On So Cool to Live in a Post-Race World

@mygoldies Except "hipster" names and "PWT" (hella racist term right there, by the way) don't produce huge disparities in employment opportunities. Study after study concludes someone is far, far less likely to be called for an interview with a Black-associated name over anything else. The issue isn't "discrimination against people based on their names" like it's just something that everyone has to deal with - it's clear-cut, institutional racism.

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On This Is Getting Exciting I'm Excited Solidarity

@Mae There's no open fund for that right now, although several organizations are donating their legal services should any of the workers need them. There is this petition, though! http://detroit15.org/workers-petition/

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On This Is Getting Exciting I'm Excited Solidarity

Gahhh I can't believe the Post picked this up! Many friends are among the organizers and my partner is there with our baby. Thanks for staying on top of this stuff, Logan!

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On Not Having Children Is Letting Us Have It All

@Morbo Hearing "self-satisfied smugness" applied to non-parents, as opposed to parents, is fucking HILARIOUS. You have an entire world that reinforces your choice to have kids as the right one. No need to shit on this woman for providing an alternative take. And I say this as someone who had a kid young - its great you pulled yourself up by your lil bootstraps, but many young parents don't have decent opportunities. Unplanned children can indeed be a death sentence to any kind of prosperity, especially upward mobility. Kelly, do your thing girl.

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On A Conversation With a Single Mom Living on $40,000 a Year

@Safari *slow clap*

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On Sunday's Minimum Wage Discussion

@Sallymander So the social investment in family planning you bring up is completely unrelated to your speculation that the pregnancy was unplanned? Sure thing. And seriously, you really don't think "He probably doesn't know!" is patronizing? Poor people don't compare the costs of goods and services? Maybe you're not racist! Maybe you're just classist, and nasty. Your award is in the mail.

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On Sunday's Minimum Wage Discussion

@Sallymander Yeah, birth control fails pretty often. Assuming they were too stupid or irresponsible for contraception is offensive, patronizing, etc. Also, when you have to pay month by month for a phone from MetroPCS or Boost or whatever, $55 is middle of the road. Believe it or not, he probably *does* know it's a lot of money, but has limited other options. But thank you for your insight that poor people of color are probably idiots.

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On Chatting About Babies, and How One Couple is Planning for a New Arrival

Mazel Esther!! I am also Getting Ready for a Baby, in approximately 4 weeks. This one, though, was HUGELY unplanned, & we've gotten nothing secondhand, since we're the first of anybody we know to have children. We've gotten just about everything we need from family though (perks of being the first grandchild/nephew/godson/etc.) so our Baby Stuff costs are thus far relatively low. Our biggest baby expense should have been healthcare (for me & the babe), but owing to a bizarre (& previously undetected) genetic defect, my pregnancy is very high-risk & hugely expensive, & therefore the state is supplementing my private insurance for my delivery & the baby's first year medical. So, much less struggle than previously anticipated. Godspeed to you & your family!

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On Places I've Lived: A Trailer, the Wilderness and Converted Storage Space

@sockhop Real talk. Absolutely unacceptable, hugely disappointing for the site.

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On When Half Your Income Goes to Rent

@The Dauphine Except for East Harlem! 127 & Madison represent. I was smack in the middle of the 2/3 and 4/5/6 & could get anywhere (save Brooklyn) in 20 minutes. Granted, the hood is not for everyone (vast understatment), but damn it beat paying twice as much in rent.

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