On Emily Nussbaum Pretty Much Like Yeah, My Career Path No Longer Exists, Sorry

I haven't had an interview in the "arts" where this fact wasn't quietly acknowledged, and I'm just glad she's coming out and saying it. Fucking finally!

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On A Windfall

At the risk of being a huge, huge, huge buzzkill, is this money going to be a taxable event for you? Or is it just something within the gift exemption? If the former, save some damn money for taxes! If the latter, I recommend getting a Silpat if you want to bake things.

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On Anderson Cooper Has His Own Millions, Thank You

additionally: even though he may not be inheriting gloria's millions, it might be material that those millions made him able to go to dalton, yale, and work low-paying tv jobs/report around myanmar in a jeep.

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On On Banning 'Bossy'

"I don't want you guys to think of me as a boss, despite the fact that my company increasingly dictates the contours of your experience of privacy, and my billions allow me to influence your government disproportionately. So quit it."

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On What One Food Item Would You Eat for the Rest of Your Life?

for someone who tries really hard to be compassionate of all the weird ways people think and live, people who only eat kid food (and this is an extreme case) just make me livid. i know it's irrational. i have my own faux-intellectual scaffolding around it. but seriously, i don't believe your preferences are so special, immutable, and sensitive as to not eat anything but pizza (or chicken nuggets, or fries, or grilled cheese, etc.)

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On In-N-Out Burger Has Remained Popular and Profitable While Treating Employees Well

@EDaily because the above commenter is looking for librul bias, which hides, like black mold and communists.

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On In-N-Out Burger Has Remained Popular and Profitable While Treating Employees Well

@EDaily In 'n' Out prints discreet Bible verses on their cups and packaging, and the family that runs the company is generally Christian. It is interesting though, that someone has ceded the ground that "God's way" involves adequately compensating workers, given the historical alignment between the right-wing and evangelicals! I also tend to think that the company's management strategy pulls from sources more diverse than the social gospel, however.

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On Interview With Someone Whose Parents Didn't Really Have to Work, Per Se

Lily, you and I have very different backgrounds but we share a lot of the same worries about our "careers." I would love to hear a follow up if you ever talk to that counselor.

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On Paying More Because You're Paying With a Credit Card

@OllyOlly I admit also that I'm annoyed by this because I hate carrying cash, and annoyed that I get to pay two swipe premiums! One built into the cost of goods, and one special Shame Fee!

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On Paying More Because You're Paying With a Credit Card

@OllyOlly I think you beat me to it. Most places that have a high volume of low-revenue transactions (and thus are killed by swipe fees) build the cost of the swipe fee into common impulse goods. The classic example is Duane Reade. Price check candy bars, sodas, and some individual sized consumer non-durables like pain relievers and razors against non-CC accepting bodegas, and you'll notice it.

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