On Broke With Bad Skin, UNTIL ...

@sherlock spiro worked well for my hormonal acne BUT it gave me constant yeast infections and I'm pretty sure messed with my emotions too. I still haven't forgiven my dermatologist for spending 10 minutes cautioning me about the potential side effects for my theoretical fetus while not mentioning what would happen to my own body :/ it took me a long time to figure it out. Just a word of caution!

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On A Poor, Yet Expensive, Country

"If the cafe next door charges 300 yen for a cup of coffee, you know that’s about three bucks. You decide that’s a fair price, you pull the notes out of your pocket and pay." What? Where does the author live that he thinks three bucks is a fair price for a cup of coffee?

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On Where Should We Stay for the Wedding?

Booking travel for a wedding: The exact moment I actually care that I don't have a bf (to split the cost of a room with me) and everyone else does (so will be staying with their bfs and not splitting with meeee)

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On 'And How Does That Make You Feel?' The Cost of Therapy

This post, man. This was my life for a while. Not to mention the fact that I was trying to limit my options to someone I could reach within easy walking distance of my office, so I could try to slip out discreetly, and how stressful it was to try to imagine being able to get out of my office for a weekly standing appointment, when my office really isn't flexible about that kind of thing and I was a very junior person on the team. It got so dispiriting that my best friend took charge of finding leads for me, and even then everyone would answer the phone and explain that they WEREN'T actually taking new patients, or DIDN'T actually accept my insurance. I ended up getting a recommendation from my mom for an out-of-network therapist who would work with me over the phone, in the evenings, for $60 a pop. There was no insurance coverage but not having to worry about getting out of the office was worth every penny.

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On Defer Student Loans? Paying the Minimum on Credit Cards?

I like this advice-- so much ultimately comes down to "do what makes you feel better." Like, I'm missing out on more rewards I could be getting from my credit cards, but using my debit card more and not having to face a big credit card bill at the end of every month just makes me FEEL BETTER. And sometimes we have to stop sweating what the "right" decision is.

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On An Interview With an Adult With an Allowance

Is 3% the rule of thumb for a Roth IRA? I've never seen that before and wonder what it's based on. (Every damn blog I scour for tips like that will say "IT DEPENDS ON YOUR SITUATION" which, duh.)

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On Things I've Bought My Mom for Her Birthday

@Catface I went with "Putting Things in Order" by Ellen Baumritter but there are a few other similar titles on Amazon with good reviews.

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On Things I've Bought My Mom for Her Birthday

I just got my mom a book about how to "organize her important paperwork" and end-of-life directives for her 65th this week. I'm pretty pleased with myself. (Mostly because I joked with her about it once and she said it actually sounded really useful... I promise I'm not an awful daughter!)

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On You Are Forgiven

One of my favorite Billfold posts so far, I think! Sometimes I don't like reading the Billfold because I just start stressing "I'm doing it wrong, even when I'm doing it right I'm spending too much on X or not checking my credit score enough" or whatever-- because it's great to be financially savvy and mindful about this stuff, but it sucks to start obsessing. (I stopped doing weekend estimates because they made me start feeling weird and bad about spending money on the weekends-- and what else are weekends for?) So I just think that while we're all being financially aware and educated, we should also remind ourselves once in a while, IT'S JUST STUFF. And that it will be okay.

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On Ways In Which My Relationship Costs Me Money

So this article is about how your boyfriend saved by being in a relationship.

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