On Majoring in Economics and Making Money

@andnowlights I graduated in 2008 with an English degree and started making 40k the following year...I was in NYC though, so the salary wasn't too high.

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On The Case of the Missing Padlock

By law, your landlord is not supposed to enter your apartment unless you specifically give him the OK too (my landlord is very stringent about laws and makes us tell him in writing, or via text, when we are OK with him entering the apartment when we aren't there. I'm also located in Brooklyn for reference.) I'm pretty sure that also means you do not have to open the door when he knocks, because he isn't supposed to just let himself in if you don't.

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On Young People Terrible Though Great For Exploiting

@Meaghano By all standards he is a millennial! What a crank.

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On How Much Should the Dentist Cost?

@Allison I recently went to the dentist after not having gone for four years, and I didn't have any cavities at all, (and I am not a vigilant flosser) so you might be fine. The visit was about $500 in total because they took a few sets of x-rays along with doing a cleaning. My claims statement says I owe $78, but it looks like the dentists office only claimed $400 worth of procedure so an interesting conversation may need to be had when I actually receive my bill. For perspective -- this is in NYC, and the dentist is this uber-fancy "dentist to the stars!" who has invented a bunch of stuff. I did not know this before I booked the appointment, but the offices were beautiful and quite soothing so I will probably go back, provided all this billing stuff works out.

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On Two Friends Discuss Planning and Budgeting for a Trip Abroad Together

Most people in Rio do not speak English! But if you speak a little Portuguese you'll probably be able to get by just fine. If you go to higher-end restaurants there will certainly be people who speak English extremely well. Also, the men in Rio -- people in Rio are largely very attractive! And if you are going out to a club people are generally kind of aggressive. Not necessarily in a scary way, but in a "I will grind up on you and whisper the naughtiest words I know in English after knowing you for two minutes" way. (Which of course can be a scary scenario.) Brazilian clubs stay open LATE and the goal is to hook. up. That being said, they are LOADS of fun and everyone dances. But considering the differences in opinion you both were expressing on that subject. the intense club/hook-up culture is something you should be aware of.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@OllyOlly Healthcare is always ALWAYS negotiable. Knock 'em down.

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On Paying More Because You're Paying With a Credit Card

@beet hummus It's state-to-state. Minimum charges for credit cards are legal up to $10 in NY, I believe.

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On This Poor Guy Really Hated His Job


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On NYU Now the Only Private University With Unionized TA's

@WayDownSouth Well, they wouldn't be; all NYU PhD scholarships are funded.

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On What Do You Use Your Credit Card For, And How Do You Pay It Back?

@OllyOlly I'm the same way. Cash is cash, once it's out, it doesn't matter. I put everything on my credit card and keep an eye on that balance, and then pay it off every month. Also by summer I'll have enough points for a free flight to basically anywhere on Earth, so its worth it! I would like to be saving more though, so I think I'm going to redirect some cash to a second debit card (Charles Schwab for sure, no ATM fees) so I have a monthly cash limit on top of my (varying) credit limit.

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