On When An Adjunct Gets An Unlucky Break

Ah! I found the original spreadsheet! Don't miss the "notes" tab for the nitty-gritty details. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?hl=en_US&hl=en_US&key=0ArLwcJ6E2dSydF9DT3FQUnNJaTR5WGx4QTg4Y1dRa2c&output=html

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On When An Adjunct Gets An Unlucky Break

The Adjunct Project has a searchable database of employee-reported adjunct pay for many universities. I first saw it when it was a google doc, and I remember being 100% horrified at the across-the-board low numbers for jobs that require a ton of qualifications. http://adjunct.chronicle.com

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On How Wizards Do Money: Rubeus Hagrid

This gave me chills. :)

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On Shopping, Travel-Wise: Are You An Ester Or A Nicole?

@notnef: I must know: do you have more than one grey cashmere sweater, or is it the same one? (my year-round uniform is black, longsleeved v-neck T-shirt and dark jeans.)

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On A City that Drives You So Crazy, You Buy a $4,000 Jacket

I loved the hell out of this book, and especially the anti-SF screed that cumulates with "Certain parts of San Francisco are what happens when white people have no natural predator." ...which is also currently the most-highlighted passage :) https://kindle.amazon.com/work/oh-never-mind-kindle-single-ebook/B00N93UVC2

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On AirBnb Ruined Our Lives and Turned Us Into Entitled City Dwellers

Sad and sweet. I hope you and your friend can move past this.

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On Are Family Dinners Anti-Feminist?

My live-in BF and I work nearly-opposite schedules (me: M-F, him: Fri-Sat-Sun), so whoever has the day off makes dinner and does daily household stuff. It is SO NICE to come home to dinner already on the table! And we're pretty appreciative of each other's efforts, because we know firsthand what's involved. (On the other hand, our schedule means that we don't get a lot of free time together.) Also, from the article: 3) Nobody gets dessert til dinner is put away. But then everybody gets dessert! 4) Some people like pot ... wut? Does pot make cleanup easier? Or is it something that people like for dessert? :)

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