On Derivatives Are Complicated, Unnecessary to Know About

Everything that Alex Sachon said. And also, Derivatives can be profoundly complicated. Banks hire phds to write these algorithms! But one doesn't need to understand every intricacy that goes into the formation of every type of derivative, nor even be a banker (or federal regulator) to know that something is rotten is afoot, if you consider using taxpayer money to clean up after disasters caused by rampant speculation in the private sector to be rotten. Here's another article about the derivatives market and why we should care about it.

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On What Your Handwriting Says About You

My handwriting probably says "this person checked out a lot of graphology books from the library at an early age, and then changed their handwriting to reflect the person they wanted to be (at age 11) instead of the person they were (at age 11)." Mike Dang's handwriting says "What would really round out this cheese board?" To which I suggest Brin d'Amour.

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On What I’ve Spent Since I Got My Keys Back From My Ex-Boyfriend

Oof. The last time I saw The Promise Ring was 1997, and one reason I avoided their recent NYC show was the realization that I had 15 more years of breakups, missed chances, and wistful nostalgia that might provoke intense weeping into $12 Bud Light tallboys. (Weeping into the shoulders of emo tall boys is ostensibly free?) I commend you Alex, you are strong.

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On My Fixie Is Awesome and a Good Deal, Alright?

I am 100% pro fixie, for all reasons listed above. I am also 0% pro no front break, unless you only ride in a velodrome. In which case, onward!

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On 'You're the Problem With America, Basically'

@aidan I recommend Grundrisse for the capital/money distinction. It's written in a casual style and Marx goes on some hilarious rants in random places. And it's free on the internet. http://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1857/grundrisse/

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On 'You're the Problem With America, Basically'

Also, capital and money are not the same thing. Read some Marx, Greg. Geez.

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