On In Search of Lost Money and How it Just Got Easier

I have money there, but I can't get it back because I don't have proof of address from 1999. Wtf.

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On My Day Interviewing For The Service Economy Startup From Hell

@WorkinHardBrother Funny, you didn't address any of the allegations of racism/sexual harrassment. But I'm glad you know so much about Manhattan, sweetie. 'BYOD'- are you serious with that? You suck.

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On How to Stay Married: Splurge on the Honeymoon, Not the Open Bar

I feel weird about this, but I'm 35 year old lady and want a marriage AND kids, so...how can I wait three years to even get engaged? I'm fairly certain I've met my person recently, and if I was 24 I'd wait all the years, buuuut...are we doomed?? What if we have a cheap wedding and ring and have a honeymoon, do we break even? Age HAS to play a factor in this, somehow, because I make much better dating choices now than I did at 24 as well.

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On Upselling at the Dentist's Office

@ShellB I don't want you as my dental hygenienist. You seem really preachy and judgemental, which is in turn what puts most people off dentists.

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On The Story Behind Costco's Free Samples

@aetataureate Yes, I am sure there is no bias in this observance at all.

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On On Feminism And Fashion

I dunno, man. It's still an industry that promotes unrealistic body images, rampant consumerism, and can't exist except on the backs of underpaid workers in sweatshop conditions. I love love love fashion, but let's not pretend that it's something that it's not. I'd rather see most (all?) of those 'feminine' professions elevated to a high societal status than see fashion as a burgeoning feminist utopia.

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On Paying for the Things You Never Fathomed You'd Pay For

I got the iphone in 2007 because I lived in NYC and was tired of getting lost (no sense of direction, this one). If for some reason the maps apps ceased to exist, I would definitel throw this thing into an ocean. Ok, that and work emails which allow me to 'work from home' anywhere at all.

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On Early Bird Special

@ThatJenn What midwest is this?! I'm alarmed. I also grew up in the midwest, and our restaurants *used* to close at 9 pm, now they reg close at 10 or 11. Delivery, however, is still a bitch.

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On How (Some) Women Dress For Work

@Jake Reinhardt Ok, it won't let me edit this for some reason, but I think that comment came off as unreasonably abrasive, so let me rewrite: I think Madewell is a very maybe specific store for 'creative' fields that make a lot of money...if I had worn Madewell to any of the administrations I worked for in Chicago, I would have gotten the serious side-eye. It was all Ann Taylor and the like, all the time. I...I did not fit in. And I hated office clothes, so I basically looked insane most of the time. Now I look insane, but for different reasons-I work at home, so I'm typically wearing an elastica shirt from 1996 with my sweatpants (jcrew!).

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On How (Some) Women Dress For Work

To the suggestion of Madewell for work clothes I say: ahahahahahahaha. Even with the caveat.

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