On Our Dollar Bills Are So Disgusting

I would be more worried if dollar bills WEREN'T covered in E. coli and S. aureus, because I would assume they were emitting gamma radiation or impregnated with antibiotics. Bacteria live on your body and everything you touch! It is the way of the world. Don't freak out.

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On Tuesday Check-In

@Allison We have the same name and went to the same school at the same time! Hello, doppelganger.

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On Unpaid Volunteers With Guns Performing the Duties of Police Officers

Beyond all the other reasons this is a terrible idea, why would anybody want to do it? Being employed guarantees you things like worker's comp, which seems like something you would want if you are walking around with a gun all day.

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On What Product Is Currently Stalking You?

@garli Or they want my ears to be warm.

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On What Product Is Currently Stalking You?

Hijab. I am the biggest atheist in the world. No clue what happened there.

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On Let's Throw Some Money at Our Problems: November 2013 Check-In

I do not and have never participated in the monthly check in (because I am in graduate school and therefore making debt rather than paying it off) but I had a tiny panic attack this afternoon when I noticed there was no November installment. Yay Logan! Yay everybody! I love rooting for you guys.

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On Coming Out as Poor at Duke University

@louisebelcher I went to Duke and the best friends I made there were the ones I worked with. Socializing with coworkers really helped weed out the pearl-and-polka-dot set.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Eating Out Each Month?

$30/month. I would like this number to be higher, because I love food, but: graduate school.

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On The Beer And Hotdogs Weren't Free, But It Felt Like It

I enjoyed this article up until the Crop Circle Wheat. Crop Circle tastes like old pants. Thanks for reassuring me that the Duck Blind won't be a waste of my extremely limited dollars as long as I can pack down five beers!

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On Tuition is Crazy But Can We Also Talk About How Some Student Loans Paid for Cruises?

@walls So I am in a similar situation (entering year 2 of a 4-year graduate program, mostly going without loans but will need some eventually) and have a thought. If you are going into graduate school in the US and getting federal loans, it might not be a good idea to take loan money and hold onto it. The government no longer offers subsidized loans to graduate students and your loans will accrue 6.8% interest from the day you accept them. I decided to go for as long as I could with as few loans as I could, even though it might make things touch-and-go my fourth year, because there's no investment I could make that would compensate for a 6.8% interest rate.

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