On More Than 88,000 People Apply for 55 Affordable Apartments in "Poor Door" Building

"88,000 people" It appears that the system is now set up an account, you just need to click to apply. Now, it looks like 88,000 is crazy high, but this isn't like filling out a separate paper application every time there is a new building.

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On How Burnouts Became Slackers Became Mainstream

Um, hello, Nirvana? **Grunge** for christsake. Eddie Vedder is far more responsible for the 'mainstreaming' of 'burnout' dress than any John Hughes character, or any tech billionaire. But, of course, your H&M Ramones t-shirt really owes itself to [had to look it up] Marc Jacobs 1993 Paris show for Perry Ellis. Even tho nothing from that show ever sold (also from the google-fu). "What is the thesis of Home Alone, after all, if not that the rich should protect their advantages against interlopers at all costs?" That modern life is so confusing that you can forget part of your family? That free range kids are actually ok? That dads just don't give a flying f about their 3d sons/5th child?

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On Would You Ever Tell a Friend That They Were Making Bad Financial Decisions?

"Spend over your budget and have unprotected sex—neither of which we have proof that this person is doing, by the way—and you might have a “possible mental illness.”" If one is--before--a very careful spender, and someone who was fastidious about ... stuff, then the radical behavior change is a reasonable sign of “possible mental illness.” If this is just a return to, and minor amplification of, pre-marriage behavior, then probably not. Of course, there is no need for the friend-ervention to be about the $$, specifically. It could simply be a "we're *really* worried about you" thing, and if her reaction is "why?" the $$ is only one of the things to bring up. It'd be about offering a mooring for the friend who appears to be totally at sea. I'm not the sort to do something like that, either, but many are, and she seems like a candidate, if everything in the letter were true.

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On Former NBA Player Josh Childress Explains Why Athletes Go Broke

I think that Avery's 25% for Agents & Managers is either (1) made up hooey, or (2) a consumption choice on outsourcing personal business to a 'manager'. All evidence points to NHL agents charging bt 3 and 5 % of salary. A good tax accountant that can handle all of the state tax filings, etc, is going to be *maybe* $10k (under 0.5%). Off season conditioning etc etc is a lot, but ain't $400,000. And the worst that the escrow has been is 13% (just once) and 9% (again just once) and is typically about 5% or less, rather than 20%. So, call the 2 together 30%, and that's $700,000 in after tax dollars set aside--Which, yeah, is Avery's point--*don't spend it on pants*--but is a misleading part of his story. He wants the "average" kid to have $4,000,000 in the bank after his 5 and a half seasons, instead of a wardrobe full of pants that won't fit him once he stops skating every day.

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On Life, And Doing Money, In The New Middle Age

@therealjaygatsby That's life expectancy at birth. At present, population wide, men hit 15 years remaining life expectancy just short of age 69, and women just short of 72. Life expectancy is a little longer for the younger boomers, which presumably accounts for the 74 in the article. If we approximated the remaining life expectancy of 65-yo when social security was enacted, and applied it to current expectancies, then 72 is the new 65 (at 72, both men and women have about the same remaining life expectancy as 65-yo did in 1940).

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On Why Is Air Travel so Expensive? Because of Institutional Investors

@@fo PS: Life Insurers (particularly Whole Life products, or anything similar where you build cash value) are essentially a cousin of mutual funds that's somewhat more like your former understanding of a Fund, but with a life insurance policy tied with it.

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On Why Is Air Travel so Expensive? Because of Institutional Investors

@HelloTheFuture "The former makes it clear that the fund is the company, and the latter makes it seem like the fund is something separate from the company." There are two "companies": The Fund and the Fund Manager (meaning, eg, "Fidelity", not the individual(s) managing the fund). The Mutual fund is an "Investment Company" (specifically, a "Management Company", just to make the terminology more overlapping and confusing) governed by the Investment Company Act of 1940 (the '40 Act). The Fund Manager (Fidelity) is a separate company that organizes and manages the individual Mutual Funds. So, long way of saying: I think that the former and the latter are describing exactly the same thing, but each eliding a portion of the full explanation.

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On Am I Hurting Hotel Housekeepers' Income by Not Leaving My Hotel Room?

Just call the front desk and say you don't want the room cleaned that day. They put you on the list, and the housekeepers should know to not knock. No stress.

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On The Costs of Eating Out

" $10 dollars for 6 sandwiches at Subway" Holy moly!! Does anyone spend ten bucks at Subway? Has it really come to that?

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On Pittsburgh Store Charges Women 76 Percent Less Than Men, to Make Up for the Wage Gap

@Duckles Yeah, 76% *or* or 24% less than. But that's the hed, so I wouldn't blame Nicole automatically--it's a well established fact of journalism that the author doesn't (always) have any control over their article headline.

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