On Highlights From A Year of Emotional Spending

Enjoyable read! But Blue Frog is not a dive bar. It's in River North!

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On Madison Is A Great Small City, Unless You're Black

@Wendy T yeah, that's totally what I meant, good call. Read through everything else I've ever commented on here and you'll find a totally clueless white person who just thinks it's so hard for her.

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On Madison Is A Great Small City, Unless You're Black

@madrassoup after a re-read, I can see how it would have come off that way. Definitely not what I meant- I did live in NYC, and I guess I got defensive because a lot of the pro-small-Midwestern city comments have been met with "yes, but they're totally racist" , which is a big fucking bummer when you're actively trying to work against that (and no shit, I know it's fucking harder to be black and live with that. Jesus, people, at no point did I suggest that it was hard for me to be white) . I REALLY liked this piece, and I appreciated @madrassoup taking the time to let me know what was coming off as terrible in the original post.

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On Madison Is A Great Small City, Unless You're Black

@Niko Bellic dang. Well, you caught me, I'm a hair touching asshole I guess. Or just bad at editing/getting my point across. But thanks, now neither of us has helped the conversation along.

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On Madison Is A Great Small City, Unless You're Black

This was so well-written and I loved it. However, I've never been so struck by segregation as I was when I moved to NYC from a smaller midwestern city, mainly because I saw NYC as some sort of diversity utopia. One ride into Manhattan at 6:30 am with a train filled with people of color, heading into town to do service or construction jobs on which I was the only white person, really cured me of that delusion. I totally get why it would be preferable to live in a city where you are not constantly 'the other', and there is certainly more diversity in big cities by sheer size, but the same problems exist everywhere-they're just harder to see on that larger scale.

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On The Forces of Gentrification

lady (or man, whatever), I guess you don't think poor people are helpless in the face of rampant capitalism. And you are wrong.

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On Supreme Court Rules Amazon Warehouse Staffers Should Not Be Paid for Standing in Security Lines

Boy, I hate everything today, including this.

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On Okay, So Where Should We Move to Get What We Want?

@Liz Aw, my parents met in Shadyside when it was totally shitty...my mom shared an attic apartment with like 4 other girls and my dad lived on the first floor. And now it's so...gross. My great grandma lived in a beautiful old house in Shadyside, and I was born at McGee Womens'. Yay Pittsburgh!

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On In Defense of Small Cheap Cities

@Josh Michtom@facebook ehhhh, I don't think your comment was very helpful, above, truthfully. In Cincinnati proper, whites make up less than 50% of the population as well. You just said "move to Hartford, there's lots of segregated Blacks and Hispanics"

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On In Defense of Small Cheap Cities

@goldsold That sucks! Which neighborhood did you live in; I feel like that has a LOT to do with it when it comes to Cincinnati. I do live here, and I would feel super uncomfortable if my friend group was not diverse (esp. after living in NYC and Chicago). I also hate the standard bars for young professionals though, so there's that-I do feel that the conservative aspects of the city filter down to the very caucasian young professionals, and that can skew asshole for sure. That said, I moved back to be closer to family and friends, and I haven't looked back. I ended up dating someone whose family is fairly 'prominent' in the city, and that's been a weird small-city adjustment, but overall, there's a thriving art scene, lots of theater, great bars and restaurants opening every day. And my rent on my large one bedroom on one of the most beautiful streets in the downtown area is only $825-which is REALLY HIGH for Cincinnati, and REALLY LOW for any big city. Plus a new dog park! Loving it.

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