On Convenient Cooking, But at a Cost

@Lily Rowan This is the best way to get reasonably priced and sized amounts of mozzarella or artichokes for topping a pizza as well.

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On Lost Your iPad? Buy It Back In Alabama

@zeytin I don't know if you read that here, but that exact scenario happened to my boss just a month ago. It went from the airport to this store in less than three days. They returned it. I think they may have charged shipping. He looked up the address and we all gawked at the website for hours. The weirdest part to me, was the wedding dress section. That cannot be good luck.

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On Honey, Sweetie, Chief, Boss: How We Talk to Strangers

@xtinamartinson The tone means everything with "honey."

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On Eating Thanksgiving Dinner in a Restaurant is Cheating Y/N

@TheDilettantista Seriously, the more I think about this, the more I want people who think this is “cheating” to disclose how much cooking they do each year, if they like cooking, and specifically how much cooking they feel pressured to do each year. My Dad complained about the lack of home-cooked food one year, and never again, because he realized he’s not gonna stick his ass in a kitchen all day and doesn’t have the right to expect his loved ones to do so.

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On Eating Thanksgiving Dinner in a Restaurant is Cheating Y/N

Also, the staff at the B&B does get to eat the food and mingles with people there throughout the night rather than cooking all night.

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On Eating Thanksgiving Dinner in a Restaurant is Cheating Y/N

@Erica My family has done Thanksgiving at a B&B with a buffet-style meal a few times. Some relatives have stayed at the B&B and the rest have just RSVPd for the dinner each year. Everyone does get the option of filling a takeout box with leftovers at the end of the night. My friend who worked in a regular restaurant and worked Thanksgivings also mentioned prepping "leftover" boxes for everyone who had made reservations. For the B&B option, there are actually couches everywhere and a TV room for football, and some lucky people who are actually sleeping at the B&B. Plus it's later in the evening rather than a mid-day meal, so going home and sleeping in bed is a reasonable option.

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On Eating Thanksgiving Dinner in a Restaurant is Cheating Y/N

My mother was a housewife for decades, and she never *loved* cooking. Thanksgiving was a giant source of stress for her for years. She has insisted--demanded almost-- on going to a B&B that has a delicious buffet for Thanksgiving for the past couple of years, and fucking good on her for doing so. The food is better, there is less stress, and we actually spend more family time, because everyone is together instead of those who are expected to cook (ie, mostly the women, let's be fucking honest) being in the kitchen while others get to kick back. I alternate between Thanksgiving with my family and my fiance's family, who all love to cook and do it together, and I love both equally.

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On Secret Debt Threatened My Marriage

@Riaana Yes, I'm really surprised too! I had to disclose like 2k of credit card debt before purchasing a home with my SO, and I felt nervous and embarrassed about that amount alone. He was also mildly put-off because of the way delayed way it was presented and I didn't think that was unreasonable. Also, there are a lot of differences between credit card debt and student loan debt. The former is much more concerning if you are going to merge finances with someone. It's no immoral to have CC debt, but it's a fair point of concern for partners.

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On It's Time to Talk About 'Snowpiercer,' the Best Action Movie of the Summer

@TheDilettantista I didn't question the snowsuit, but mostly because it was goddamn adorable.

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On It's Time to Talk About 'Snowpiercer,' the Best Action Movie of the Summer

I had zero information about this film before watching it. The beau downloaded it early on Amazon, and I didn't know it was a current movie or even an American movie until we had watched a few minutes. So I, maybe incorrectly, interpreted the entire movie through an environmentalist lens, especially the ending. It makes Wilford and his obsession with balance seem less cruel--it's the simple, heartless reality of an ecosystem. The ocean doesn't care what eats you, especially if you're the plankton going into a whale. In my mind, the ending was extremely bleak. Humans had simply destroyed the last version of an inhabitable environment for themselves in a last ditch effort to improve it, just as they had in the prologue. This also made some of the seeming plot holes or technical difficulties of life on the train less questionable to me. Note: This is a cold interpretation that in no way my reflects my personal belief system or politics!

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