On Getting on a Gameshow

@EvanDeSimone I adore you.

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On Friday Estimate

at 11:30 today, i depart for holiday break that is imposed by my employer until january 2. as for the weekend: for the love of all that is holy, please let it be less than $100. amen.

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On WWYD: The Car Sale

in massachusetts, the lemon laws are so strict that you can really screw yourself by not saying anything. so i would probably say something. (just realized that makes me sound like a terrible person. but the upshot of it is, if you don't feel ethically bound to say something, do some research about your state's laws, because you could screw yourself anyway.)

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On WWYD: Eavesdropping

i have friends who are train conductors, so at one point in time (before one of them gave me his ID and thus i ride for free now) i always had a stack of tickets in my purse that they would give me. i'd often give train tickets to people who needed them. and once when the rule was still in effect that a guest could ride free on sundays, when a random kid sat next to me on a sunday afternoon, i told the conductor he was with me and so he rode for free.

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On My Extremely Scientific Theory Why I'm a Money Genius and My Little Bro Is Not

interesting. i experienced kind of an opposite scenario. my parents waited til they finished grad school and had established careers before having me. i grew up in the higher-income bracket, and my sister (five years younger) did to an extent, too. but then i had my education paid for in full by my parents, and my sister took on debt, because right as she was hitting college age, The Economy Stuff Happened, and my dad's retail business morphed completely. so i think all that sort of gave her a better adult perspective on money than i have. she's more of a saver for sure. i'm working on it.

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On Friday Estimate

@LO yup. plus if you have lots of wine but no car, you are being very responsible re: drunk driving. this plan smacks of sheer excellence.

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On Friday Estimate

@EvanDeSimone we can sell it for wine money

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On Friday Estimate

i just had to buy contact lenses and bills are coming up so tryyyying to keep it thrifty this weekend and stay under $100. fingers crossed. i'm ignoring my car issue for now because i've only got one more week of work before i have a week and a half off, most of which i'll spend in boston without my car at all. car, i'll deal with you in 2013.

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On WWYD: Watching Someone You Know Steal

i don't know if i would have told his parents, but yeah, i would have gotten out of there as quickly as possible and then broken up with him. or broken up with him and then gotten out of there. or both at the same time, probably.

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On I Do Cherish You 1 Thing

my one thing was to figure out how to pay down the balance of a credit card i no longer have with a billing system that wouldn't let me enroll without an expiration date and security code. turns out, you can just call the 800 number and pay over the phone. ha. this took me two months to realize, mind you. hurrah, one thing!

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