On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: January 2014 Check-In

My goals for the year: pay down my credit card (hopefully by June), get back over $5K in my regular savings, and save for a trip to Northern Ireland to visit one of my best friends. I just set up a "club saver" account for that last one! Visa: January 4: $3056.01 January 30: $2,659.90 Savings: January 4: $3,100 January 30: $3,300 Plane savings: January 4: $0 January 30: $30.00 Priority is paying off the credit card - once that's done, bumping up the amounts to savings and the plane ticket. I think it should all work out, but we'll see!

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On Update: My Landlord is Still Terrible

I've been setting up new leases every year due to having new roommates, and the leasing company has applied the interest earned on my last month's rent as a credit to the first month on the new lease. It's not been a lot, but it's nice. This newest lease had no last month's rent, though, and they never required a deposit.

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On Friday Estimate

Well, I already spent a few hundred at the dentist this morning (sob) so I'm hoping to keep it low. Tonight - wrapping paper, so... under $10? How much is wrapping paper? I literally never buy it, I just steal my mother's. Tomorrow - $8 for a showing of Muppet Christmas Carol on the big screen! Probably getting myself breakfast beforehand. Packing that evening. And laundry. Sunday - my dad and brother are driving into the city to pick me up, because they are awesome. Might buy them lunch, so probably $50 including drinks for me and the brother. Hopefully keeping it under a hundred. But I have a feeling things are going to come up. Things like alcohol.

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On What Did You Bring For Lunch as a Kid, And How Are We Still Alive?

@nell UGH, BULGUR SALAD. My parents made that too and I hated it. (With chickpeas and huge slices of raw onion. The worst.) And the PB&J on whole wheat with the all natural peanut butter! Hippie parents. We would get usually a sandwich, a piece of fruit, a juice box and a snacky thing - fruit leather, homemade cookies, something like that. Never the highly processed foods of my dreams. Also sometimes instead of juice boxes we'd have soy milk. And my parents never bothered with the cold packs, so they were warm. Warm soymilk with a peanut butter sandwich is a special sort of hell. Especially carob soymilk, which tastes like it came from Satan's fiery teats.

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On Friday Estimate

I'm making a quick grocery run tonight, so $25, maybe? Tomorrow I may or may not go to a friend's holiday party depending on how bad that storm looks (ahh, New England in winter) and Sunday is reserved for baking cookies and Christmas knitting, so let's hope with some incidental coffee or whatever I can keep it under $50.

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On Should You Buy a Holiday Gift for Your Boss?

I'm one of three staff in my department (at a smallish college), and we all get each other small gifts for the holidays - technically one of the other staff is my supervisor, but we're not terribly hierarchical and she's also gone to bat for me in so many ways that I like being able to give her a present. I don't do a gift for our department chair, though.

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On Should You Buy a Holiday Gift for Your Boss?

@ladyj Get him a Man Candle.

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On Monday Check-in

I was too scared of Christmas shopping to put down my estimate, fearing it would be "a fucking lot." Friday: $18 at Whole Foods on chuck roast for stew (half price!) and some other ingredients. And macaroni and cheese. Saturday: $70 at the comic shop on comic collections for my brother and sister (plus the last issue of Fearless Defenders, sob, and the third-to-last issue of Young Avengers). $28 at the Harvard Book Store warehouse sale; presents for Dad and my roommate, plus a couple super discounted paperbacks for myself. $16 on groceries (eggnog, potatoes, chips, soda). $50 for takeout for me and the roomie because those books were dang heavy. Sunday: Writing, decorating, making stew: $0 plus a crapton of delicious leftovers. Total: $166, as roommate hasn't paid me back for takeout, which makes it really $141. Not too too bad, given that most of my Christmas shopping is now done!

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On Monday Check-in

Friday, takeout with lots of crunchy foods as a last hurrah before dental appointment: $26.71 Saturday, lunch before dental appointment because I was so nervous I forgot to eat breakfast: $7 Saturday, surprise filling + first half of crown: $550 Saturday, emergency grocery trip for soft foods: $19.88 Sunday was all housework and cleaning. Total: sobs brokenly into checkbook

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight: a CVS run for tissues and discount Halloween candy, maybe $10 at most Tomorrow: the first half of a dental crown, several hundred dollars (not sure how they're splitting it up between the two appointments?) (thanks dental insurance!); probably some soup and ice cream, $15 Sunday: laundry and housework if I feel up to it, maybe some takeout, but I'm hoping around $0. Total: hahahaha sob

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