniest expense (buying a cup of ice for water, late fees at Blockbuster) but bought huge, expensive things all the time (electronics and hobby stuff for hunting and fishing mostly.) I did not learn the value of a dollar until...I'm still working on it? My husband and I both have decent jobs and don't live lavish lifestyles but I'm still terrible at saving and have a bunch of cc debt. Let's just say, I wish I had one of these elaborate piggy bank systems when I was a kid! I love my parents and thing they are great in general but they dropped the ball on the money stuff and I'm still trying to get a handle on it.

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On The 'Instant Gratification Economy'

@thecoffeestain I do listen to a lot of country radio and I like Miranda Lambert but I found this song annoying. I don't like phony nostalgia like that, as though people weren't dicks before cell phones and like having to make everything from scratch didn't entirely fall on the shoulders of women who might have liked to just order a freaking pizza now and then! But really it's the line "Staying married was the only way to work your problems out" that bugs me the most...yeah, people stayed in destructive, abusive marriages because society said they they had to, those were the days! That being said, I like her voice and still listen to it when it comes on. What actually bugs me the MOST is how this person became full from one tamale! How big is this tamale, I've never eaten less than 2 tamales at a time in my life, even just as a snack (a meal of tamales is like 3 minimum.)

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On Saying Yes to the Dress! (For Other People)

@OllyOlly I will say that while I enjoyed my wedding, enjoyed planning it even, I don't "get" falling in love with a dress that is super expensive. I bought a dress online, sight unseen, for $250ish, then continued to try on much fancier expensive dresses (well, expensive to me was $1200) which I liked but also thought...do I like this nearly 5X more than the other dress? Nope, never, and I also couldn't deal with it if anyone complimented the expensive dress because, duh, it's expensive, of course it's gorgeous! I much preferred being able to brag about the cost of my dress while people told me how well it suited me (maybe they were saying I'm cheap looking in general!) But I also had a version of Ester's logic- my wedding was pretty casual, BBQ, men in the wedding party in just regular suits, so a bazillion dollar dress would have just looked weird and out of place!

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On Folks Sure Do Have Strong Opinions About Kennedy Weddings

@andnowlights I mean, the reason for fascination is pretty clear- they keep dying dramatically, and some of them were handsome. People have become cultural icons for much less!

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On Printing & Crying

@jquick This is of course a fairly reasonable option but it depends...a lot of libraries are becoming more restrictive about charging non-residents a fee to use computers and sometimes your closest library (at least where I live) is not actually in the city you reside. And of course there is the other public at the library which some people can handle (there are many smells.) BUT on the other hand, the library where I work is getting a software where you can print from your phone or laptop or whatever without ever getting a library card, so hopefully THAT will also become more common.

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On Printing & Crying

@Katni What's weird is that they def used to be called Fed Ex Kinkos here (in Texas) then they started just being Fed Ex. BUT I went to one recently to print something (which is dumb because I can print freely at work, I work at a library, I could also use the library as a civilian etc.) and while I was there they were outside the store rehanging the Kinkos part of the sign! What is the drama between Fed Ex and Kinkos I wonder, seems very on and off! That being said, the lady working there was so nice, it was weird to be on the other side of the "my print didn't come out!" which is like 90% of what I deal with at the public library where I work! But she was so cool and only charged me half what I owed on my fax.

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