On Bagging Groceries in Greenwich

@Jane Dough This is completely false.

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On Who Gets the Privilege of Paying for HBO Now?

You can pay for HBO! Through your cable provider. Sorry, this nerd-culture, a la carte argument has always bugged me. HBO Now is a really big move in a lot of ways, but cable companies expend a lot of the real marketing dollars for HBO, so it's not super surprising that for a very long time, they were the sole retailer of HBO subscriptions.

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On How an Entry-level Investment Banker Does Money

@thisisatest i make 53k a year and my take home pay would be ~2800 if i didn't take out insurance or money i save. that number sounds right, as he goes up the bracket. nyc has high taxes. can't speak for the rest of his budget.

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On Tax Season

@grandma_nancy Thank you for posting this, and there are other states and jurisdictions that offer this. I realize that's not super helpful, and Googling "[your state/city] free tax preparation" might end up in scummy places, but if you make below $60k gross, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look for these programs and hit Intuit where it hurts.

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On An Interview With Someone Who Got Fired for Not Having a 'Hunger for Marketing'

I'm going to leave aside most of this person's opinions because I had a lot to learn about working at 22 too, but this comment section has depressed me: as a culture we have fully accepted that "intern" is a class of unpaid entry-level employment that we have the right to fire as though they're actual employees. We have just all swallowed this pill that working for free is an acceptable arrangement. (I realize he was paid as an "intern," but whatever.)

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On Job of the Day: Maker of Life-Size Sex Dolls

@Josh Michtom@facebook But could you hang out with these totally natural, boring real dolls, just chilling? http://www.pinterest.com/puncturewound/real-dolls-out-and-about/

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On Do 1 Thing (And a Report on a Successful Thing!)

Over the past year, I had regularly cleaned out my closet and drawers of clothes that didn't fit/were damaged/didn't appeal to me anymore, and uh... stored them in a big Rubbermaid. My 1 Thing was to take those to textile recycling, but I threw them out instead. I'll take it.

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On The Truth About Digital Best Sellers

@Trilby This is factually correct, but Amazon (as reported in the news!) negotiates VERY VERY HARD on the amount of time they're allowed between bills, and the discount off list that they get wholesale. Also, many publishers negotiate caps on returns. My old job did with Amazon until 2014, and they're currently getting Hachette'd. (I did not work for Hachette then, do not work for Hachette currently, etc.)

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On A Pick-Your-Brain Fee?

This is not the first time I've seen mid-career professionals complaining about younger people asking them for their advice (it's endemic in my little dying industry). I have a pet theory that it's about their fear of an increasingly inhumane job market, and a sense that they need to hold on to their hoard of precious skills and connections. Which ironically isn't how it works. Did you not receive any advice early in your career? Did you not ask questions? Did you find yourself grateful for that advice, and end up doing reciprocal favors for said mentor? Poor sportsmanship goes both ways.

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On It's Entrepreneur Barbie

How is she going to Lean In without hip joints or knees?

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