On How Do You Know When to Stop Spending?

I work on a paycheque based schedule. As soon as i get the cheque i pull out the money for various savings, fixed expenses and my credit card if there is any debt. Whatever is left, I divide by 14 and I can spend that much per day. I check mint everyday to see how much is available and i divide it by the remaining days until my next paycheque. I don't budget more than that and its actually worked well for me since I can adjust my spending as needed.

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On What Do We Want to Spend More Money on in 2015?

I want to buy more clothing and workout gear. I need a new gym bag and sneakers, bras (sports and regular) and a new pair of black pants and shirts for a very business-y work environment. Maybe I'll try just buying one item I need each month like RiffRandel. Such a good idea!

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On In Defense of Small Cheap Cities

@Bananasandwich I love living in MTL but I have to warn you that you really do need to know french unless you are in particular industries Most of my no french at all friends have had to leave. Also taxes are high here. I got a 3 grand raise when I moved but i actually make $20 less per paycheck. Also with all the austerity talk there haven't been as many jobs this year. If you have French you are probably ok. My actual suggestion might be Ottawa. Saskatoon is having a boom but the weather is not great. I love Kingston but I'm not sure about jobs there.

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On 'Maybe You Have a Rich Husband?'

I did an interview for a job that paid $13 an hour for 30 hours a week. I seriously considered it because I would have managed but they wanted me to sign a contract for 3 years since a lot of people had left in the past. I had to say no because of that plus the hours you needed to work (1-6 Monday to Friday) plus another 5 hours self-scheduled during the week,plus the unpaid hours needed to do the job well meant I couldn't manage a 2nd job in my field that might have paid decently. If I wanted to work extra hours it would need to be a coffee shop in the morning or just whatever I could find on the weekend. My mom and I joked that they were looking for someone independantly wealthy for that job.

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On Adjusting Your Life to Your Partner's Career

I had a job I loved but my partner wasn't there and there were no young people in the area, which was quite depressing. I just hung out by myself all the time. I moved to be with him and to live in a city where I could have friends and a social life. I don't love my current job, but it pays my bills, uses my education and I have free time to do what I want. I do not wait around for him when he works crazy hours but instead do all the things that I want to do (gym, choir, book club, volunteering, board games) and I also make sure the apartment is clean and the laundry is done. He cooks all our dinners. If dinner is up to me, I'm just eating salad and eggs. If he wasn't in the picture, I would have moved to a different city that has more job opportunities for me but I wouldn't have friends already living there. It would be like starting completely over. I know that I am making a compromise on my end, but I also feel like I have a great life. It's well rounded.

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On The Casual Is the Enemy of the Good

I actually have two collections of clothing. I work at a law firm so the lawyers are always in suits and everyone else is wearing clothing that is somewhere between a full suit and business casual. There are lots of blazers. Staff is allowed to wear denim on Friday, but I just wear the same shirts with my jeans. However, then I have an actual casual wardrobe which is just stuff for the weekends that would never fly at work like graphic tees. I wore a uniform for high school, so I'm used to the two different versions of myself, but I now find myself changing into my pjs or sweatpants when I get home from work.

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On The Results of the Money Affirmations Experiment

I forgot to affirm and I won $50 at a raffle this weekend. I donated $20 of it back and I have $15 left for dinner tonight! I don't know what it means for the experiment.

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On These Boots Are Made For Walking

@Tripleoxer if you are in town October 30th to November 9th I'd say reserve a meal for this http://www.tourisme-montreal.org/mtlatable/mobile/m-restaurants-en.php I'd also check lavitrine.com for free or cheap events while in town. For me Montreal is all about food and entertainment. But the old port is lovely, Schwartz's is worth going to once, if you can swing a reservation to Garde Manger or Joe Beef they are delicious but expensive, Lola Rosa and Aux Vivres are great vegetarian places and don't order pizza unless it's at an Italian retaurant. tto once

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On These Boots Are Made For Walking

Ester, I own those fluvogs too and they are wonderful! I love them with all my heart. My shoe suggestion would be to possibly buy the same boot but in a different colour. I have a lot of issues with buying shoes that fit properly, so I personally would buy what has worked in the past but in a different colour , maybe black? If that seems silly to you, then I would take some time to buy new boots. I live in Montreal so I destroy my nice boots beyond repair regularly (ie: create a giant unrepairable crack in the sole) but I would still spend the money since winter sucks and takes up a large percentage of my year.

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On It's Time to Talk About 'Snowpiercer,' the Best Action Movie of the Summer

I loved the movie and had zero issues with his monologue, even the dead babies line. For me Gilliam's thought process was to keep people civilised and fed which is why he was complicit before. However he tried to prevent their last rebellion, possibly because he was getting tiered of the cycle. Unfortunately for him, it went too far and he couldn't stop it control it

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