On Taxing the Childless

This is functionally the same as a system where everyone pays higher taxes but people with children get a lot of benefits, though.

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On In 2014 Our Government Is Still Filing Retirement Paperwork by Hand

The U.S. government has HUGE problems with procurement and particularly IT procurement. But remember that the federal government also has more than 2 million people receiving retirement or survivor benefits -- far more than any private firm (compare, e.g., to 600,000 retired UAW members from a number of separate firms). Plus another 3.3 million military retirees. Basically, this means any kind of off-the-shelf solution is not going to be enough... Also, I'd point out that the kinds of skills most valued in Silicon Value for consumer-facing apps are not all that applicable to this kind of project.

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On Have What It Takes To Edit Wikipedia Entries For Harvard?

I only wish more universities did this.

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On More Workers To Be Paid For Overtime

But this would kill jobs! Because obviously the economically rational strategy for a highly profitable firm which is forced, along with all its competitors, to pay slightly higher wages to some workers is to reduce hiring, rather than share a tiny of sliver of its record profits with them.

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On Best Places to Cry For Free in New York City

@Mike Dang you live in a weird city Mike.

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On Best Places to Cry For Free in New York City

Wait are there PAID crying places in New York?

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On Job-Hunting Via Completing Online Courses

I think I've mentioned this before, but my mom actually graduated from University of Phoenix with an accounting degree. She had done a lot of college coursework back in the day but was moving around a lot and couldn't assemble the credits into a degree. She also had done bookkeeping for various companies for many years. So maybe not your typical student, but she now has a great job as an accountant, and she did actually learn some things, so it's not all bad? This is why I always feel a little sad when I read cheap jokes about the University of Phoenix -- also because I know I'd be the one making these jokes too if not for my mom. And yeah, they do have a lot of scammy and exploitative aspects, too. (I should also point out that at the time she did this, online degrees from traditional universities were still fairly uncommon.)

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On Using One of Those Newfangled Car Apps When Your Dad's a Cabbie

One interesting thing I've seen in many comment threads here in DC is that a lot of black passengers prefer Uber because they often can't get picked up by street taxis (no one in history has ever *called* a taxi in DC and had it arrive). Another interesting angle to think about.

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On A Chat With a Woman Fielding Four Job Offers (Our Hero)

What area of the country are you in? $70k seems like it would be quite low for that kind of job here in DC. I guess if you're in an area with a lower cost of living it makes more sense. (ETA: Oh and of course no need to answer if this would out you to your current/potential future employers!)

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On The Cost of a Car Accident

I had a very similar accident after having about 8 vials of blood drawn for tests. Except they actually tried to make me wait, but I didn't because I felt fine. I completely totaled my piece of junk car and put a tiny scratch on the bumper of the SUV in front of me, which rolled forward and tapped a work truck in front them. The guys in the work truck then tried to sue my insurance for all kinds of back problems and stuff. Fun times! (Thankfully I don't drive any more.)

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