On Will Spoon You For Money

I am glad the world is becoming more open to something like this as cuddling is good for you! But it's definitely not a new idea. You can pay for just about anything you want done to yourself in Japan, including cuddling, and recently I read an article about a male professional cuddler in the US.

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On Unloading the Piano Weighing Me Down and Not Earning Its Keep

I felt a small stab of loss when I landed at my mom's house after a (failed) seasonal gig to find the piano in the basement gone, I forgot that I told her she could jettison it. It's better to keep objects that are needed by the person you are, not the person you wish you were. Because that person does not exist and they are not playing the goddamn piano.

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On Professor Dumpster Is Everywhere

The gloves imply that she's a primatologist who has found an interesting but possibly disease-ridden specimen

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On The Cost of Optimism

Not buying produce that comes in big bags (like a 5 lb. sack of potatoes, or a bag of 5 avocados) helps cut back on stuff that gets thrown away. Also my trick for getting myself to eat fruit (your motivation will go WAYYYY down once you're at work) is to cut it up before you leave and put it in a container.

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On Food Truck Tipping

The only thing I wouldn't tip for is if I were just buying a soda. But food truck, bakery, burrito counter, etc- I usually can't afford to tip super generously, but if I can't afford to tip at all I don't go. And yes I would also tip at McDonald's if it were allowed. But it's best not to tip when you know you're not supposed to- you could get the employee in trouble or possibly even fired :( Feeling entitled to a tip, and "reminding" your customers to give you one though... nope.

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On Considering Culinary School

Weasley's right, the best way to end up cooking for a living is to start as a dishwasher or waiter. I started as a waitress and became a baker. Culinary school is a waste of time and money because the executive chef would rather see kitchen experience on your resume than a degree. A lot of kids come out of Johnson & Wales who can make a real pretty cake, but they can't do it quickly, and they don't work well under pressure. Alternatively, check out culinary programs at community colleges and if you're into pastry, take Wilton classes. But spending 2 years and thousands of dollars on a culinary education to work a job where you will probably make $10/hr just... doesn't make sense.

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On What's Your Financial Outlook This Year?

Great! My goal at Thanksgiving was to pay off my two credit cards by the end of the year, and I succeeded. Channeling Snufkin (from the Moomin books) and trying to not care so much about Things and be more about Doing Stuff, which is why I will be hocking the expensive-ass action figure I preordered last spring in favor of a plane ticket to Texas. Woo!

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On WWYD: The Found Ring

Sell it sell it. For whoever lost it, that's very sad, but in the end it's just a piece of jewelry.

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On On Immigrants And Being Cheap

@Pumpkin It's true. When you're making yourself or others around you miserable, it's time to plunk down the cash already.

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On I Want to Travel the World for Cheap, So I Started With Montreal (Success)

This was great and I hope you write more! I'm always trying to figure out cheap solo vacations. Maybe some more tips for socializing and meeting new people for us shy-but-social hobbit-types?

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