On Cities That Are Not New York: Tucson, Ariz.

I think my county was one of the highest welfare counties in America for a while. Anyway, hightailed it out of that redneck paradise when I was 17 and only go back when required. It's changed somewhat in the last 16 years though, and my attitude has softened a lot towards it.

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On Rookie Mag's Class Discussion

The part about Pok Pok in New York made me sad because I ate it when it was just a dude bbqing in his driveway in Portland and it was fucking amazing. But yes, awesome article.

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On A Brief Chat with a Person With Tax Season Affective Disorder

@@fo Holy Shit you are my hero.

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On A Brief Chat with a Person With Tax Season Affective Disorder

@@fo This is helpful! And trust me, I don't need to invent any details to make my situation seem worse. So I worked for one of the establishments that Chase took over during the financial crisis and I've been trying in my well periods to get my 2009 W2 but every email gets outsourced and the response is always "we can't help you" with no additional info. I think I'll just start getting in touch with any ex-coworker that managed to land there and pretend my house burned down.

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On A Brief Chat with a Person With Tax Season Affective Disorder

Tangientially related, I wonder if peak suicide hotline season coincides with tax season.

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On A Brief Chat with a Person With Tax Season Affective Disorder

@j a y Look at you! You have all your shit together! Congratulations! How wonderful! t(-_-t) call me when you're homeless. No seriously. If we pool our cash maybe we can share a studio? And then I can be a responsible adult like you! I'll teach you where all the local food banks are, even! What was my point? Oh yes. Saying "I told you so" does nothing to help this situation. We're all trying as hard as we can, and some of us admonish ourselves enough that, try as they might, the rest of the world can't possibly tell us how much we've screwed up or how horrible we are as well as we can tell this to ourselves. We know. WE KNOW. You may not be intending to make us feel bad? Good, we can not possibly feel any worse. Maybe try some tips to assist, rather than detract.

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On A Brief Chat with a Person With Tax Season Affective Disorder

Yeah, anyone know how hypothetically you could get your last 4 years of W-2s and 10-99s if companies you work for were sporadically taken over by other bigger, mean companies who serially laid you off, and hypothetically you were homeless and hypothetically suicidally depressed and decided that you would deal with that stress later because just getting out of bed at all was an insurmountable task? Hypothetically, of course.

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On Silicon Valley Ladies Are Doing It For Themselves

640 Verbal, 780 Math 17 years and 4 months ago. It was the morning after my 16th birthday and I was still a little drunk from the night before, so thank god I got the verbal section first. (Somebody please invent something that will allow me to discard this type of useless shit from my brain.)

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On Are We Really Afraid of Becoming Bag Ladies?

Haha, as someone with a decent paying job that happens to be situationally homeless, I guess I'm a Carrie. But... 1) 4. I don't pay attention really but if I took enough prozac to maybe care about my life at all I'm good at that shit. I used to have spreadsheets and do my own taxes and everything back when I was married and a functional human being. 2) Yep. Yep. 3) God I hope I don't live that long. 4) Heh, no. 5) What's to be afraid of. Do what you need to do, who gives a shit.

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On Solutions to Everyday Problems at the Office: The Forbidden Workplace Crush

Now you tell me.

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