On If You Buy Your Wife a Mansion

"a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side" Ok, so if this is in a building that Faith found desirable (and presumably her husband knows that well enough), how much different is one 2/2 UES condo from another? *NOT* the building (which implies street, too), but the unit itself--a UES 2/2 condo is pretty much going to be a 1000-1200 sf whitebox, no (unless its like $5,000,000)?

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On If You Buy Your Wife a Mansion

@E$ What I like sooooooo much more about those ads is that they almost all are advertising *lease* costs. So, you got me a car I didn't pick out, and you're committing me/us to keep it for 24 months and make payments?? GTFOOH!

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On On Checks and Checkouts

"But I hate depositing checks by phone. " I hate it bc: WTH do I do with the check? Yes, I should just shred it, but makes me nervous somehow. Q--you use a bank w/o convenient local ATMs to deposit the stack? "the clerk said “wow, you are really good at bagging your groceries!”" This is often--in my experience--bc the staff at grocery stores suck at bagging. Once plastic bags became common, they stopped training the kids, and they all stopped caring. I usually prefer to bag myself, bc I am aware of how to do a good job.

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On The Cost of Being a Salmon Swimming Upstream

@Jaz Parmar@facebook I too, would like you to celebrate the upcoming holidays with you. Your presence here at such a fortuitous time is truly a Festivus Miracle!

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On The Cost of Being a Salmon Swimming Upstream

While I have gotten friends and family to undertake similar such moving missions for me (and also earned lots of good moving karma by helping many, many others move), I find it interesting that the ~$150+ in gas and tolls that your parents spent just disappears as a wisp. I can certainly imagine future-me doing as much (or even more) to help one of my kids move, but also think that I'd far prefer (if at all feasible) to shell out the difference for the full-mover-experience and forgo much (up to all) of the work aspect. And I do still find such things kinda entertaining, at least when it's someone else's stuff.

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On Where Do You Want To Live When You Retire

@beastlyburden @beastlyburden And you know, common language, rule of law/no dictators benign or otherwise/absence of Juntas, less of a rich/poor divide, no tropical diseases, etc, etc, etc. Other than that, Central/South American sounds much better than Canada.

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On American Workers Want to Know When Their Workday Ends

@ronswansonluva Are you in a small enough office that there isn't anyone in a different job category who *does* get to just leave, even if stuff ain't done? I have many co-workers who arrive and leave at set times every day, and if something isn't done, it waits til tomorrow. I need to work til stuff is done (at least sometimes) but have substantial flexibility about whether I do that at my desk, at home, before noon or after 9pm, etc, etc, and also I get paid more. If it were otherwise (that I needed to be at my desk at 8am, not get to leave at all until work done, not work from home, and got paid the same) then it would be unacceptable.

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On American Workers Want to Know When Their Workday Ends

@Katni " it was never mandatory, and we weren’t punished if we opted not to" Teeheehee. Punishment is meted out not as "punishment" but thru the absence of something else, like promotions, etc. If you care not about that, then there really is "no punishment".

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On The Casual Is the Enemy of the Good

@Jake Reinhardt Yep, my only objections to casual Friday are (1) not *actually* casual, as I am not allowed to wear shorts/be actually casual; (2) rest of the week is unnecessarily business-y, as I see customers approximately twice a year, and could easily plan for those few/keep a change of 'business' clothes at work. I am also not especially 'casual', nor spontaneous. I just am a desk monkey with no real need to dress better than the stereotypical 'coder' on a day to day basis.

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On The Windfall Theory of Personal Finance

@HelloTheFuture that'd be the "meta-windfall theory"--the hope that someone in your current or future circle comes into a windfall and elects to take care of you.

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