On 1 Thing Will Make You Jump (Jump)

Are there fewer "Do 1 Thing"-ers this week than normal? Chiming in just to keep it going. I had a baby 12 days ago (on her due date!), and my 1 thing is to figure out how much money to put in the dependent care spending account and the flexible spending account. I may outsource all or part of this task to my husband. So my other 1 thing is to put together the shopping list for Thanksgiving groceries.

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On What It Cost Me To Make Each Minute of My Six-Minute Film

EAST SIDE BRIDE!!! So excited to see the author's name I haven't even read the piece yet.

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On Friday Estimate

I don't know what we're doing this weekend! Due date for this pregnancy (a meaningless deadline if I ever saw one) is Sunday. I'm sure there are a few errands and long walks on the agenda this weekend. We might just finish up a series on Netflix tonight and eat beef stew leftovers, might go see a movie at Hollywood Forever cemetery tomorrow, might clean out just one more closet. Also, my parents arrive Wednesday (they would have NONE OF my expectations that the baby would be late), so we'll have to make a grocery and wine store run. Estimate: $350

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

Re: birth control advertising - my cousin is a graduate student in film directing, and at my baby shower a couple of months ago she definitely referred to her camera as her baby right now. I love it.

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On Do Wa Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do 1 Thing

We finally received new credit cards with new numbers that were planned after the company found out the number might have been compromised at Home Depot. So 1 thing I have to do is to change the auto payment information at, like, half a dozen places. Also, we now have a duplicate baby item with an annoyingly short return window, so I'm going to contact customer service and try to wheedle an exception out of them. Also also, more baby items have arrived as the due date has neared, so I need to write a few more thank you notes. 3 1 things.

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On Monday Check-in

Had the best weekend! We had some good friends in town for a post-trial celebration and one of our last child-free weekends. I didn't estimate, I don't think, and we spent a total of $160. Friday Lunch at work 3 Groceries and booze for over the weekend 75 We had candy but no trick-or-treaters, but we had a nice lazy evening roasting a chicken, waiting for our friends to arrive, then eating and chatting until late. Saturday More morning laziness over breakfast at home. Then we went to Olvera Street near Union Station for tacos and Dia de los Muertos festivities. Our friends covered some roofdeck bar drinks. After a quick afternoon nap at home, we got dinner at a fave burger place. Parking 10 taqueria lunch 16 drinks at Ace 0 dinner at Golden State 48 Sunday Wandered around the Beverly Hills Farmers Market, ogling the petting zoo, picking up a few things, and then just wandering around the neighborhood for the hell of it. We caught up with a mutual friend at his place in Pasadena, then our visitors went on their way and we went to a birthday party in our own neighborhood, bringing a bottle of wine we already had. Flowers and salad greens at BH Farmers Market 8 Total: $160

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On Darling I'm a 1 Thing Dressed As a Daydream

My 1 thing is to go through a box/pile of mail that has been accumulating on my file cabinet for, um, six weeks.

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On Lunch Spots and Budgets

@Mike Dang aw, Mike! I hope you didn't feel called out. Reading this felt like being granted permission not to feel guilty about buying lunch. There should be like "the cost of doing coffee for the office" comparing drip, pourover, French press, then spendy things like espresso makers and Keurig.

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On Paying for Theaters vs Waiting for Netflix

I saw both of those movies in the theater and really loved them. My husband and I do a fair amount of movie-watching as weekend entertainment, and we like the experience of going out to do it. Especially in LA, with ticketed seating, gorgeous sound systems, and comfy recliner chairs. It's funny, though, just yesterday we were signing up for our cloth diaper service and the person helping us mentioned the thing she misses most as a parent is going out to movies. I'm sure we will be transitioning to more streaming and on-demand options now that a babysitter will be involved.

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On Lunch Spots and Budgets

The place where I regularly get lunch is our workplace cafeteria. It's subsidized, so an entree-sized salad is about $6, a turkey sandwich is $5. I buy food there around once or twice a week (otherwise I bring leftovers), and my lunching-out spending is usually about $25-30 a month. My husband has lunch catered at his law firm three days a week and rotates among food trucks and fast-casual places downtown, where the per-lunch spending is closer to $10. So his monthly total is usually around $70-80. It all goes in Mint under the "restaurants" budget, but I do have a "lunch" tag.

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