On These Boots Are Made For Walking

@Tripleoxer if you are in town October 30th to November 9th I'd say reserve a meal for this http://www.tourisme-montreal.org/mtlatable/mobile/m-restaurants-en.php I'd also check lavitrine.com for free or cheap events while in town. For me Montreal is all about food and entertainment. But the old port is lovely, Schwartz's is worth going to once, if you can swing a reservation to Garde Manger or Joe Beef they are delicious but expensive, Lola Rosa and Aux Vivres are great vegetarian places and don't order pizza unless it's at an Italian retaurant. tto once

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On These Boots Are Made For Walking

Ester, I own those fluvogs too and they are wonderful! I love them with all my heart. My shoe suggestion would be to possibly buy the same boot but in a different colour. I have a lot of issues with buying shoes that fit properly, so I personally would buy what has worked in the past but in a different colour , maybe black? If that seems silly to you, then I would take some time to buy new boots. I live in Montreal so I destroy my nice boots beyond repair regularly (ie: create a giant unrepairable crack in the sole) but I would still spend the money since winter sucks and takes up a large percentage of my year.

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On It's Time to Talk About 'Snowpiercer,' the Best Action Movie of the Summer

I loved the movie and had zero issues with his monologue, even the dead babies line. For me Gilliam's thought process was to keep people civilised and fed which is why he was complicit before. However he tried to prevent their last rebellion, possibly because he was getting tiered of the cycle. Unfortunately for him, it went too far and he couldn't stop it control it

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On The Year I Saved $10,000

@nnlsbin I went into about $5000 of debt when I bought the car because it was at the beginning of my job and I'd been a student before. I put it on my line of credit and paid it off as fast as I could since my contract could have been cancelled early. Some debt isn't terrible if you have a plan to deal with it. Also, I ended up spending about $6000 when I moved to be with my boyfriend and he lost his job and it took us both 2 very long months to get employed and I'd needed to buy some cleaning supplies/furniture/food/moving things at the time. I'm not a money role model

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On The Year I Saved $10,000

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On The Year I Saved $10,000

I saved a huge amount last year - about $15000 plus paid for a car $7000, but that's because I lived with my parents for a year while my shaky contract in a small town kept on getting renewed. I had very few friends there. After a year and with the plan to actually live in the same xity as my boyfriend, I moved and since then I've had issues with keeping up large amounts of savings. At one point I was saving around 20% including retirement, emergency, future dreams of owning a home and travel but its caught up to me and I keep on reducing my automatic payments. I feel really bad about it but I seem to run close to debt when I save too much

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On How Libraries Get Rid Of Books

I weeded at my old job, they had just switched out the lending software in the past year so we had no details about the last time things were borrowed. I did one of the first passes and just threw out everything that looked terrible and that I couldn't prove people had borrowed in the past year. My co-worker who runs interlibrary loans saved a few because we lent them out to other libraries a lot but in general we didn't hear any complaints. It is really, really hard to throw out library books. People save them from the recycling bin and bring them back to you. It's as if they think you made a mistake. We would hide the weeded books under other things in the bin so that people wouldn't rescue them.

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On Job of the Day: Public Librarian

My favourite work moment involved being called by the RCMP saying that someone was accusing the library of copyright infringement and had brought all his borrowed material in as proof. He was laughing about it but I immediately said "Was it Problem Client?" It was. Once I said the right name the officer went immediately into work mode and wanted to know if we wanted to start a file on him. I passed the phone to the director but I was glad that he took it seriously.

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On Friday Estimate

Having a friend over for dinner tonight - $25 for groceries. Driving to my boyfriend's city and helping his sister with her kids while she paints the basement - 50 for my share of gas, $35 if I take the kids to the movies. Drinks with friends that evening - $30. Easter day no spending since I've already bought wine for his parents. Monday I clear some stuff out of my parents house (they visited my sister who is far away and lonely) and maybe buy some food($20) if they have none and drive back home.

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On Would It Be Awkward to Offer My Coworker Some of My Bonus Money?

I definitely wouldn't give him any money, since it would be embarrassing, but I hope the organization is recognizing him somehow. At least I get grocery gift cards even though I'm on contract. I am a bit concerned that Mike and the writer are confused by the terminology, because in Canada it is possible to be a contract employee and not be a contractor, since the company will put in your CPP and tax payments for you. You just don't get any benefits in terms of insurance (which isn't as necessary in Canada), and if you are on contract for a year or less you don't necessary get vacation. I'm a contract employee now because I've covering a maternity leave, and last year I was covering a long term disability leave. I know people who have spent years working at the same place on revolving contracts because of grants and people being on leave. I'm not sure how it's working for this person, but it is possible for it to happen in Canada like that without having all the benefits of being an independent contractor.

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