On Eating Thanksgiving Dinner in a Restaurant is Cheating Y/N

I'm actually bummed that you would even use 'cheating' as a term. Like actually pretty offended and sad about it. My family doesn't live close, and my grandfather died right around thanksgiving, so we go out, but thanks for making me also feel like I'm not only missing out, but 'cheating' as well. Like, WTF-we'd all love a perfet family scenario where we all get together and cook and clean and have a great time, but some of us don't get that-why make people feel worse than they already do?

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On The Casual Is the Enemy of the Good

I don't know, I like casual Fridays. I like my jeans/leggings. I also like brunch at noon, or maybe even one or two. I also let my hair air-dry, and some days it looks phenomenal like that. Some people just ARE more casual. It's not necessarily always a value judgement. I have a pretty casual life right now; I created it and I like it like that. Is that cool? I've never thought about it. I liked the article a lot, but it sort of glosses over the fact that life is unfair, and it's not always a false air of low maintenance, sometimes it IS low maintenance. I sort of liken it to the fact that although I have dressed in a fairly consistent way, with fairly consistent laziness and fairly consistent eyeglasses since 2002, in 2012 or so I started being accused of dressing sloppily because I was trendy. Sometimes people are just doing what they're doing, and not thinking about what you're doing, or what you think of it,at all. I'm certainly never going to be a CEO or run a lifestyle blog, but I'm also not going to ever wonder if my wanting a slice of pizza is going to ruin someone's evening.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@scn231 Roommate sex is one of the primary reasons I live alone. Also, my own sex. None of use need to hear anything that the other is doing, basically-it's always disconcerting. Now I just get weird looks from the people that live in the building, because these walls are thin, yo.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Allison I don't think the pasta thing is weird at all; like I think it's un-weird enough that you might be an uptight roommate? Though not about the bug thing-that's gross.

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On The Cost of Things: A Trip to New Orleans That Ends in Fleas

@Senna So many things left unsaid. Did the fleas die? Did the management company pay for your vacuum and DE?? Because they should have. Who rents out an apartment that has fleas?!

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On The Cost of Legally Changing Your Name

@The Mole barf.

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On Going "Gluten Free" is for Rich People

ehhhhhh...I think we're missing a larger point here. I went 'gluten-free' for very cheap (lots of rice, potato, etc. based foods) and I was constantly having to explain that I wasn't one of 'those' gluten-free people. HOWEVER: what I was not willing to explain were the crippling and embarrassing GI problems that led me to go off gluten. I'm just not going to tell a casual friend that I don't eat gluten because when I do, I seem to have far more instances of running to the bathroom after dinner. I'm going to say "I just feel better when I don't eat it." I'm not going to tell my friends about the painful gas that I get when I eat soy, I'm just going to say "I'm sensitive to it". So yes, there's a problem, but I'm more willing to admit its within our industrialized food system that is fucking up all our guts.

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On In Search of Lost Money and How it Just Got Easier

I have money there, but I can't get it back because I don't have proof of address from 1999. Wtf.

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On My Day Interviewing For The Service Economy Startup From Hell

@WorkinHardBrother Funny, you didn't address any of the allegations of racism/sexual harrassment. But I'm glad you know so much about Manhattan, sweetie. 'BYOD'- are you serious with that? You suck.

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On How to Stay Married: Splurge on the Honeymoon, Not the Open Bar

I feel weird about this, but I'm 35 year old lady and want a marriage AND kids, so...how can I wait three years to even get engaged? I'm fairly certain I've met my person recently, and if I was 24 I'd wait all the years, buuuut...are we doomed?? What if we have a cheap wedding and ring and have a honeymoon, do we break even? Age HAS to play a factor in this, somehow, because I make much better dating choices now than I did at 24 as well.

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