On "If you're enjoying yourself, you're not working hard enough" (Or You're In Denmark)

"America’s biggest problems include the fact that ... we spend insane amounts of money on Seamless." The problems of subset of (relatively) affluent denizens of New York and Kings Counties do NOT equal the problems of America. [yes, I realize: sarcasm, but it's a set up for the following] Not to mention having *nothing* to do with the problems of 'Murica (F! YEAH!!), most of which appear to stem from the existence of New York and Kings Counties.

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On Transitional Furniture

@missedconnections "IKEA fan 4 life" Seriously do NOT understand the Ikea disdain. Never have had a Lack, but have a dozen Ikea rugs, Ikea curtains in ... 3, 4, 5...SIX rooms, Billy galore, etc. etc. In a house we have owned for over a decade. Including the water cup on my desk. Ikea does have some stuff that is 'transitional' but it is not definitionally transitional.

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On My No-Purchase November Adventure

"the old analogue one" Heh. Do believe you mean "analog" tho.

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On Terrible Financial Decisions That I Have Made or Am Considering Making

@Katni In addition to what Liz sez, the savings is ~$300 to fly to MSP, and renting a car is about $200 (+gas + 10 hours of your life--IF there's no snow), so it doesn't seem like a good value proposition.

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On Reader Dilemma: Can I Take My Bonus and Quit the Next Day?

@Car-hole "you might want to make sure the check has cleared, if you think it’s the type of place that would stop payment" No, you *absolutely* MUST make sure the check has cleared, whether you think they are that petty or not. The "maybe" thing is "maybe" you transfer all of your money out of that deposit account before tendering notice, if you think they are that shady.

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On One American's Search for a Bank Account Abroad

"lose 26 years of credit history" You're 44? That pre-18 credit history is really your parents' credit history.

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On In Defense of Small Cheap Cities

@seakelps " cars. I believe that narrows down my Us options to NYC and Boston, with maybe a chance of Chicago and Seattle." Boston is prob slightly better than Chicago, but not a lot, and I dunno how Seattle is ok, and EsEff not. And you forgot DC (and maybe Philly, but I forgive forgetting Philly). I do agree that buses are not viable options except in specific, limited, situations.

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On An Interview With Someone Who Got Fired for Not Having a 'Hunger for Marketing'

@beanwavves Yeppers! Expecting the Google/Facebook perqs, while having a 'pay the bills' 9-2-5 job, that allows for pursuing one's 'true calling' is a fundamental misunderstanding of how Google/Facebook operate and WHY they offer those perqs.

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On An Interview With Someone Who Got Fired for Not Having a 'Hunger for Marketing'

@clo Yes, of course interns don't get commissions, but if you call "sales" "marketing" then *no one* gets commissions. Because it's not 'market' for marketing job titles. Anyway, it sounds like it was a 'sales assistant' role (as I would call it in an old school commissionable sales biz), and calling that marketing is sorta deceptive...well, marketing, of the position.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: November 2014 Check-in

@SarahRose Hmm. Isn't the test AGI? [checking...] ok, it's *modified* AGI, and the modification is only deductible student loan interest and tuition. Do you max IRA/401/HSA (anything else available)? If you're *just* over the limit (which is $75k), you might eke out a small 'bonus' to your tax-advantaged savings if you get under the threshold.

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