On Everything You Wanted to Know About Biking, Part II

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On WWYD: A Job After Graduation

So I actually did this--I graduated in 2009, in the worst month for hiring of the recession. Receptionist jobs at tanning salons were asking for two years' experience AND GETTING CANDIDATES WHO HAD IT. And I was offered a job on my campus in a field that could not be more removed from what I am doing now, and I was utterly miserable. BUT. It was a job. And it allowed me to save a bunch of money and move to the city I wanted to live in and to pursue jobs in the field I wanted to work in. And it wasn't taxing, the job I had, although it was super weird to run into people I knew on campus. But it was a job with regular hours, where I never had to work overtime, got paid a solid starting salary, had health benefits, and was able to sock money away while also buying books, clothes, and lots of drinks in bars. So was I miserable in the day to day? Sure. Often. But I also had an exit strategy. It depends entirely on your personal financial circumstance. I would have been in a much worse position if I had moved in with my parents, because 1) they live more than an hour from the nearest major metropolitan area; 2) any job that I could have found near where they live would have paid me less, so I would have been able to save less, even if I wasn't paying rent/utilities/etc; 3) it would have made me feel even more stunted than staying on in a professional capacity at my college did. None of those things are conducive to saving money and pursuing your dreams. If you're fortunate enough to have parents who would support you in an unpaid or underpaid internship in the field of your choice, great. But if not, it's not such a bad deal, a year or so of living responsibly in exchange for chasing your dream job later. It seems like forever--even when you're in the middle of it, as I well know--but it's really, really not.

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On We Need to Talk About Bookshelves

I stalk Container Store sales and buy these folding bookshelves when they get marked down (which happens a couple of times a year): http://www.containerstore.com/shop/shelving/freestandingShelving?productId=10008634 You can stack them two high, they hold a lot of books, they are relatively narrow in both width and depth, and best of all, you can just fold them up and carry them when you are moving. I have six (three sets when assembled). They all fit in the trunk of a car. AND they are already assembled in the package.

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