On Solutions to Everyday Problems at the Office: The Forbidden Workplace Crush

Awww, B. Benson!

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On A Very Practical Guide to Filing for Unemployment Benefits

Love how compassionate and practical this guide is. A+, Deb.

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On Here is Your Open Thread

@Derbel McDillet I get 15 days vacation + federal holidays, and I'm actually not sure about personal/sick days--I know we get some but I just started so that part's mysterious.

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On Party Don't Start Til I Do 1 Thing

@gelatinouscube I am not at all an expert on this subject but I report on financial news, and most economists seem to be predicting that rates will continue to increase in the near-ish future. If that is helpful.

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On Friday Estimate

Ha I stopped doing these for a long while because I had wall-to-wall wedding weekends for ages, and then I moved to NYC, and basically I was just bleeding money for a very long time. But now things are more stable and maybe I should start budgeting! So: $12 for Professional Drinks tonight, $15 on wine + snack to bring to BBQ tomorrow, $25 on groceries, $20 on Sunday brunch. Besides those items I'm going to try to do only free fun things, so with any luck I'll be able to keep it under $80. We'll see!

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On Open Thread


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On Open Thread

@cryptolect Holy smokes you are all such good retirement savers! I do 12% of my net in a 401(k) + another $100/month gets transferred into my Roth IRA. I'd love to bump it up but with student loans I feel like I have juuust enough to get by as-is...

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On Open Thread

@KingCash I love this story because I have an interview on Monday to cover an industry that I only kinda sorta know about? I know some things, but I could know more things. But I am a fast learner! Any tips for people who fear they are under-qualified?

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On Let's Throw Some Money at Our Problems: June 2013 Check-In

I'm still cracking away at that awesome 7.9 percent interest student loan of mine: May balance: $2,563 June balance: $2,179 Getting there! I think I will probably throw in a little more next month because my flurry of airplane ticket-buying has reached a lull. Savings fund: May balance: $7,385 June balance: $7,775

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On Young, Multi-Employed, And Looking for Full-time Work in San Francisco

@jquick But... the author does have multiple non-passion jobs ("I make coffee. And work at a farmers’ market. And intern, and I just started at a new restaurant.”). And the list of the jobs she applied to makes it clear that she wasn't solely aiming for pie-in-the-sky dream gigs at all: "Bookmobile driver through rural Vermont. Sephora copywriter. Fair trade certification assistant. Administrative assistant for a taxidermist. A member of the “Flight Staff” at an indoor trampoline park."

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